meri duniya tu hi re — Rikara SS (shot 3) (final shot)

Star Plus

Originally supposed to be 2 shots but shot 2 was getting too long

Gauri: Sneha?

Sneha: yes me.

Om: Sneha..she works with your dad right Gauri?

Gauri: yes she does. Why are you here?

Sneha: Gauri, this child in your husband’s arms is mine.

Gauri: she’s your child?

Sneha: yes Gauri, she is. Me and my boyfriend decided to have a baby and when my daughter was born, my boyfriend didn’t want her because she was a girl so when he had enough of seeing her face he (she started crying) he took my daughter and left her here. I begged, I pleaded and I cried for a month because I wanted him to tell me where he kept my Shona. Just now he told me that he left my daughter at the doorstep of this mansion.

Om: but he left a note saying that me or one of my brothers are the father.

Sneha: he told me he lied writing that note. He didn’t want anything to do with my Shona. I missed my daughter so much, I need her back, please return her back to her real mother, a child deserves their real mother.

Everyone was hesitant well Rikara was really hesitant, they grew attached to Pari and they didn’t want to let her go. She was too special for them.

Sneha: please Gauri…I was helpless, you would ask for your child back if the same thing happened to you right?

Gauri: I would.

Sneha: Om, you would do the same right?

Om: yes I would.

Gauri started tearing up and said: Pari has been a big part in our case but she deserves her real mother.

Shivika and Rumya tearing up: true.

Sneha was about to take Pari out of Om’s arms when Om spoke: let me talk to Pari for a minute.

Sneha nodded and Om looked at Pari, his eyes watering up.

Om: ever since you came, you brought nothing but happiness. You lived up to your name, Pari. You really are an angel. I don’t want to let you go but Sneha is your real mother and she will take care of you. I want you to know a few things before you go. I want you to know that whatever you do, make sure it’s good for your soul. You want to become an artist? Go ahead. You want to be an engineer? No one’s stopping you. You want to be an actress? Go audition. Follow your dreams baby girl. Don’t ever let anyone come in the way of you and your dreams. You have fire in your soul and grace in your heart.

A tear flew from his eye. Pari with her tiny hand wiped the tear. Om smiled and kept his forehead and his forehead.

Om: every new day is full of new opportunities and whenever you doubt yourself, just inhale self love and exhale self doubt because if you don’t believe that you are the best then you won’t be able to achieve everything that you are capable of. You can do anything. Also know that you deserve the world Pari so go give it to yourself and I want you to remember what I say right now, no boyfriend till you are 35.

Pari giggled. Om smiled and kissed her forehead then both of her cheeks.

Om: I love you, I love you to the moon and back.

He was about to pass Pari to Sneha when Gauri managed to get Pari in her arms.

Gauri: I hated myself and I hated everything for so long because…(she felt a lump in her throat) because I lost my own daughter to God when she was born. I didn’t even get to see her. The moment you entered my life, I felt my daughter around me. Omkaraji is right, you lived up to your name. God put you in our lives so we could feel happiness. It’s true when they say that babies have some sort of magic in them because babies…they fill a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.

She allowed the tears to flow. Pari wiped her tears with her tiny hands like she did with Om. Gauri stroked her tiny hairs and said: you are a queen Pari, a girl doesn’t need a king to be a queen. A queen is a queen with or without a king. Always remember that queens don’t compete with other queens. In a world where we can choose to love, we choose to hate but Pari…I want you to love. I will pray for you everyday, I will pray for you to only experience happiness and never bear any pain. We will always remember you Pari….

The Oberois all felt really teary but Gauri and Om were allowing their tears to escape from their eyes.

Rikara: never forget us please.

Pari smiled and tried hugging them. Sneha took Pari from Gauri. Gauri turned so that she could go to her room but before she could, she felt something holding her sari’s pallu. She closed her eyes, tears falling then she, Om, Sneha and everyone heard a small baby voice: ma.

Gauri didn’t see but Om saw that Pari was looking at Gauri when she said ‘ma’….she wasn’t looking at Sneha. Sneha even felt teary, no she couldn’t. She had to tell the truth, she couldn’t cause pain to Om and Gauri, they deserved to be happy. She didn’t care if she lost her job. She turned and Gauri turned.

Gauri: she was calling you ma.

Om: no she was looking at you when she said ma and she was holding your pallu Gauri…Sneha, a child always know who their mother is, they feel some sort of special connection to the woman who carries them in their womb. I know that at 7 months, babies try saying random words but ma…she didn’t say that to you, she said it to Gauri.

Sneha: because Gauri is her real mother.

Everyone was shocked. The guests started their low whisper, the Oberois’ jaws dropped open and their eyes widened in shock. The ones who were more shocked was Rikara. Their brains were trying to process this fact that was just thrown at that.

Sneha: Om and Gauri are her real parents. Your daughter never died. She never died on the day that she was born, she was alive. I was never pregnant. I was the one looking after this baby for six months and then I had enough so I wrote the note, put her in the basket and kept her at the doorstep. I was looking after her for six months because your dad didn’t want to send her to an orphanage at the time. Gauri, your dad…

Gauri interrupting: my dad?

Sneha: yes your dad told the hospital to tell you that your daughter died of premature complications because…

Gauri interrupting again: sorry to interrupt again but I think it’s better if my dad explains what he did.

