Mere Sai 5th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Durpada forces Saraswati to leave

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Mere Sai 5th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Udhav meets Sai on his way. I was looking for you only. Bela! Sai says I am headed there only. He leaves. Udhav smiles. I was a fool to forget that someone can hide their pain from Sai.

Saraswati is holding the Rama idol. Why are you making her bear the consequence of my mistake? You must save her. Sai calls out to her. She tells him about Bela. Please do something. Sai steps inside and looks at Bela. He keeps his hand over her head. Saraswati rues that Bela’s parents left Bela with her to look after her. Sai says the difference between humans and God is that God never does anything wrong to people for their deeds. Have faith on yourself.

Chandorkar cannot stop wondering who this Krishnakant was. Who gave him information about us? Radha says it might be possible just like how God knows everything. Chandorkar says you are keeping him at a same pedestal as a God. He lied to us. She calls it a sign. He dint hurt us. Plus, you enjoyed meeting him too. It might be a hint at Shirdi’s Sai Baba. He might be someone who we should see once. Don’t you think that we should go to Shirdi once? Chandorkar calls it a coincidence. I have never met a Baba before and neither will I do it now. She tries to say something but he stays put. We will focus on the marriage. Chandorkar and his son leave. Radha thinks they may or may not agree but I am sure that we will go to Shirdi sooner or later. Naina asks her who this Fakir is. Radha says I don’t know but his aura in my dreams is magical.

Sai mixes udi in water and applies it on Bela’s forehead. Saraswati is crying. My life had gone for a toss but I thought light is finally coming when I met her. Sai says you don’t realise the importance of light when you encounter darkness. You have understood this and that’s why this light will never go away from you. He cover camphor in cotton, maks Bela smell it and then asks her to open her eyes. Bela wakes up just then. Saraswati hugs her. Bela is still distant. Saraswati says you saved my life with her today. What if something had happened to her today? Sai tells her to take care of Bela and leaves.

Saraswati tells Bela she scared her. She tries to wipe Bela’s feet but Bela pulls her feet away. Saraswati tells her she got hurt when she fell. Let me apply turmeric after cleaning up your wound or it will hurt. Bela looks at her wound and then nods at Saraswati. Saraswati smiles. She cleans Bela’s feet with a wet cloth and applies turmeric on the wound. Bela is in thoughts.

Sai asks a lady to give him wheat in alms today. She agrees. Why did you specifically ask for it today? Sai replies that someone is going to need it soon. She gives him wheat. Sai blesses her.

Chandorkar is working but his mind keeps going back to his dream. He thinks of his meeting with Tatya and Krishnakant ji. He goes to his house temple. I told Radha that we must not discuss this matter any further but I cannot find any meaning behind this. I was proud of my tactical knowledge till today but I am speechless today. I feel I don’t know enough. You are my only way. Please tell me what’s going on, Bappa. Give me the strength to decide what’s wrong or wrong. I will do your Abhishek and meditate in the morning and night till the time I get my answer. He keeps Bappa’s idol in a plate and bathes the idol. Sai stops in his path and looks at the idols inside a house from a window. Forgive him. This is between me and Nana. He is stubborn. He will find every possible logic to prove something once he sets his mind on something. He has good intentions though. Such people end up helping thousands of people when they find their calling.

Durpada and Manik return home. They are pleasantly surprised at how tidy the house is looking. We could have let us help you. Saraswati says I was feeling guilty over what happened. Durpada and Manik panic. What happened to her? She tells them everything. Manik asks her if she wont tell them anything. We are worried for you. Bela asks them if they are worried that she got lucky and is still alive. Saraswati tells her not to speak to her parents like this. Durpada lashes out on Saraswati. We trusted you and left our daughter with you but see what has happened. I thought you will handle things because of your age. Manik and Saraswati try to calm him down but she keeps scolding Saraswati. It was a mistake to let you stay here. You can leave this house right away! Saraswati cries. She picks up her bag with a heavy heart and leaves the house.

Sai is walking past Chihu Tai’s house and hears her scolding Govinda for buying Iktara over books. She throws it out angrily while he requests her to hear him out. They go silent when they see Sai standing at the door. Sai tells Chihu Tai that she should have heard Govinda once before throwing Iktara away.

Durpada tells Bela to have turmeric milk but Bela isn’t keen. Durpada scolds her for not listening to her and for arguing with her. Bela tells her to throw her out of the house then. Manik calmly explains the situation to her. Bela asks them why they gave birth to her if they dint want her to play. You don’t care about what I want. Manik says we do care about you. Bela says you don’t want me to play and boss over me all the time. Ajji was better than you. I locked her from outside when I went to play but atleast she dint scold me like you two.

Sai asks Govinda why he bought this Iktara. Govinda says I have often heard Baba say that he likes the sound of Iktara. He never buys something for himself so I thought to bring it for him. I made an excuse to buy books and got some money. I used my savings too as it was expensive. Chihu Tai realises his mistake. Sai explains that anger is the beginning of the problem. It ruins everything. Things take a turn for the worse when you focus on your anger. It is when you give yourself importance over others. We are elders not because the kids are young. It is because we are more matured as compared to the kids. It isn’t right to come to a conclusion before hearing out the other person. You would have known the truth if you had listened to him. He tells Govinda his intention was good but he lied to his Aayi to fulfil it. She would have helped you if you had told her truth before head. Govinda apologizes to Chihu Tai. I wanted to surprise Baba so I hid it from you. She shakes her head emotionally. It is my mistake. I got angry on you and overlooked your good qualities. I have saved some money. Buy a new Iktara using it. Sai tells her it wont be needed. He picks up the broken Iktara. Chihu Tai wonders how a broken Iktara will be fixed. It never happens. Sai keeps his hand around the broken parts and they are fixed by the time Chihu Tai accepts it from him. Sai blesses them and leaves. Chihu Tai and Govinda look at the Iktara in surprise. Sai looks back at them. Chihu Tai folds her hands gratefully.

Precap: Saraswati notices Sakaram and starts walking faster. Sakaram gets intrigued as soon as he notices her. He enquires about her. He heads towards a house. Saraswati is standing right next to the wall and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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