Mere Sai 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Chandorkar ji comes to Saraswati’s rescue

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Mere Sai 15th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manik, Durpada and Saraswati’s son and DIL bring Saraswati to Dwarkamai. Bela gets excited and is about hug her but Manik stops her. Saraswati is reminded of her past when her own son had stopped her from meeting Narayani.

Manik points at the mark on Saraswati’s arm. Don’t know since when she is walking about with it. Durpada says she hid it from us. Saraswati’s son is sure that his mother will be compelled to come with them now. Manik asks Sai if this mark cannot go away somehow. Sai asks him how it bothers his relation with her. Manik looks at Saraswati. We don’t mind even if her entire body gets multiple marks like that. How could you think that we will stop loving you because of your mark? Bela told us about it already. It dint change anything. What bothered us was that you left home. We were worried thinking how we will find you. Durpada says this mark bothers Aayi. She feels inferior because of it. We cannot see her living her life in fear. We see the most beautiful blessing from God whenever we look at her. we want her to feel the same way. Saraswati is touched. Please forgive me. I was afraid of losing you so I hid this from you. Manik says we cannot even imagine losing you. We got you after so much difficulty. Ask us what people without a mother feel. Saraswati hugs him. Bela hugs her.

Saraswati thanks Ram ji for giving her a family that loves her so much. I don’t care about my marks anymore. Saraswati’s son and DIL make faces. They ask her to come with them. We share a blood relation. Manik questions him. What’s the point of a relation where you can focus on a mark instead of a person! Saraswati’s son says everyone makes a mistake. We are humans too. You are after her property after all. Manik denies but Saraswati’s son says I am sure you will contest for it in future. I will register a complaint with the head of the village. We will send you to jail. We need Aayi and she will come with us now! Manik accepts the challenge. We will see who can distance us from our Aayi. No mother would like to stay with a selfish son like this. They get into a heated argument but Sai stops them. Ask Saraswati Mayi what she wants. He asks her who she wants to stay with.

Saraswati looks at both the couples. She thinks of how her son threatened to send Manik to jail. A mother would like to stay where kids can understand her love and respect her. She tells Manik that she wants to stay with his family. Saraswati’s son and DIL are taken aback. Saraswati says this is what my heart says but I wont be able to bear it if something happens to you guys because of me. I will go back with my selfish son so he wont do anything against you. This will be best. Saraswati’s son takes pride in it. Durpada requests Saraswati not to leave them. We can go through anything for you. Saraswati’s son holds his mother’s hand and asks her to come. Bela hugs Saraswati. Please don’t go, Ajji. Saraswati cries. It will be best for everyone. Saraswati’s son asks Bela to move aside. She refuses to let Saraswati go anywhere. No one can distance me from her. Saraswati’s son calls her ill-mannered like her father. He distances her from Saraswati. Bela is angry with him but then she passes out on the ground. Saraswati, Durpada and Manik rush to her side. They take her inside Dwarkamai.

Sai keeps his hand over Bela’s forehead while Durpada rubs her hands. Saraswati’s son and DIL are tensed. Radha ji suggests taking her to a good faith. Sai advises her to have faith and patience. Shyama brings vermilion just then. It is just how you wanted it to be. Sai asks him if he is sure there is no knot in it. Shyama nods. I checked thoroughly before bringing it here. Chandorkar ji asks them what has happened to Bela. Manik tells them about her disease. Chandorkar ji thinks there is no solution to this problem. He asks his wife about everyone. Radha ji tells him (in mute).

Rehem nazar plays. Sai checks the basket of vermilion for knots. He finds one lump. He breaks it and Bela’s problem clears up. She gains conscious. Everyone is stunned to witness it. Bela looks at her parents and Saraswati. She immediately hugs Saraswati. Please don’t leave me. Saraswati’s son asks his mother to come as Bela is fine now. Bela hugs Saraswati again. Please, don’t! Sai tells Chandorkar ji it is time to take care of his mother by looking after this Aayi. Bela requests Saraswati’s son to let her Ajji stay with her. Saraswati’s son says this miracle was a sham. You think I will leave my Aayi behind because of your drama? I have borne enough loss since she left town! She will go with us now or I will call the leader of the village to make a decision on this matter. Chandorkar ji is reminded of Sai’s words. You cannot come to a decision about a mother depending on your profit or loss. She will stay where she wants to. I have understood that she wants to stay with Manik and Durpada. She is compelled to return with you. Saraswati’s son asks him who he is. Chandorkar ji says I am the Deputy Collector of Ahmednagar. If you try to force your Aayi to come with you then I will use my rights and law to send you to jail. You will rot there! Saraswati’s son gives up. I know that Ram ji’s idol has been with us since forever. Baba used to stay that we have been blessed because of this only. I want this idol. Saraswati says you know that this isn’t just an idol. This has my life. Saraswati’s son reasons that ancestral property will remain with the son. You can come and stay with us as well.

Saraswati looks at the idol emotionally. She pays her respect to the idol and then hands it over to his son and DIL. They are taken aback to realise that she is ready to part from the idol and has decided to stay with Bela’s family. Saraswati kisses Bela on her forehead and hugs her. Saraswati’s son asks his mother if she really wants to stay here. Saraswati tells Bela she will stay with her from now onwards. Everyone smiles except Saraswati’s family. Saraswati thanks Chandorkar ji for giving her the freedom to choose her happiness. Chandorkar ji tells her to thank Sai. He has shown me the strength behind faith. It is your faith in Sai that Bela is alright now. No Vaid has a solution to her problem otherwise. He tells Sai that he trusted him. that’s how I could help you a mother. I could see my Aayi in you! I used to find logics and focused only on evidence till date but you made me experience things because of which it is impossible not to have faith on you. I was afraid. I dint want to depend on anyone after losing Aayi. There was a fear of loss. I never trusted anyone again but you taught me that it is my mistake to keep the relation limited to a body. Relation is between souls. It never dies. My wife was right. You are someone who I can depend on and trust. You are my mother and father after today, Sai. Chandorkar ji and his wife fold their hands in gratitude.

Saraswati speaks to Ram ji’s idol. You gave me a new family. You have come in front of me in Sai’s form. You must go with my son now. Take care of my family and bless them. Please give my love to Narayani. She asks her son to go home. I forgive both of you. May Ram ji guide you always.

Sai says someone who fulfils the needs of a kid is a mother. You both needed forgiveness and she gave it to you without asking. You insisted that you guys were in trouble when she wasn’t there. you started threatening her later but you never addressed her with love or apologized to her since then. Irrespective to that, she will always bless you. Saraswati’s son asks his mother if she still doesn’t want to come with their real family. What’s in this family that we lack? Saraswati is in tears. Sai picks up a small glass. I have made a medicine to clear her mark. Her granddaughter must apply this medicine on her mark every day. No one else can do this. You can take your Aayi with you if you accept this condition.

Precap: Saraswati’s DIL says Aayi can apply it herself. What if this affects her? Manik asks Sai if Bela can apply it. She calls her Ajji after all. Bela applies the medicine on Saraswati’s mark. Sai holds Saraswati’s arm over the havan kund and the mark begins to disappear. Everyone is stunned.

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