Mere Sai 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai Helps Pandit Jagannath

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Mere Sai 10th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Trimbak returns home from market and asks Anandi how is she feeling now. She says she is fine now. He says he brought food for everyone from market. She says she is fine now and can cook. Gangadhar says she should rest for some more time. Amba getting more jealous seeing this thinks Tejasvi was right, she should follow her instructions to gain her parents’ attention.

A famous singer Pandit Jagannath informs his family that he has been invited to sing in front of king. He prays Sai’s idol and starts singing. A rat pushes Sai’s idol down and it breaks. Pandit Jagannath starts crying profusely and says Sai’s blessings are not on him, so he cannot sing at all. His son and wife plead him to practice as king would feel bad if he fails and he will face humiliation. Singer takes oath that he will not eat or drink/fast till his last breath and walks away holding broken idol. Sai notices that. Tatya brings food for Sai. Sai wishes him happy birthday and seeing Pandit Jagannath’s oreal in fire pit says he will not have food or water. Baizamaa asks him reason. He says when someone important is hungry, how can he have food. She insists him to have food as he is old now. He picks food basket and leaves.

Pandit Jagannath walks in jungle holding Sai’s broken idol. King’s servant comes to pick him, but his son and wife inform that he left somewhere without informing. Servant warns that once a singer failed to entertain king and king broke his house as punishment. Pandit Jagannath falls asleep standing under a tree. He sees Sai in front of him and explains his whole ordeal. Sai says when he is in his heart, why he is worried about idol. He suggests to complete his duty and sing in king’s court. Pandit Jagannath agrees. Sai then feeds him saying how can he see him hungry. Pandit Jagannath wakes up and thinks it was his dream. He returns home and sees king’s servant warning his wife and son to go away from here, else king will punish them. He informs family that he is ready to sing and giving Sai’s idol to his wife asks her to keep it in home temple. Wife sees idol intact and informs him. He rejoices seeing that and thanks Sai for his help.

Sai returns back to Dwarkamayi with food basket. Baizamaa asks if he didn’t have food yet. Sai says when she is hungry, how can he have food.

Precap: Sai sees boys carrying water towards burning shop.
Shop owner pleads to set off fire. Sai stops boys and says this fire will not set off by water.

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