Mere Sai 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Saraswati leaves the house

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Mere Sai 13th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saraswati feeds honey to Sakharam and pats his back. Saraswati applies ghee on this throat and reassures him that everything will be fine. Think of Ram ji. He never leaves the sides of those who are devoted to Him. Sakharam recalls Sai’s words and runs away. Mandar goes after him. Manik wonders how Sakharam lost his voice suddenly. He was such a nice guy. Hope he gets well soon.

Shyama asks Chandorkar ji to wait in Dwarkamai. He told me to let you know he will be here soon. You will have to look for him outside then. Chandorkar ji goes outside to look for Sai. Shyama is still working on the vermilion.

People notice Sakharam struggling as he runs around Shirdi looking for Sai. Mandar loses sight of him. Everyone walks past him.

Sai is collecting alms from a home. The lady tells him that her husband keeps falling sick. Looks like God is upset with him. Sai asks for a glass of water. She goes to bring it. Sai walks up to her husband. God brings obstacles in our path to bring us to the right path. Chandu asks him what he is doing wrong. Sai says excess of anything is wrong. You work hard but you don’t take care of yourself. That is wrong. Your body needs rest as well. Chandu says I got a very bad headache this time and I wouldn’t want it to happen again. Sai mixes udi in water and gives it to Chandu to drink. This is the right path. Drink it. You will be fine. Chandu drinks it. He immediately starts feeling better and thanks Sai. Sai smiles. Ram ji bhala karein.

Sakharam continues running around Shirdi looking for help. Chandorkar ji notices Sakharam and gets intrigued. He starts following Sakharam. Sakharam realises his mistake. Where can I find you, Sai? How can I even ask someone about you? He notices Sai and cries out of happiness.

Manik looks at the spices they had prepared. Why does this happen with us always? We worked so hard and now we have lost our only chance. Saraswati offers to come with him to the market today. Durpada and I will spread the word. Ram ji will take care of us. Durpada does not want to leave Bela alone but Saraswati tells her she has asked Bela’s friend to come over. I have also told her not to play any running games. They will stay inside and play. Manik and Durpada nod in relief. Saraswati offers bhog (of spices) to Ram ji. No one can lose when you are part of something. Bless my kids with success. She extends her hand to pick something when she notices that the second mark on her hand has become equally big like the first one. She covers it well. She asks Bela if she will listen to whatever her parents say now. Bela reasons that she is going away only for some time and Aayi baba will be with you only. Saraswati reminds her that her parents love her the most. No one can love you as much as them. Bela hugs her. Saraswati prays for strength for what she is about to do next.

Chandorkar ji notices Sakharam kneeling in front of Sai. He stands behind a cart to watch what happens next. Sakharam is crying. Sai reminds him of what he had said earlier. Don’t trouble the one who are devoted to Ram ji as it is Ram ji who gets hurt. You still tried to hurt Kaki. You saw how people reacted when you lost your voice. Everyone thought that you are crazy. Now you realise how it feels when society thinks that you aren’t fit enough to live with them! This is what you had done to Kaki in your village. You instigated people against her. Think of what she would have experienced because of you. She still dint stop caring for you. Your revenge lost in front of a woman’s motherly love. Sakharam thinks I am ready to accept any punishment for my mistake but I want to apologize to Kaki once. I want to make her understand what I am feeling.

Manik is not hopeful today but Durpada assures him that Ma ji has assured them that everything will work out. They see Saraswati coming there with a big container. Durpada asks her what it is. Saraswati cooks food using the same spices which Manik and Durpada are selling. They are still confused though. What are you doing? Saraswati shares that she is making pulao. They get worried. Here? Saraswati smiles in return.

Sai tells Sakharam he has realised his mistake. That’s when you got your voice back. Sakharam utters Sai and realises that it’s true. Even Chandorkar ji is surprised. Sakharam folds his hands in gratitude and cries. Om Sai plays. Sakharam apologizes to Sai. I wasn’t good to you. Sai says you thought your Chacha snatched the plot that belonged to your father. You lost your patience and goodness when you chose revenge. Family is the base of any society. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep their family together with love. Sakharam says I understand. I will apologize to kaki right away. Sai suggests him to leave her on her own. Go back to your village and accept your mistake in front of everyone. This is your penitence. Sakharam agrees. Sai blesses him and walks away.

Chandorkar ji asks Sakharam about his voice. Sakharam says it was Sai’s blessing. I could hear the sound my soul by losing my voice. He saved me. Chandorkar ji asks him if he believes in Sai since years. Sakharam tells him everything. Sai is not an ordinary man. I would have explained his doings better in words if I was educated. He excuses himself. Chandorkar ji cannot understand how a human being can be divine. Why would everyone lie though? Everyone has a right to believe if I have a right to doubt! I witnessed this incident with my own eyes.

Saraswati has cooked pulao. Its aroma catches everyone’s attention. Saraswati says one must cook the spices if you want to know its strength. A lot many people gather around. Saraswati gives them some pulao in a bowl to taste. They all love it and buy the spices.

Manik and Durpada thank Saraswati. You have really come in our life as a blessing. You have filled the gap in our lives. Can we also call you Aayi from today? Saraswati nods. She hugs Durpada. Only a few spices are left now. You both can sell it and come home. I will take Bela home. They agree. She looks at them emotionally and then walks away with a heavy heart.

Sai stops in his tracks.

Manik and Durpada come home and excitedly share that they have sold all the spices today. Bela shares that Ajji isn’t home yet. Durpada asks her how she came home. Bela says Ragini’s mother left me here. Durpada checks inside. Bela is right. Where did Aayi go? She left long time ago. Manik wonders if she is in some problem. She would have surely brought Bela from Ragini’s place then. Bela starts crying as she recalls how Saraswati was feeling helpless because of her mark. She tells her parents Saraswati wont come. I have understood it. Ajji’s disease cannot be treated so she left. Durpada asks her what she is talking about. Bela says Ajji has told me not to tell anyone. Durpada tells her that they might be able to find her if she can tell them the truth. Bela tells them everything. Durpada looks at the temple and realises that Ram ji’s idol is also missing. She has indeed left the house! Episode ends on their shocked faces.

Precap: Sai agrees to take care of Bela. You both (Durpada and Manik) can go to find her. Durpada says you must know where she is. Please guide us. Sai says it is the test of your love. Nothing can stop you from reaching her if you both really love her. Saraswati is crying in a corner. She looks up as she gets covered by some shadows and is shocked to see her son and DIL.

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