meri duniya tu hi re — Rikara SS (shot 2)

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That night:

Gauri was sleeping and the baby was sleeping next to her. Gauri had her hand around the baby and the little baby was smiling in her sleep. Om entered to see two beautiful angels sleeping. He went closer to them and caressed Gauri’s face and saw the baby smiling.

Om: you must be having beautiful dreams right? That’s why you are smiling. Maybe you have seen a fairy? Baby, I am sorry for yelling at Gauri. You know that lady who had you in her arms for ages. I am sorry. I know you are probably angry at me like she is. I don’t yell usually, very rarely I do and unfortunately today was one of those days. All I just want to say is sorry.

He kisses her forehead and then kisses Gauri’s forehead. Once he did that, he grabbed a pillow and blanket quietly from the cupboard and slept on the recliner. He would sleep on the bed but he didn’t want to wake the girls up.

The next day:

That night:

Slowly and reluctantly, Om uncovered his face. He blinked, closed his eyes, and blinked again. Streaks of sunlight penetrated the window and blinded him. He sat up, dragged his feet off the bed, and rubbed his knuckles onto his eyes. His vision took a few seconds to adjust, and when it did…nor Gauri or the baby was on the bed.

Om: Gauri left this room? No impossible! Ever since that day…she stayed in this room only and baby? Where is the baby? Hey bhagwan…what is happening?

He stood up and quickly ran from the room. He knocked at Shivika’s door first. The door was opened by two sleep-deprived people – Shivay and Anika. Obviously they would be deprived of sleep since Anya was a ball of energy.

Anika sleepily: today what happened that you were knocking so loud?

Om: bhabhi, Gauri nor the baby is in the room.

Suddenly tiredness escaped Shivika’s faces.

Shivika: kya?!

Om: haan. Help me look for them.

Just then they heard Rudy scream and Pinky saying loudly: OH MY MATA!

Shivay: let’s see what happened to that idiot and my mum then we will find Gauri and the baby.

Om and Anika nodded. they went down to see Rumya, Pinky. Shakti, Dadi and Jhanvi surprised. They were all staring at the table and when the three looked at the table…they were also surprised. Breakfast was already laid on the table and there was not one….but two baby chairs around the table.

“Good morning” a melodious voice chirped like a hummingbird.

All turned to see Gauri dressed up in a beautiful sea blue sleeve less kurta in net and georgette with thread work pattern all over, paired with matching leggings in georgette. To complete the look, she carried a net dupatta with a thread border. Also she was carrying the baby in her arms. The baby was smiling dressed up in a canary yellow dress.

Rudy: Bhabhi….is that you? our Gauri Bhabhi?

Gauri: haan I am your Gauri Bhabhi.

Everyone else: kya?!

Gauri: arre yaar guys, I am 10000000% your Gauri Bhabhi.

Shivay: fine, you are 100000000% Gauri thankfully. Also where did you get another baby chair from?

Gauri: storeroom. I cleaned it and everything so don’t worry. Anyway sit down everyone. I will serve you breakfast.

Anika: Gauri, let me and Somu help you serve breakfast.

Gauri smiled, saying: arre bhoojal, today relax. I will do everything, don’t worry.

Anika and Somu nodded…a little scared because they had no idea if Gauri was in front of them.

Everyone sat down and Gauri started to serve food.

Om in mind: can a baby really change a person that quickly? Now I don’t even know whether I am married to this woman or not.

Gauri served everyone breakfast but Om. Om looked at her shocked.

Om: oh hello! Why did you forget me?

Gauri turned to him, giving him dangerous eyes…as dangerous as the foamy race of ocean surges. Om bit his bottom lip and said: I’ll serve myself.

Gauri turned his back on him and said to Anika: bhoojal, do you know where the formula milk is?

Anika: formula milk is in the fridge.

Gauri nodded and went to the kitchen. Once she was out of earshot, Somu spoke: okay who is she? What happened to Gauri?

Om: that’s what I want to know. I can’t even recognise my own wife.

