Mere Sai 5th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Unusual Demand

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Mere Sai 5th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai goes out seeking charity and when people give him charity, he blesses them. Krishna informs Sumitra, Balachandra, and Adinath that she cannot marry taking oath on god. Sumitra asks why is she saying this. Krishna apologizes and says this is her decision. Sumitra says she went through a lot of problems, but god gave her us who took care of us and want to make her as family member. Krishna says when she left god and became self-reliant, she got a mother in Sumitra and her family. Adinath says though she went through a lot of hardships, she shouldn’t break his mother’s heart. Balachandra also requests to honor their wish, they will never ask her anything again in life. Krishna says she will obey her in-laws, but she will not trust god and will just finish formality; if they agree to her terms, she will marry, else they should forgive her. Adi says he will marry only her or no one else, but he cannot disrespect his parents, so it is better to cancel this wedding. Krishna walks away saying decision is made. Balachandra tells Sumitra that only Sai can help them. Krishna tries to leave house. Adi stops her and says she shouldn’t leave house, though she doesn’t want to marry him. Krishna says she is rejecting such a good husband and in-laws just because of stone god, she will never forgive god. She walks away from there.

Vaishnavi rushes to Sai and pleads him for help. Sai says he cannot help her, she should seek help from the one whom she kicked out of house and troubled whole life. Vaishnavi asks Krishna, thinks Sai is a conman who didn’t help Krishna and now is acting. She walks away yelling that she will seek someone else’s help. Vaishnavi returns home. Aaji asks what did Sai say. Vaishnavi yells that conman Sai doesn’t want to help us and wants us to bring back Krishna home somehow, she will never do that. Aaji warns her to respect Sai. Vaishnavi picks box in which Aaji kept Sai’s given oodhi and tries to throw it away. Aaji resists. Box opens, and Aaji is shocked to see Krishna’s jewelry stolen by dacoits. Vaishnavi tries to snatch it saying she will bail out Vidyadhar from police. Aaji says she will give it to only Krishna and runs away from there.

Balachandra and Sumitra meet Sai and explain him whole situation. Sai asks them to let Krishna and Adi sort out things on their own. Balachandra says he didn’t understand. Sai explains that if Balachandra has any problem with workers, will he ask Sumitra to interfere or sort it out himself. Balachandra says himself. Sai says god knows what is best for each person, so they should wait and watch. They both return home trusting Sai.

Aaji sees Krishna walking on street, runs and hands over jewelry box to her. Vaishnavi snatches box and says she will use this jewelry to bail out Vidyadhar. Krishna asks what happened to mama/uncle. Vaishnavi says he is arrested in a false case. Krishna says she wanted to see her mother’s jewelry once and now will use this jewelry to bail out mama. She walks towards police station with Vaishnavi. Adi notices Aaji and asks if she is Krishna’s aaji. Aaji says yes.

Vidyadhar’s colleague opens account book trunk and finds snake in it. He walks out of house and finds cycle punctured. He walks to temple and asks god what is happening to him. Sai Baba’s voice says he is hiding something which has put an innocent into trouble. Man says if he reveals, he will lose a lot. Sai says losing wealth is better than losing peace of mind and suggests him to accept his crime. Krishna walks into police station and requests policeman to free Vidyadhar in exchange of jewelry. Policeman says Vidyadhar will be freed, but will not be freed from allegation. Colleague enters saying stop.

Precap: Aaji asks Krishna to stop hating god as fod was helping her always. Krishna rushes to Dwarkamayi searching Sai.

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