Mere Sai 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update

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Mere Sai 1st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Trambak practices wrestling moves. His elder brother walks to him with milk. He asks why did dada bring milk instead of Ankita. Dada asks why can’t he bring milk for his elder brother and asks why is he practicing, where is his friend. Trambak says his friend didn’t come today. Dada asks why don’t he practice with him. Trambak asks to stop joking. Dada asks if he forgot that he started wrestling seeing him and learnt wrestling from him. Trambak says it was long ago. Dada says even now he can defeat him. Trambak agrees. Dada defeats him with a single move. Trambak praises his amazing moves and asks why don’t he restart wrestling. Dada asks who will take care of farming and agriculture. Trambak says he prepared neem herbal pesticide for crops and will send it via Abdul bhai. Sai walks in. They both greet him. Sai asks if Gangadhar is at home. Dada says he is waiting for Sai. Sai walks in. Gangadhar, Godavari, and bahus greet Sai. Sai asks Godavari how is she now. Godavari says she is improving, but still ill, because of which her bahus have to work and she has become burden on her bahus. Elder bahu says Aayi served whole family when she got married, why is she telling this, parents are never a burden for children.

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