Rudy: this can’t be Gauri Bhabhi, I am sure some alien came and took her place.

Anika: or maybe it’s her doppelganger!

Shivay: idiots, I’m surrounded by idiots.

Everyone looked at Shivay.

Shivay: in case all of you have lost your brains, Gauri is acting as her normal cheerful self before 6 months ago.

Everyone: oh!

Om didn’t say that though, Shivay was right, before they got the news about their baby, Gauri was very cheerful…she always had a smile on her face and she would rarely get upset unless she and Om had small arguments. Om couldn’t stand his wife being angry. He got up from the table and went into the kitchen where Gauri was making the formula milk. He hugged her from behind but before he could say anything, she spoke: get your arms off my waist, I am still angry with you.

Om took his arms off her and went in front of her.

Om: Gauri, meri jaan, please forgive me. I am really sorry for yelling at you. I can’t stand it when you’re angry at me jaan. I know last night I was a jerk and I’m sorry for letting my anger take control of me. You mean more to me than anything in the world. Please forgive me, meri chiraya.

He held his ears and Gauri said: fine you’re forgiven as long as you change the baby’s diaper.

Om: okay jaanu, I will.

Gauri smiled then finished making the formula milk. She went back into the dining hall with Om. She picked up the baby and started feeding the baby the milk. As breakfast was happening, Pinky said: I’m surprised she forgots her baby so fast.

Shivay signalled Pinky to shh. Hurt was shown on Gauri’s face.

Pinky: what shh? I’m just saying the truth.

Om: choti maa, please don’t say all this and that too early in the morning.

Pinky: fines.

Soon breakfast was done and everyone went to do what they wanted to do. Gauri picked up the baby and Anika came up to Gauri.

Anika: I will get Anya ready and then the two girls can play with one another.

Gauri nodded.


In a mansion decorated with expensive items, one expensive item fell to the ground shattering to a million pieces. A strong male voice was heard: I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU!

His face was revealed (Manish from Yrkkh)

Anger was written all over his face. One hand held the phone and the other hand was curled into a fist, knuckles turning white.

From the phone, a female voice was heard: Manish sir, I am so sorry but I couldn’t take it any longer.

Manish: so Sneha when you become a mother, are you just gonna abandon your child?

Sneha: I’m not going to have children Manish sir because I am not ready. I couldn’t handle that child! I didn’t even give her a name.


Sneha: sir, I left her in a massive white mansion where your daughter and son-in-law lives.


Sneha: you could have done that six months ago instead of giving her to me.


Sneha: whatever! By the way is my salary staying the same?


Sneha: y..yes.


Sneha: sir, I have an important meeting in a couple of days. After that meeting, I will go and collect her.

Manish: fine!

He cut the phone and started cursing. Why did his group head had to mess up? It was all going well until now, if his daughter got to know….no she wouldn’t, she wouldn’t know.

That night:

It had been a great day. After breakfast, Anika got Anya ready and the baby and Anya played. Om got to spend some time with the baby too. He took her to his studio and she started crawling around looking at the art supplies with curiosity. She managed to make a can of paint spill. Om laughed then cleaned up the mess, it was cute though to see her looking at the paint and then trying to paint the floor with the can of paint she managed to make fall.

Everyone even Pinky who always had the habit of rubbing salt into Gauri’s wounds, noticed that the emptiness which was in Gauri’s eyes was replaced by some sort of sparkle, the upside down smile on her face had turned the right way round. She seemed happier in just the matter of one day. It must have been the baby girl. As soon as she came in their mansion, Gauri had changed completely from lifeless Gauri to full of life Gauri. Even Om noticed the change in his wife. She was back to how she was when they started dating, when they got married and when she was pregnant….pregnant. Om was so happy when she got pregnant but the one who was even more happy than him was Gauri.

