Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Pammi agrees for Amber and Guneet’s marriage

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 9th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber taking Guneet to bed and asks where is the pain? She teases him. He asks why did she come through window. She says atleast she didn’t climb up the stairs and tells that she has brought jalebi for him. She thinks of him as jalebi. He asks if he is sweet like jalebi. She says no and tells that right for jalebi, round. She tells that her mother wanted a perfect son in law so that she can show off, but she needs love. Amber asks what was problem with Doctor. Guneet says he was good, but I don’t love him. She makes him have jalebi and tells that she doesn’t know how their life will be as they are different, but she is sure that it will be good. Nia comes there holding cake and finds them eating jalebi together. Guneet says she wants to look slim in lehenga. Amber says if your mother doesn’t agree then the matter can’t reach that point. Nia smiles and hears them. Amber asks whose idea was it? Guneet says Nia’s idea, she tells that she tells that you likes jalebis. Nia gets an idea. Kajal calls Pammi and tells her about an offer. She convinces to come to sales. Pammi agrees. Kajal informs everyone. Amber and Guneet come out and tries to stop them, but Nia and her friends leave locking them in the house. Guneet tells that they shall go there. Pammi comes to the place to buy in sales and finds herself in office. Nia tells her about Amber. Pammi says she doesn’t want to know about him. Nia asks who had helped you when your BP increased, when you got lost, who has caught KK? Pammi says Amber Sharma.

Guneet and Amber come there and hears them. Nia shows the slides on the projector screen since from her childhood and tells that he has become her mother also after her mother’s death. She tells that she drank wine with him and made her friend have bitter coffee. She says you think her as selfish, yes he is selfish for me. She tells that he is saving me from getting hurt and not stopping me from doing anything. She says you are scared that how Guneet ji’s life will be after marriage with dad. She says I am scared that Guneet ji can’t match up to Dad’s love as he will love her immensely. She says you can get more handsome guys than dad, but can’t get my dad who loves Guneet ji a lot. She says you can’t get best deal than this, they are happy together. Kabir and Kajal ask her to agree.

Pammi gets up and tells that she has decided and it is final. She tells that she will take 50 percent discount on Punjabi suits and sarees. Nia gets happy and hugs her. Guneet smiles happily. While Amber is still in shock. Nia’s friends get happy. Pammi calls Guneet and asks her to bring this khadoos also. Guneet hugs Pammi. Amber hugs Nia. Nia says finally she agreed and asks him to take Pammi’s blessing. Amber folds his hands. Pammi smiles. Nia asks him to touch her feet. Amber says she is not much older than me. He touches her feet fast. Pammi turns. Nia looks. Amber says you have found your dad ki dulhan. Nia hugs Guneet and Amber. Kabir clicks their pic, and they take the selfie with everyone.

Everyone waits for Guneet and Amber in the registrar office. The registrar welcomes Amber and says this is the good idea to marry here at this age, and says you got saved from the rituals. Amber asks shall I sign? He asks him to sign. Amber and Guneet signs and make each other wear garland. They make each other have sweets. Niua hugs them. Amber smiles looking at them. He says lets go and celebrate marriage with icecream. They eat icecream. Guneet says we didn’t call Shukla and Shuklayan. Amber says I gave them money to have party and says you celebrated an intelligent guy. He says lets go home.

Amber and Guneet get romantic in their bedroom. Amber wakes up hearing everyone. Nia says make preparations for Dad’s roka. Amber understands it was his imagination.

Precap: Amber and Guneet get engaged.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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