Mere Sai 28th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai Stops Krishna From Entering Dwarkamayi

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Mere Sai 28th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai applies holy ash to unconscious and injured Krishna, Aaji, and Vidyadhar’s wounds and cures them. They wake up amazed and find themselves in Dwarkamayi. Aaji cries. Baiza maa says everything is fine, she shouldn’t worry. Tatya asks what happened to them as they had gone to Nasik for wedding. Vidyadhar says they tortured them a lot and took away jewelry. Baizamaa asks Krishna to describe in detail. Krishna says dacoits attacked them and took away jewelry. Aaji cries that they took away her daughter’s jewelry and Krishna’s fate. Sai says everything will be alright, god will help. Appa Rao asks her to calm down as they will convince Ashok’s family and select another wedding date. Aaji says there is no use of that and goes into flashback where she reveals how they went to Ashok’s house, but Ashok’s mother insults them saying she had accepted orphan girl for her son but now she wants dowry and. Aaji says dacoits took away dowry jewelry and requests Ashok to convince his mother. Ashok tries to speak, but his mother scolds him to just shut his mouth. Ashok says he accepts his mother’s decision and requests them to go from there. Aaji pleads not to ruin Krishna’s happiness and dreams. Ashok’s mother orders maids to shoo them away.

Out of flashback, Aaji says instead of nursing their wounds, they inflicted more wounds. Tatya says she should be happy that they are all alive and shouldn’t think of marriage. Baizamaa says they should saw Ashok’s family’s true face before wedding, Krishna will get a better life partner. Sai chants Ramji Bhala Kare. Krishna angrily says Ramji doesn’t do anything, her parents died and Ramji didn’t do anything; she hoped of a better life after marriage, but her life is ruined; god is just a name of false hope. Baizamaa asks her to calm down. Krishna says she can’t, if god is present, good people wouldn’t have suffered. She walks away saying there is no god and she will not step into any temple from hereon. Baizamaa asks Sai if he knew this would happen, then why didn’t he stop Krishna. Sai says he already told that we think we are running the world and everything is under our control, but god decides fate; earlier Krishna’s uncle and aunt tried to fix alliance, then aaji thought of Krishna, everyone tried to control things. Baizamaa says what is Krishna’s fault in it. Sai asks if she saw larvae, it covers itself with a thread and people think it is in deep pain, but its larvae’s transformation into butterfly; similarly it is human’s way of transformation of facing troubles before seeing good.

Krishna walks home, but Vaishnavi throws out her bag and says she already told she cannot return home after marriage. Vidyadhar says neighbors are watching. Vaishnavi says she doesn’t care. Aaji asks how can she be so ruthless. Vaishnavi warns Vidyadhar that if she is not respected, she and her daughter will leave this house. Aaji asks him why he is not speaking anything. He walks in saying he doesn’t want to interfere. Aaji says until she is alive, Krishna will not go from here. Vaishnavi warns that even she can leave. Aaji tells Krishna let us go from here. Krishna gives her promise not to leave this house and runs away picking her bag. Aaji stands crying while Vaishnavi smirks. Krishna walks reminiscing Ashok and his mother’s words, Vaishnavi’s words, Sai’s words that god will bring happiness in her life. She thinks god snatched her happiness, where should she go now. She walks towards Dwarkamayi. Sai watches her in fire pit and asks Tatya not to let Krishna meet him. Krishna reaches Dwarkamayi, but Tatya informs her that Sai doesn’t want her in Dwarkamayi and its Sai’s decision. Krishna asks Sai why is not letting her in, if he is also considering her as burden like her aunt and god; she will sit in stairs until he calls her. Sai sits silently facing his back on her. Krishna walks away. Baizamaa sees her going and calls her, but she doesn’t listen. She follows Krishna. Krishna sits under a tree crying.

Precap: An ill man asks vaidya/doctor if he is from Shirdi, then he must be knowing Sai. Vaidya asks if he has seen Sal. Ill man says no, but he will identify Sai with closed eyes.

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