Mere Sai 29th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai Helps His Devotee Manik

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Mere Sai 29th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishna falls asleep under a tree. Sai guards her sitting nearby. Krishna wakes up and doesn’t find Sai. She thinks it must have been her dream, when Sai should have helped her, he didn’t; truth is way opposite than reality. Baizamaa walks to her and says Tatya informed her everything, she searched her but didn’t find her; she shouldn’t feel bad about Sai’s words as Sai always thinks good for people. Krishna says she just knows that Sai didn’t help her when she needed him most. Baizamaa says everything will be alright, till then she can stay in her house. Krishna says she cannot accept her offer, she loves her a lot, but cannot be a burden on her. Baizamaa says there is nothing like burden in love, she shouldn’t think too much and leave everything on god. Krishna says she stopped believing in god since yesterday and she wants to stay on her own. Baizamaa says she shouldn’t think that Sai is not helping her, she considers Sai as her son and his way is different, he protects all his dear ones.

A man Manik chants Om Sai Ram. His wife gets irritated and says he started again. A rich man walks in and asks why didn’t he repay his loan yet. Manik says he is searching job and once he gets it, he will repay loan; he had taken loan for his son Ganesh’s treatment, now his son is fine by Sai’s grace.Wealthy man warns him to repay him 150 rs within 10 days, else he will lose his house. Manik’s wife yells that they are in deep trouble, but he just chants Om Sai Ram. Manik says she will understand Sai’s blessings soon. On the other side, a man visits Sai and informs him that his house furniture burnt in a fire accident and he is searching a carpenter. Sai suggests him to hire a carpenter (Manik) in his village and give him job only after testing his competency. Man reaches Manik and seeing his work offers him to carve his house’s furniture for 200 rs and gives him 50 rs advance, but poses a condition of finishing work within a week. Manik agrees and once he leaves thanks Sai Baba. Wife says he got work due to his competency and not Sai’s blessings. He says she will not understand it, its Sai’s blessings.

Manik’s son carves Sai’s plank and asks him to carve a temple for it. Manik gets happy and agrees. A big wooden plank fall on his foot injuring him badly. A vaidya checks him and informs that he got leg fracture and should rest for 1 month at least. Manik says he needs to finish work within a week, else he will lose his house. He continues writhing in pain and is unable to stand up. On the other side, Baizamaa slips and falls. Family rushes to her, and Appa asks Tatya to call Sai. Tatya turns and sees Sai already present there. Sai asks Rambha to bring hot water and gives oodhi. Rambha asks why didn’t he stop Baizamaa from falling. Sai says we cannot change fate, but can learn from mistake and avoid future mistakes. Baizamaa still writhes in pain. Sai says he will bring herbs from jungle. Baizamaa asks if he had stopped giving herbs to people. Sai he may need herbs for someone else also. Next morning, he brings herb and asks Rambha to boil it in oil and bring oil to him. Rambha does same. He massages Baizamaa’s foot saying he will not give the chance of serving his mother to anyone else.

Manik also writhes in pain. Sai as a vaidya traveler reaches to him and asks water. Wife gives him water. He drinks water and offers to treat Manik. Manik says he doesn’t have money. Vaidya says its free in exchange of water and asks Manik’s wife to boil herbs in oil and bring oil to him. He then massages Manik’s foot describing he is from Shirdi. Manik asks if he is from Shirdi, does he know Sai. Vaidya says yes and asks if he has seen Sai. Manik says no, but hearing people about Sai’s leela, he can identify Sai whenever he comes in front. Vaidya smiles and continues massaging his feet. Manik falls asleep and imagines Sai in Vaidya. Vaidya disappears. Manik wakes up and and is amazed to see his foot normal, asks wife where is the vaidya. She says she doesn’t know. He says he couldn’t thank vaidya. Wife says he didn’t accept money, but requests her to prepare sheera/sweet. Manik realizes Vaidya was Sai as he had prayed Sai that if he cures him, he will offer him homemade sheera. Man returns and says Sai’s blessings are on him and describes how Sai helped him. Wife realizes her mistake and cries that she misunderstood Sai. They all chant Om Sai Ram.

Precap: A woman brings food for Sai and on the way shoos away dog. Sai says when he asked food, she didn’t, so he doesn’t need it. Woman returns towards home sadly when she sees an old man requesting for food and offers him food, sees Sai in old man.

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