Mere Sai 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Tejasvi’s Evil Plan

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Mere Sai 4th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anandi walks towards home after grocery shopping when Tejasvi clashes with her. She apologizes Tejasvi. Tejasvi orders her to pick her things up and asks if she is Joshi’s younger bahu Anandi from Pune. Anandi asks how does she know does she know, who is she. Tejasvi introduces herself and says good she met someone from a city, she can understand her condition. Anandi says she heard Kulkarni family’s women don’t go out. Tejasvi says she is different and even not arrogant like Kulkarni, she is very friendly. She continues chatting and says she will meet her next time as today she has guest coming, she knows how hectic it is to serve guest, even she and her husband must be doing all the work alone. Anandi leaves silently. Tejasvi’s servant says Anandi didn’t react at all and left silently. Tejasvi says she has set on fire in Anandi’s mind, just wait and watch.

Anandi walks towards home thinking why was Tejasvi so sweet to her while everyone say she is very arrogant. Sai standing near a small pond calls her. She greets Sai and apologizes for not noticing him. Sai says he was coming to her home to give oodhi to Godavari. He further says this pond has become dirty with dirty water in it. Anandi says it is even stinking. Sai says whether it is dirt in mind or water, it can be cleaned with determination and will power. Anandi asks is it possible. Sai says he can make medicine to clean it, but needs someone who can daily get into it and add medicine in it without fail. Anandi thinks Sai helps them so much, even she should do something. She says she will add medicine daily. Sai asks her to think over again as she cannot miss even a single day. Anandi agrees. Sai gives her medicine. She gets into water and mixes medicine in it and gets out. Sai thanks her. She leaves.

Sai returns back to Dwarkamyi and gets engrasped in thought while adding firewood in fire pit. Wood burns and is about to burn Sai’s hand when Tatya rushes and saves his hand, asks what was he thinking, he would have burnt his hand. Sai thanks him and reminds him of pest infestation in his crop recently, says whether pest infests crops or mind, it will rotten whole crops and mind, one has to be keep their mind clean and doesn’t let anyone infest it.

Amba continues her ordeal. Godavari says they will meet and confront Damadji/SIL. Amba says its of no use as he loves some other women and always treated her like a servant. She asks why didn’t she inform her in-laws. Her in-laws will not believe her and even if she informs them, they will blame that she has a defect in her, so her husband finds love in some other woman. Anandi returns home and gives Sai’s given oodhi to Godavari. Trimbak takes her bag and asks her to go and rest for sometime as she is tired. Amba feels jealous seeing that. Gangadhar says how can dadamdji do this to his daughter and feels sad. Sai noticing it in fire pit tells Tatya that getting jealous of someone is very bad.

Tendulkar brings his wife and son Bapu. Bapu says he will not give exam at any cost, whatever her parents say. Sai asks if he is tensed regarding Abhayankar guruji future forecast. Bapu is shocked and asks how does he know as he didn’t inform about it to anyone. Tendulkar asks who is Abhayankar. Sai says he is an astrologer who predicts peopple’s future. Bapu goes into flashback where he meets Abhayankar guruji who reads his palm and predicts that this year he will get only disappointment and if he gives exam, he will fail, so he should give exam next year. Out of flashback, he says guruji’s prediction is always 100% right.

Precap: Bapu tells Sai that he tried, but is unable to visit Khandoba temple and keep coin there. Sai asks him to try again, he will come behind him. Bapu reaches temple and sees Sai already present there. S

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