She didn’t care if the baby was a boy or girl, all she said to Om the day they found out that she was pregnant was that she would make the baby go on her team. She didn’t care that she was going to gain weight during pregnancy, all she said to everyone was that it was a beautiful feeling to have your baby inside you. She didn’t care about the morning sickness or the aches and pains, all she said to everyone was that it was normal during pregnancy and even though there were downsides to pregnancy, the other bits of pregnancy was beautiful. Om was always excited to go to the ultrasounds but Gauri…Gauri wouldn’t even stay still for two minutes until they reached the hospital so that they could see the baby. Whenever it was time to shop for their baby girl, Gauri would get so excited but she would always consider what would be best for the little girl.

When Om got to know that his wife was pregnant, he was so happy that he made it a tradition that he would wake up way before Gauri to talk to the baby growing inside of her and he would talk to the baby at night as well. He would tell their baby about the crazy world out there, their crazy family especially the immature duffer Rudy, he would tell their baby about that he was always going to be there for her no matter what.

Om entered his room to find Gauri talking to the baby in a cute voice and the baby was smiling. It seemed like Gauri opened the baby box she kept for their daughter and got the toys out of that box so that the baby could play with them. Om looked at the baby’s smile and oh wow the baby’s smile was gorgeous however he couldn’t help but notice how it resembled Gauri’s smile a lot. It could just be a coincidence.

Gauri turned to see Om at the door.

Gauri: arre Omkaraji, hi.  Come here and play with us.

Om smiled and came to sit on the bed. He grabbed the red shaped pillow and spoke in a baby voice: baby, peek a boo.

The baby giggled and Gauri smiled…Om looked at her smile, it wasn’t a forced smile, it was a real smile. How did he know? When she smiled for real, her eyes sparkled even more. Her smile shone like stars after dark, with no city lights to dim them.

When the baby giggled, it sounded like music to Rikara’s ears. Soon the baby decided that she was sleepy. Gauri kept her in her arms and cradled her gently, singing a lullaby: lori lori lori… (4), Gardhaniya chun chun baje. Palkan mein sapna saje. Dheeme dheeme haule haule. Pawan basanti doley. Hmm…

It had been ages since she last sang a song. Her singing voice sounded like a hummingbird chirping. Shivika and Rumya were walking past Rikara’s room but stopped when they heard Gauri singing.

Gauri: dheeme dheeme haule haule. Pawan basanti doley. Leke godh mein sulaaun. Gaaun raat bhar sunaaun. Main lori lori. Oh ho main lori lori.

The baby girl was now asleep. Shivika and Rumya came into Rikara’s room, smiling.

Somu: that was beautiful.

Shivay: really it was. Is she asleep now?

Rikara nodded, smiling. They allowed Shivika and Rumya to sit down on the bed.

Gauri: is Anya asleep?

Anika: yeah she’s with Dadi. How are you two doing?

Om: we’re fine Bhabhi.

Gauri: but I was thinking about something…

Rudy: what is it Gauri Bhabhi?

Gauri: is it bad that within one day, all the pain I have been feeling for six months just disappeared? I still feel grief but with this baby girl, I feel my daughter’s presence.

Anika: it’s not a bad thing Gauri. It’s okay to feel your daughter’s presence, just please don’t let your emotions overpower you again. Your daughter wants to see her mother as a strong woman.

Gauri smiled then realised something: oh my god, we need to name her.

Rudy: you’re right Gauri Bhabhi, I don’t think she has a name. If she did, then it would be mentioned in the note.

Somu: wow Duffer Singh Oberoi, you are thinking logical.

Rudy: I always think logical.

Everyone else rolled their eyes. Rudy? Logical? What a joke.

Shivay: she is kind of like an angel in a way.

Om: that’s true, she came and within one day, she managed to make everyone happy. Only an angel can do that.

Anika: it’s almost as if God sent an angel down to earth for us.

Gauri: Pari! Pari is her name.

Om: perfect.

They looked at the little girl, it seemed like she heard them calling her Pari because she gave a small smile.

