Mere Sai 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kashinath To Prove Himself Again?

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Mere Sai 28th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni walks into Kashinath’s house and shouts that Kashinath is still alcoholic and Sai is lying. He may sell his house to buy alcohol, and if that happens, Kulkarni will be at loss, who will repay Kulkarni’s loan. He warns Kashinath that he will be homeless because of Sai. Renu and Kashinath start crying. Baizamaa asks Kashinath not to worry, she will go and speak to Appa ji and will arrange money by evening. Kulkarni says she didn’t hear right, he needs money right now. He thinks he will prove that whoever takes Sai’s help will be in trouble. He insists Kashinath to repay his loan right now or forgo with his house. Kashinath pleads to lend him some time. Joshi passes by and stops seeing Sai. Sai asks asks if he wants to repair his house before his son’s wedding. Joshi asks how does he know, he was just thinking about it, he is searching a labor. Sai says he has seen Kashinath’s work and should give him work. Joshi says why didn’t he think of that and asks Kashinath if he will repair his house. Kashinath emotionally thanks him and says he was alcoholism till a few days ago, but now sober with Sai’s help and blessings; so he may find some other worker, but if he gives him work, he will be very grateful and will work very hard. Joshi says he trusts him. Kulkarni says if their drama is over, Kashinath should repay his 200 rs loan right now or vacate his house. Joshi until he is alive, he will not let a person homeless who will repair his work. He pays 250 rs as advance and asks him to repay his 200 rs loan and keep 50 rs to run his family, he has to finish house repair by Khandenavami pooja. Kashinath thanks him and repays Kulkarni’s 200 rs loan. Kulkarni walks away with his team fuming. Joshi greets Sai and leaves.

Sai and Baizamaa praise Kashinath. Kashinath says still his task is not complete and walks away. He reaches his father’s house and tells him that he has changed, left alcoholism and got a new job, so he needs his blessings. Mureshwar provokes Ballal that Kashi will never change and is a black dot on family. Father backs him and yells at Kashinath. Kashinath says he has really changed. Mureshwar says baba accepted that he is waste and better if he can take care of his family. Ballal says Mureshwar is right and asks Kashinath to leave. Kashinath stands crying while Mureshwar and his wife walk away smirking. Kashinath returns home sadly. Renu asks what did his father say. Kashinath holding his hand cries saying he is defeated by his family.

At night in Dwarkamayi, Mhalsapati tells Sai that he accepts Sai’s suggestion and asks if he should go and inform those people. Sai says there is no need for that. Tatya brings Kashinath, Ballal, and Mureshwar as per Sai’s order. Ballal asks Sai why did he call them here with alcoholic Kashi. Sai says they are performing Shiv pooja along with Khandanavami pooja, so he wants both Kashi and Mureshwar to build Shivling and perform pooja. Ballal says why 2 people, only Mureshwar is enough for that. Sai says he may differentiate between his sons, but Shivji doesn’t; he wants his both sons to build shivling and perform pooja. Ballal says as Sai says. Sai gives soil to both Kashinath and Mureshwar to build shivling. Kashinath happily thanks Sai and leaves. Mhalsapati says he didn’t understand why 2 shivlings for single pooja. Kashinath gets busy preparing shivling while Renu supports him and feeds him food from her hands. He smiles at her. On the other side, Mureshwar tries hard to prepare shivling but fails. His wife brings food for him, but he angrily shouts at her to not disturb him. They both finally prepare shivling.

Precap: Sai tells Baizmaa that like rangoli if family members also maintain their distance and not cross their limits, it would be good, else family shatters. Baizamaa asks if he is signalling towards someone’s upcoming trouble.

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