Mere Sai 26th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai Protects Balasaheb And Ramdasi Bua

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Mere Sai 26th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

In Dwarkamayi, Kashinath cries reminiscing him misbehaving with his son in an inebriated state and scolding him, his son getting afraid of him, etc. Sai suggests him to have patience as bad days will pass on and his dear ones will regain trust on him. Balasaheb and Ramdasi Bua greet Sai and seek permission to leave Dwarkamayi. Sai asks where will they go. Balasaheb says Chitli. Sai asks them to wait, brings Shyama and asks him to accompany them. They say they don’t want to trouble Shyama. Sai says they are his guests and their safety is his important. He asks Shyama if he will accompany them. Shyama says Sai’s order is his duty.

Baizamaa gives grains to Renu and says these will suffice till Kashinath returns. Renu says she would have shattered if Baizamaa woudn’t have supported her. Baizamaa says it is Sai’s support. She returns home and after sometime, Mhalsapati comes to meet Appa Rao. They chat. Ballal and his son walks in and invites them for Khandanavami pooja. Son says even this time his father has given responsibility of pooja to him. Baizamaa says Tatya told Kashinath is recovering well under Sai’s supervision, hence they should give him a chance this time to perform pooja and encourage him. Ballal yells that Kashinath will never change and will restart alcoholism. Baizamaa asks how can they be so negative for their close relative, they should support him instead. They walk away fuming.

In Dwarkamayi, Sai asks Kashinath if he likes decorating and constructing houses. Kashinath says from childhood, he is fond of constructing small houses and reminisces constructing a small house in lawn for Lakshmi pooja and his father praising him in the beginning, but later yelling at him and praising his brother and insulting him always. Ballal and his son walk in and invite Sai for khandanavami pooja. They invite even Kashinath, but say they are doing it as formality and if he dare tries to enter temple inebriated, they will kick him out. Kashinath feels bad. Ballal asks Sai if Kashinath has really changed and why Sai is supporting him so much. Sai says if he doesn’t support Kashinath like them, he will get back to alcoholism and suggests them also to support Kashinath.

At night, Balasaheb, Ramdasi, and Shyama take rest in a guest house. They both ask Shayama if Sai sent him to protect them or if there is any othe reason. Shyama says only Sai knows. Ramdasi falls asleep after sometime while Shayama sits for meditation and Balasaheb writes something. A snake enters and crawls towards Balasaheb. Sai watching it in fire pit alerts Shyama. Shyama sees snake is about to bite Balasaheb, throws cloth on it, picks it and leaves it outside. Balasaheb shouts in fear. Ramdasi wakes up hearing sound and asks what happened. Balasaheb says a snake had entered. Shyama says they need not worry as he left snake outside house. Ramdasi says maybe Sai sent him to protect them. He then is amazed to see Sai’s oodhi/holy ash on his holy scriptures and says he wanted to take oodhi from Sai, but forgot, now Sai sent it here. Shyama says Sai knows what his devotees need.

Sai sees Kashinath tying himself to a pillar and asks what is he doing. Kashinath says tying himself as he gets alcohol cravings and cannot control himself; if he tries to leave, Sai can stop him. Sai walks to him and keeps his hand on his forehead and says he is happy seeing his determination; he must have made some mistake like any human, but he is trying to correct himself and that is important. Kasinath says he doesn’t want to drink and pleads Sai to get him rid off alcoholism. Sai says he will become sober as he is determined. He makes Kashinath sleep pampering him. Santa and Panta fume watching this hiding.

Precap: Sai tells Kashinath that he is Bhola’s biggest medicine and should go and meet him. Kashinath says he will go right now. Tatya and Keshav say they will accompany him. Sai says it is Kashi’s journey and he has to complete it alone.

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