A month later:

It had been a month since Pari came into their lives, the O’bros were still trying to figure out who was the father among Shivay, Om and Rudy but they couldn’t reach a conclusion. No one had came to take Pari yet but maybe it was for the best. Ever since Pari came, Gauri was back to her old self. She actually wanted to do things like cook, go outside, did you know she even started watching Salman Khan films again and even managed to make Pari watch a bit of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo?

Pari seemed to have settled in the mansion well, she even got so used to the name she was given and she would only respond if someone called her princess or Pari.

The O’bros came to the conclusion that if someone came to take Pari, then Gauri would go back to lifeless Gauri. Rikara still missed their daughter badly, they missed her a lot and there were times that when Pari was sleeping, they would cry quietly for their baby daughter.

Tej was on a business trip and recently came back to see a baby in the house and Rikara bonding with that baby. He was also one of those people who rubbed salt in Gauri’s wounds but Pinky and Tej slowly stopped taunting Gauri about her dead daughter and accepted the fact that she was capable of taking care of a daughter. Dadi would look at Rikara and Pari’s bond, and pray to God to let Pari stay in her grandson and granddaughter-in-law’s lives forever.


Manish entered the office in a suit and saw Sneha talking on the landline.

Sneha: I will let Mrs Walia know thank you. Have a good day. Bye.

She kept the landline down to see Manish looking at her dangerously.

Sneha: now what?

Manish: you said last month you would collect her in a couple of days and yet you didn’t collect her.

Sneha: it was your fault, you gave me so many meetings what was I meant to do? In the last month, I had 12 meetings to prepare for and attend. In case you didn’t notice, I haven’t taken a single break because I am dedicated to my job.

Manish: if you were dedicated to your job then you wouldn’t abandon that little girl.

Sneha: I am dedicated to my job and I abandoned her because I needed the energy to attend these meetings etc. Why couldn’t you just let your daughter be a mother?

Manish: because she is too young to be a mother and that boy she married is useless. Who earns money by painting? I took their daughter from them so that she would leave him eventually. I was counting months and days until my daughter would come to my door saying that she wants a divorce from her useless artist husband but now I don’t think she will divorce him and marry the kind of guy I want her to marry thanks to you. Now you tell me this, why did you leave that baby at that mansion?

Sneha: because I think your granddaughter should get to know her mother and you should let your daughter be happy. She lost her mother when she was 11, give her a break sir.

Manish: if they ever divorce, she will thank me for meddling in their marriage.

Sneha: no she won’t. Sir, she is an adult now, she can make her own decisions.

Manish: are you going to lecture me on how to be a father? You don’t have the right to lecture me on how to be a parent because you was given the responsibility to be a parent and you blew it! Now you will need to get the baby back from them and I hope you have a good cover story.

Sneha: fine I will get her back even though I personally think you should just let your daughter have the baby.

Manish: thank you! Once you get her back, then I will do what I should have done 7 months ago…send her to an orphanage.

Sneha stayed quiet as Manish left.


Anya and Pari were playing with Somu watching them.

Anya: she so cute.

Somu: I know she is.

Anya: I am also cute?

Somu: haan Anya baby, you and Pari are both very very very cute.

Anya smiled as she continued playing with Pari until Gauri came, Pari saw her smiling. She crawled to her and tried to get Gauri to pick her up by pulling her duapatta until she managed to make her duapatta fall onto the ground Gauri smiled and picked Pari up, meaning Pari’s clever antics worked.

Gauri: alee meri mithu! You and Anya are both the cutest things ever!

Anya: right?

Gauri: haan baby, right. What are you two playing?

Anya: we play with these teddies.

Gauri: wow can I play too?

Anya: yay!

Gauri smiled as she sat down with Pari on her laps. Soon Anika came and all the girls decided to leave that room to find Shivomru.

Another room:

Tej: I come home last week to find a baby in the house and I didn’t say anything for a week but after seeing this note you idiots just show me I want to know who is the baby’s father? Since this note clearly says that one of you three idiots is the father!!!

Om: we don’t know!

Tej: arre stupid! Why do you think the bloody DNA test was invented?!

Obros: DNA test?

Tej groaned. These idiots were really idiots and he thought that Rudy was only capable of being an idiot.

