Mere Sai 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Route Of Compassion

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Mere Sai 13th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai’s disciple Laxman does some work at home singing Sai’s bhajan and praising Sau. His wife walks to him and informs their house roof is broken and if they don’t fix it immediately, rains will ruin their whole house. Laxman says he does not have money for that. She says they don’t have even grocery, so he should seek help from his friends whom he helps. He says he can’t and he is sure Sai will help them. In Dearkamayi, Ragini walks to Sai and sadly informs him that a bird’s nest is broken due to heavy rains and she wants to rebuild a nest for bird. Sai says if they helps someone, god will help them.

Laxman picks his friend Siddheshwar’s given jewellery to return it and seeing wife feels sad saying he couldn’t buy her a jewellery till now. Wife says she is happy with him. He leaves home to return jewellery and on the way sees a wealthy man insisting his friend mohan to return his money or give his house. Mohan cries and requests to give him some time or he will die. Laxman consoles Mohan and requests wealthy man to give Mohan some time. Wealthy man asks to repay Mohan’s loan if he is so concerned. Laxman gives Siddheshwar’s jewellery to him. Wealthy man foregors Mohan’s loan. Laxman walks towards Siddheshwar’s house imagining informing Siddheshwar whole story and apologizing him, Siddheshwar angrily holding his collar. He prays Sai to save his dignity, if not Sai’s at least. Sai hears him.

Laxman meets Siddheshwar ND informing whole story apologises him. Siddheshwar asks him to stop joking as he already sent jewellery via someone. Laxman is surprised and asks how does the man looks. Siddheshwar gives Sai’s description. Laxman realises Sai helped him and walks home praising Sai.

Sai builds bird nest for Ragini and even fills 4 grains in 4 small pots. Laxman returns home and informs his wife whole story and how Sai helped him. Wife says sai helped them more and shows fixed roof and 4 bags full of grains. Laxman thanks Sai even more.

Sai visits Renu’s house. Renu cries that he visited her house for the first time, but she doesn’t have anything to offer him. Bhola offers peanuts to Sai and says if he doesn’t eat, mom will feel sad. Sai takes a few and thanks Bhola. Renu cries asking why a person loves alcohol and cannot leave it. Sai says because the person wants to run away from responsibilities. She asks if a person will not change for good. Sai says it is possible and gives Keshav’s example who became alcoholic but became sober with family love and care. He suggests her to try and change Kashinath with love. He walks away with Baizamaa who says she wants to help Renu with some grains, but she will not accept, hopes Renu problems are solved soon.

Precap: Mureshwar’s wife insults Renu and yells that Kashinath should die. Sai cries hearing that. Baizamaa asks who is in pain. Sai says one cannot forego fate and has to change it witn hard work and good deeds.

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