Mere Sai 3rd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Adinath Blames Krishna

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Mere Sai 3rd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Adinath teaches dying clothes to Krishna and warns her that she should ask teach again if she doesn’t understand, he doesn’t like mistakes, etc. She thinks why is he so rude. He continues when scolding her when Sumitra enters with herbal tea/kadha and asks him and her to finish it. Krishna finishes in 1 go while Adi says he is busy. Sumitra forcefeeds him. Krishna thinks if her mother was live, she would have loved him similarly. Adi sees Krishna crimpling dyed cloth and scolds her that she spoilt it and nobody will buy his cloth now, he is the boss and if she does mistake again, he will remove her from job, etc. Krishna stands crying. Sumitra says Adi scolded her unnecessarily, she is just learning to dye clothes.

Aaji sitting outside Maruti mandir gets worried for Krishna and thinks where she would be and what she would be doing. A man Govardhan comes to temple, slips and falls. Aaji helps him get up. Santa walks to him and yells to repay Kulkarni’s loan, else be ready to lose his house. Govardhan pleads to give him some time, but Santa slaps him and walks away. Santa finds a packet with money and walks away thanking Maruti. Govardhan says when he trusts god so much and does good deed, but god never helped him and helped Santa instead, he will never pray god again. He walks away. Sai walks in next. Aaji asks Sai why god helped cruel Santa and not innocent Govardhan. Sai says one has to repat what they sow, Govardhan did wrong deeds in his past life and hence suffering in this life, Santa did good deeds in past life and hence is reaping benefit. Aaji asks if god will not punish Santa and help Govardhan. Sai takes her near a shop where Santa buys sweet and slaps shopkeeper instead of paying money and warns to destroy his shop. He sits and is about to start enjoying sweets when a rich man enters and seeing money packet identifies its his and alleging Santa for stealing his money warns that he will inform Kulkarni. Santa stands crying. Sai tells Aaji that Santa did good in past life, but wrong in present life, so he got his punishment now. He then shows Govardhan helping a man and getting job by him and says Govardan with his good deeds got help from god. Govardhan thanks god for help. Aaji says then why is god not helping Krishna. Sai says before sunrise, there would be dark night.

Adi hears sound outside at night and rushes out. He sees Krishna with cloth bag and thinking she is trying to steal starts alleging her. In Dwarkamayi, Appa and Tatya reach Dwarkamayi drenched in rain. Sai takes her kurta and dries them on fire, sends its heat to Adi’s father and waking him up thinks he had wake him up. Adi’s father goes out and finds Dajiba trying to escape. Adi continues alleging Krishna, Krishna reverts back and says she is not a thief. Adi asks to prove her innocence then. His father walks in holding Dajiba and says he has proof, Dajiba was trying to escape. Krishna says Dajiba was trying to steal clothes, so she caught him red handed and tried to stop him. Adi punishes Dajiba and warns to complain against him in police. Dajiba pleads to spare him as he has small kids. Adi’s father spares him. Adi feels guilty for alleging Krishna wrongly.

Precap: Krishna tells Aaji that she will not marry in front of god as god never helped her in life. Sai seeing that says if god spoils, he himself corrects it.

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