Tej: DNA test….a test to determine whether an individual is the biological parent of another individual. Paternity testing can be especially important when the rights and duties of the father are in issue and a child’s paternity is in doubt. Genetic tests are performed on a sample of blood, hair, skin, amniotic fluid, or other tissue. For example, a procedure called a buccal smear uses a small brush or cotton swab to collect a sample of cells from the inside surface of the cheek.

Rudy: dad, have you turned into Google?

Shivay: bade papa, we know what a DNA test is.

Om: but why should we put a little kid through a DNA test?

Tej: I know a doctor who does DNA tests with blood samples.

The Obros felt a chill in their spines hearing blood samples.

Voice: what?

Everyone turned to see Gauri with Pari in her arms – Anika, Anya and Somu was behind her. Anika whispered to Anya to go to Dadi and Anya ran to find Dadi. Anika, Gauri, Pari and Somu entered the room.

Gauri stood face to face with the men and said: why should we do a DNA test? When a doctor gets a blood sample off a baby, then the doctor has to prick the baby and I don’t want Pari to go through the pain of getting pricked and her blood being taken out….I understand vaccines because they will protect her but DNA test, what’s the point? The note says one of these brothers is the father but who cares? Pari belongs to all of us, she belongs to the Obros and she belongs to the Obahus.

Everyone was silent because Gauri was right in a way.

Om: I agree Gauri.

Gauri: I want to adopt Pari.

Everyone was shocked, Om was shocked to hear this from Gauri.

Om: what?

Gauri: I want to be her mother Omkaraji, I want to send her to school, be with her to take her first steps, so what if she isn’t my real daughter? Heart relationships are stronger than blood relationships. Someone left her at our house and no  one came to collect her and I think it’s better if we adopt her but only if it’s okay with you.

Om thought for a while, even he wanted to be a father…the doctor said to both Rikara that him and Gauri could make a baby again but Gauri was still grieving and she told him once that she didn’t want to be pregnant for a year or so. He felt attached to Pari, she was really an angel and if no one was going to come and claim Pari as theirs then it was only fair for him and Gauri to have Pari as their daughter…besides with Pari, it felt like his daughter was there.

Om: I will get the adoption papers in two days promise.

Everyone smiled but Gauri’s smile was the one that shone. She hugged Om, Pari still in her arms. Pari smiled too and managed to make Om carry her. He kissed her cheek.

That evening, Dadi decided that tomorrow they would have a party because tomorrow marked the day that Pari entered their house and brought happiness to their house. She, Pinky and Jhanvi got all the servants to start getting the house decorated and they started to invite people.

The next day:

It was afternoon, Gauri was dressed in a gorgeous baby pink silk chiffon saree:

It was afternoon, Gauri was dressed in a gorgeous baby pink silk chiffon saree:

Once she was ready, she got out a dress for Pari to wear.

Gauri: let’s turn you into a princess Pari.

Pari looked at her with a pout.

Gauri: oh sorry sorry, you are already a princess. Let’s turn you into a queen.

Pari smiled as Gauri changed her from the light blue baby romper to a gorgeous dark maroon dress. She found a baby headband and kept it on her head.

Gauri: now my Pari looks like a queen

Gauri: now my Pari looks like a queen.

Om: indeed she does.

Gauri saw her husband dressed in a white gold kurta walk to their bed and hugged Pari. He looked at the little angel and noticed how she really looked like a mix of him and his wife.

Om in mind: since last month, her smile looked like Gauri, her eyes looked like mine….so many features of hers looks either like mine or like Gauri’s. Is that normal or is it just a concidence?

Gauri: come on Omkaraji, it’s time for the party. Guests are coming.

Om nodded and picked up Pari. The soon to be parents came down the stairs with Pari, people started greeting them. As this was happening, they heard a voice: meri beti!

The chatters and low whispers stopped as everyone looked at the door to find a woman dressed in a cream blouse and black trousers. Her dark brown hair was tied in a loose ponytail.

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