Mere Sai 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Bela starts caring for Saraswati

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Sai blocks Sakharam’s way and asks for alms. Sakharam says I have nothing to give to you. Sai says only you can give me what I want. Sakharam asks him what it is. Sai says don’t pursue what you have stopped by in Shirdi for. Sakharam’s eyes widen in shock. What is it? Sai says you have lost your way. It isn’t the mission of your life to trouble an old woman.

Bela and Saraswati enjoy playing Sagar Goti together. Bela notices the white marks on her arm. What happened to Ajji? She still smiles.

Sakharam says you must have overheard me stealthily. I am trying to save everyone from catching that mark. Sai says the mark on your mind is much more dangerous for the society as it has stemmed out of revenge. You have set your mind to force an old lady out of her home. The society, which loses love and concers for the elderly, is headed towards his doom. Sakharam talks rudely to Sai which upsets Keshav but Sai reminds him that this isn’t their way. Keshav apologizes to Sai. Sai tells Sakharam he will never be happy if he hurts the one who is looked after by Ram ji. He blesses him and walks away. Sakharam thinks now even Ram ji cannot save Kaki.

Saraswati goes to take milk off the stove when there is a knock. Bela opens the door. Saraswati asks Bela if there is an elderly at home. Saraswati recognizes his voice. Sakharam looks around the house. His eyes stop at the temple in the house. Bela tells Sakharam that her Ajji is here. What is it? Sakhram asks her what her name is. Bela thinks for a moment and says it is Ajji only. He asks about her parents. Bela tells him that they went to the market to sell spices. Sakharam nods. I might have come to the wrong house. He leaves. Saraswati hugs Bela and cries as soon as Sakharam leaves. Bela asks her what happened. Saraswati says I lost Narayani. I cannot lose you now. Bela calls her her best friend. No one has understood me as much as you have. No one let me play this much ever. Even I don’t want to go away from you. She hugs Saraswati. Saraswati thanks Tam ji for giving her a new hope again. Bela asks Saraswati about the mark on her arm. Saraswati gets shocked. Bela says I saw that while playing Sagar Goti. She unties the pallu from Saraswati’s arm and looks at the mark. How did this happen? Saraswati is in a dilemma. How should I lie to her? She tells Bela it is a disease. Bela suggests her to get it treated. Saraswati says I don’t know what it is. Bela asks her if she wont recover. Saraswati says there is a solution to everything. Ram ji will bring Sanjeevani for me too. Bela asks her where it can be found. I will ask Baba to bring it. Saraswati requests her not to tell her Baba anything. I have lost my family once because of this mark. I don’t want to lose it again. Bela agrees to keep quiet. Someone knocks at the door again. Saraswati is relieved to see Durpada.

Mandar tells Sakharam he has checked every house. Kaki was nowhere to be seen. Sakharam says it isn’t required anymore. Let’s go to the market.

Baizamaa has made the sheera. She asks Sai to taste it and tell her how it is. Sai says I know it will be good as a mother has made it with love. Baizamaa smiles.

Chandorkar ji and Radha ji reach Shirdi. Radha ji pays her respect at khandoba’s temple. Chandorkar ji recalls seeing a flash of the temple in his dream. Radha ji tells him that she is happy to be here. I am glad that you trusted Sai Baba. Chandorkar ji says it is against my outlook to respect such people or such dreams. I am intrigued to know who this Sai Baba is and why he wants to meet me.

Govinda greets Sai. You are putting toran which means there is something special. Sai nods. A very special person is coming today. A girl asks Sai why they put toran. Sai explains the significance behind it. The one who is coming needs all the positivity.

Radha ji suggests her husband to ask someone about Sai. Chandorkar ji says people think of him as God here. They must have made a temple for him.

Sai smiles. He is holding the bowl of sheera in his hands. He walks till the entrance of Dwarkamai. Chandorkar ji stops in his tracks as soon as the fragrance of sheera enters in his nostrils. He looks towards Dwarkamai and notices Sai. His eyes are fixed at the bowl in Sai’s hands. He smiles at his wife.

Saraswati asks Durpada if she has a headache. Durpada nods. Saraswati says I guess you have been worrying over something. Durpada says we aren’t able to sell much here. don’t know what to do. Saraswati tells her to have faith in Ram ji.

Chandorkar ji asks Sai if they have made sheera using wheat. Everyone turns to look at them. Sai nods. Please have some. Chandorkar ji denies. We have to go somewhere. Sai tells him that he has got it especially for him and calls him Nanu. Everyone gets curious now. Chandorkar ji asks Sai how he knows his name. Sai says how I would not know it when I am the one who called you here. Chandorkar ji asks him who he is. Baizamaa says he is Sai. Chandorkar ji says it is you invited me here then. how did you know I will come and that too today? Sai says you still have questions but some answers are gained by experiences and emotions. To test them is an insult to your patience and knowledge. Chandorkar ji asks him why he wanted him to come here. Sai says I was fulfilling the promise of meeting you in your every birth. Chandorkar ji says I don’t remember making any such promise. Sai replies that he called him here to remind him that. We share a relation from 4 births. Chandorkar ji gets irked when Sai tells him to have faith in him. Sai says wheat was over so sheera couldn’t be made at your home. We have made ample sheera here for you today. Eat to your heart’s content. You both should come inside. Chandorkar ji asks him how he knows all this. Sai says a shloka. We leave our bodies when we die and we enter in new bodies while taking birth again. Only your body has changed. You know this truth Nana yet you deny it. Radha ji feels positive around Sai. He isn’t the one who I saw in my dreams though. Sai smiles.

Saraswati massages Durpada’s head. Durpada assures her she will be fine. Saraswati reminds her that she calls her Aayi. Kids and parents take care of each other for better and worse. She takes Kundlik’s name. Bela asks her who Kundlik is. Saraswati shares that he was a boy who used to disrespect his parents. He met a sage once and that turned his life around. He dint go to meet Lord Krishna when he came to meet him. He told him that he will take care of him once his duties towards his parents are over. That pleased Lord Krishna. He waited patiently by standing on the rock.

Manik comes home. He tells Durpada that a businessman wants to buy spices in bulk. They will come back tomorrow as I dint have enough quantity. He notices her face. What happened? She tells him that she has headache. Manik and Saraswati tell her to rest for some time. Saraswati goes to bring kadha for her. Bela is grateful to Saraswati for taking care of all of them. I wont let her go anywhere.

Everyone is eating sheera at Dwarkamai. Chandorkar ji says it is just like my Aayi makes it. It is delicious. Sai smiles. My Baizamaa has made it after all.

Shyama is working on the vermilion.

Radha ji wonders if her dreams were of no meaning if this Baba isn’t the one she saw in her dream. Sai asks her to give him some water. Pari offers to bring it but Sai tells her to let Radha ji bring it. Radha ji gets confused. Why did he ask me to bring it? She picks up the cover of the pot and can see her Sai’s reflection in it (dressed in the same form as he had appeared in her dream). She looks at Sai in surprise. She can see him in his other form as well. She walks up to Sai with water. Forgive me Sai. I couldn’t recognize you but now I am sure that my dreams weren’t meaningless. Why did you always leave without taking anything though? Sai replies that he dint want food. You have already brought what I wanted. Chandorkar ji is puzzled at the situation.

Precap: Saraswati’s son, Saraswati, Manik and Durpada are at Dwarkamai. Saraswati’s son asks his mother to come with him. Manik tells him she wont go with him as they dint respect her earlier. They get into a heated argument but Sai stops them. Neither of you dint ask Saraswati Mayi what she wants. He asks Saraswati who she wants to go with.

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