Mere Sai 24th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kashinath Oscillating Between Right And Wrong

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Mere Sai 24th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Santa and Panta watch Kashinath hearing religious story from Ramdasi Bua and plan to mislead him. After describing story, Bua asks Sai its meaning. Sai explains in detail and explains how with determination, Khandobaji helped disciples. Impressed Kashinath says even he will fight against his alcoholism with determination and will prepare a beautiful garland for Khandobaji. He gets busy preparing garland while Bua and others smile seeing his determination. Panta silently throws alcohol in front of him and hides back. Sai notices that. Kashinath smelling alcohol gets tempted and pricks needle into his finger by mistake. Blood starts oozing out. Sai applies holy ash and says it is not blood, its a desire of alcoholism oozing out. Santa and Panta discuss that it is difficult to execute their plan till old man Sai is awake, so they have to wait till he sleeps.

Sai feeds Kashinath from his hands. Tears roll down Kashinath’s cheecks emotionally. Sai then gives him herbal medicine. Kashinath sips and says it is bitter. Sai says it is bitter, but good for his health. Kashinath gulps it closing his nose. Santa and Panta eagerly wait till Sai sleeps and signalling Kashinath calling him out. Renu gets a bad dream and wakes up feeling something bad will happen, prays Sai to save Kashinath. Santa drags Kashinath out. Kashinath pleads to spare him as he is trying to gather money. Panta says they will not beat him, but they are Kulkarni’s servants and just following his orders. After working hard under sun for whole day, they got alcohol for themselves. Panta asks if he would like to taste some, it will vanish all his worries. Santa asks to give him some, Panta pours in glass slowly, and they both act saying it is very tasty. Kasinath looks at Sai. Panta says Sai is sleeping and Kasinath’s hangover will be gone by morning.

Renu continues praying Sai to protect Kasinath. Santa and Panta forcefully give him alcohol glass, and he is about to consume alcohol when he sees Sai with Bua and Merikar standing in front of him and stops. He gets afraid and stammers nervously. Santa and Panta Sai asks him to consume alcohol chanting Ramji’s name with each sip. Bua asks why is he saying so. Sai says Kashinath is also a human and when he can do good deeds with Ramji’s name, why can’t he do bad ones with Ramji’s name. Santa thinks Kasinath will not give up free alcohol. Kashinath takes glass till his lips thinking Sai is insisting, his inner voice says Sai trust him, so he shouldn’t break his trust. He also remembers Renu’s warning that if he doesn’t change, she will leave him forever. He throws alcohol glass and walks away. Santa yells at Sai that he manipulated Kasinath, but he cannot get him rid off alcohol. He walks away with Panta. Bua asks Sai why Ramji’s name with alcohol. Sai says if even a bad person chants Ram name, his heart will change for good, same thing happened with Kashinath. Bua says he learns new things each day under his guidance. Sai chants Ramji Bhala Kare..

Kulkarni punishes Santa and Panta for failing in their tasks. They both Sai that Sai is a magicians and is completely controlling Kashinath with his black magic. Kulkarni warns them to make Kasinath drink alcohol at any cost, else he will not spare them.

Next morning, Kashinath gets severe pain due to alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Keshav, Tatya, Bua, and Merikar get worried and ask Sai why don’t he give Kashinath holy ash. Sai says it will give him relief for a few hours, then his pain will restart; Kashinath has to fight with both physically and mentally with his will power; they should divert Kashinath’s attention somehow. Merikar asks how can they when Kasinath’s mind and body both are thriving for alcohol. Sai says they need find something.

Precap: Sai asks children to make stone house and asks Kashinath to help them.

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