Mere Sai 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sakharam hell bent upon taking revenge from Saraswati

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Mere Sai 7th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saraswati comes to kitchen but is very much shaken by Sakharam’s presence. She looks at the mark on her hand worriedly. A flashback is shown. Saraswati is setting the aarti thaal when her DIL tells her to do some ritual on Narayani’s birthday. Saraswati says you always let me do it even though it is your right as a mother. Her DIL says Narayani loves you the most. It is your right before all of us. We got you a new saree. Please get ready. Saraswati is touched by their gesture and tells her DIL this. Saraswati changes saree and starts doing the ritual when her DIL notices the white mark on her arm. She asks Saraswati about it. Saraswati is clueless. I will visit Vaid ji today. Her DIL takes over the rest of the ceremony. Saraswati steps aside sadly. Flashback ends. Saraswati thinks my life changed completely when my DIL and son saw this mark. What if Durpada and Manik see it and Sakharam tells them everything? I must hide this mark at any cost. She cover it using her saree’s pallu and ties something around it so it wont come off.

Bheeva comes to Dwarkamai with Kashinath and tells Sai that the other guy having food there is a thief. The guy denies. Bheeva and Kashnath question him. Bheeva suggests handing over the thief to police. Sai reasons that calling someone a thief without proving their mistake is wrong.

Manik and Durpada bring water. Durpada is surprised to see that Saraswati has cooked everything already. Saraswati says I sit idle the entire day. I would feel better if I can help you in any way. Durpada serves food to everyone. Bela is lost in her own world. Durpada tells her to have food. Saraswati nods at her. I think she isn’t hungry. I made them (jalebis) for no reason. Bela gets tempted but Durpada stop her. She asks Saraswati why she made jalebis. Saraswati says I know Bela likes it. Bela goes excitedly to Saraswati. Saraswati makes her promise that she will drink a kadha after having food. Bela repeats it upon Saraswati’s askance. Durpada watches Bela eating jalebi worriedly. Saraswati tells her not to worry. Look at how happy she is. Manik and Durpafa smile.

Saraswati gives kadha to Bela. Bela makes a face as soon as she takes a sip. It is so bitter. Saraswati makes her finish the entire glass with love. Bela says you gave me 2 jalebis and made me drink such a bitter kadha. She walks away but Saraswati smiles. Durpada asks Saraswati if this kadha will cure Bela’s disease. Saraswati denies. It will take care of how fried food will affect her. this kadha wont let her cough at all. We can give her this much happiness till the time she recovers. Durpada nods. Manik says I really feel we are being look after by an elderly today and that we are in good hands. Durpada seconds him. Saraswati smiles. She feels bad for hiding the truth from them. They consider me like their mother and I still cannot tell them my truth.

Sai tells Kashinath that this guy can be a thief by what he saw. Think from the perspective of who you were before. People used to misunderstand you and never tried to find out what really was inside you. Kashinath says only you could understand me and guide me to the right path. You changed my life. Sai tells him it is his turn to understand this guy now. Look inside his soul. Look into his eyes. You will see the truth. Kashinath looks in the eyes of the other guy. Flashback shows the guy coming to Maruti Mandir seeking God’s blessings. He later visits a few houses while looking for work but in vain. He notices a pot of water in Kashinath’s house and thinks to drink water. The pot falls down and breaks. He wonders how he will pay the owner if he asks for money for the pot. Kashinath starts chasing the guy. Bheeva joins him as well. Flashback ends.

Kashinath apologizes to Sai for misunderstanding the guy. I doubted him when he started running. Sai asks him if he thought why he did that in the first place. People often make opinions by looking at everyone’s appearances. They don’t see what’s inside. Such things force people to become thieves. This is what happened with him also. Kashinath apologizes to the guy. Sai suggests him to keep the guy as his helper. You are getting a lot of work these days. It might help him. Kashniath readily agrees. He asks the guy if he will work with him. the guy nods. He kneels down in front of Sai. I don’t know how I will repay you. Sai says learn to stand up for yourself. You will meet a lot many people who will misunderstand you in this life but you must stand by your truth and face everyone without any fear. You wont be able to live in peace if you will keep running from people. There is no greater power than truth. That is how you can repay me. The guy nods.

Bela, Manik and Durpada are sleeping at night. Saraswati looks at the mark in her arm again. She applies an ointment over it. Flashback shows Saraswati applying ointment on her arm in a stable when Sakharam, Mandar and another guy walks in. They call it the consequence of her sins. We don’t want our families to get affected with this too. Sakharam gathers more people and shares a similar incident that had happened somewhere else in the past. We should throw Kaki and her family out of this town. Saraswati says I understand that your father and my husband weren’t on good terms but is this how you will take revenge. He says I am throwing caution to the wind. Rest is on them. Villagers second Sakharam. Saraswati cries. I thought I will leave this village only when I will die. I considered this village as my home and you people as my family. Please trust me. I wont let anyone catch this disease from me. Vaid ji has assured me this isn’t transferred because of touch. I will live in a corner quietly. They advise her to stay indoors or they will throw her out of the village. Flashback ends. Saraswati covers her ears.

Sai smiles as he looks at the fire. He closes his eyes.

Chandorkar ji and his wife are sleeping when someone knocks at the door. Chandorkar ji wakes up. Who could it be at this hour? He opens the door and notices someone standing in the dark. What do you want? Sai says banda rupya. I sent you messages too but you dint come so I thought to call you myself. Come with me. Chandorkar ji starts following Sai in a daze.

Sai smiles in Dwarkamai.

Sai points the path to Shirdi to Chandorkar ji. I am waiting. Sai walks away. Chandorkar ji walks a fw steps after him when he hears his son’s voice. He is confused to see Radha and his kids there. Radha asks him what he is doing here. Chandorkar ji says a Fakir came at our house and brought me here. His son wonders who it could be. Chandorkar ji tells them everything. His son says it must be your dream. You must be walking in your sleep. Let’s go home. The other brother points out that this is indeed the way to Shirdi.

Sai opens his eyes and smiles. Now even I have paid you a visit to compel you to come to Shirdi. You must come now.

Mandar suggests Sakharam that they must go home now as their work is done. Sakharam is reluctant. I am sure it was Kaki only. Mandar asks him why he is so hell bent upon finding Kaki. I know that your Baba and Kaki’s husband were brothers and there was some property feud going on between them but you have taken revenge already. You forced Kaki to leave her house and family. Sakharam says my revenge isn’t complete yet. Our village’s leader gave decision in Kaki’s husband’s favour. We were embarrassed in front of the entire village. I will seek revenge for it every single time. I will make life miserable for Kaki in every single place.

Saraswati decides to hide away from Sakharam till the time he leaves Shirdi.

Precap: A lady tells Sai my soul dint leave my body yet I was yearning to see my son for the last time. Sai tells her to close her eyes and think of God. He applies udi on her eyes. He asks her to open her eyes a few seconds later. The lady opens her eyes and finds her son sitting next to her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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