Sneha nodded as Gauri went on her phone to call her dad. Within 10 minutes, her dad Manish came into the mansion.

Manish: what happened Gauri? By the sound of your voice, it sounded urgent.

Gauri: yes dad it is urgent.

Manish saw Sneha with Pari in her arms. He thought in his mind: oh god, I hope this isn’t what I think it is.

Gauri: it’s about my daughter.

Manish: y..yo…your daughter? She died seven months ago because of premature complications.

Gauri: NO SHE DIDN’T! That day I heard her cry but the doctors didn’t let me and Omkaraji to see her. Ever since that day, I always felt that deep inside that maybe my daughter is alive, somewhere but everyone told me…everyone told me that no she was dead, she went to live with God! Now you tell me dad, this girl…this little baby girl in Sneha’s arms, she is my daughter right?

Manish kept his head down and said: yes…yes she is.



Gauri: what?

Om: what?

Oberois: what?!

Rudy: this feels like a saas bahu drama.

Everyone including the guests: shut up Rudra!

Om: why?

Gauri: yes dad why?

Manish: because Om is an artist, it’s not a stable job! I wanted my daughter to marry a guy who has a stable job, a stable income…Om you are living on your parents’ money. Useless.

Om: actually I am not, I am living on my own money.

Gauri: exactly! Omkaraji owns at least 10 art galleries and people from around the world come to India to purchase his art. He is the youngest artist and he has won artist of the year three times in a row. My husband is not useless and if you are wondering why we are living with his family well that’s because living in a joint family is great. We are all together and we are happy together. And as for you thinking I am too young to be a mother, I am not! I am not too young to be a mother.

Manish: your mother left when you was 11.

Gauri: doesn’t mean I don’t know how to be a mother. Dad, you always had your doubts with me. You doubted me when I wasn’t speaking when I was a toddler, you doubted me when it was my dance competition at 8, you doubted me for my boards so why did you doubt me when it was my time to be a mother? Stop doubting me! I am not a little kid anymore.

Om: because of your doubts, you ruined our lives. You messed with your own daughter’s life. You gave us pain.

Gauri: you robbed us of our joy. You snatched our daughter from me and my husband! You didn’t even think twice before you got our baby from us. A small baby…what did a small baby ever do to you? I wanted to see my daughter when she was a newborn, I want her little hands to grab my finger because when a baby grabs your finger, they are telling you that they want us to be with them always.

Om: me and my dad had a strained relationship before and I wanted a relationship with my daughter which was pure and which no one could break. I saw so many dreams with our daughter and if Sneha hadn’t said the truth then those dreams would have just been dreams. We grieved for six months and you left a wound on our hearts.

Gauri: I am happy to know that my daughter is alive but I am upset that my dad was the reason why we were grieving for six months. You left a wound on our hearts dad and I don’t think I will ever forgive you for doing this to us. Mum died when I was 11 but you know what? I wish she didn’t die, at least she wouldn’t try to get in the way of my happiness.

Manish: Gauri…


Manish: fine Sneha you are fired.


She grabbed her dad’s wrist and walked to the door with him. She got him outside the house and said: never come back…forget that you even have a daughter.

Manish: but Gauri…

Gauri: goodbye Mr Sharma.

Once she said that, she closed the door on her dad’s face. She started crying but Om came to her and hugged her tight. She hugged him back.

Om: don’t cry jaan…our daughter is alive, she’s here. Let’s forget what happened and make memories with Pari.

Gauri: you’re right.

Sneha came up to them as they broke the hug and gave Pari to Gauri.

Sneha: Pari deserves to be with her real mother.

Gauri smiled and hugged her daughter, kissing the side of her head. The guests smiled as Om hugged the two loves of his life – Gauri and Pari. The Oberois smiled too. Dadi blessed the three in her head and Rudy spoke: just like that, every saas-bahu drama or every dramatic Netflix movie has a happy ending.

Everyone in the room: shut up Rudra!

Rudy: get some new dialogue guys.

Pari: ma.

Rikara kissed the top of their daughter’s head and Anika clicked that moment…a special moment for Rikara, for their family…a moment that wasn’t worth forgetting but worth remembering.

5 months later:

‘Artist Omkara Singh Oberoi and New Singer Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi celebrates their daughter Pari Omkara Singh Oberoi’s 1st birthday by hosting a themed Disney Princess birthday party. The family decided to look like Prince Eric, Princess Ariel and their daughter Melody…though Gauri says that she refused to wear a red wig. Omkara Singh Oberoi looks handsome wearing a white suit suited for a king, Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi wore a beautiful pink gown and little Pari Omkara Singh Oberoi stole the show wearing a beautiful white dress with small pink patterns said to be designed by Manish Malhotra. Pari looked so beautiful, we at Bollywood Gossip believe that she will be breaking hearts when she is older.The first birthday party of Pari was said to be attended by big names such as Monali Thakur, Tulsi Kumar, Armaan Malik, Amaal Malik, Salman Khan, Neha Kakkar and Shahrukh Khan.’

1 year later: 

‘Omkara Singh Oberoi, Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi and Pari Omkara Singh Oberoi were seen today at the International Dolls Museum in Chandigarh. It is said that they went to Chandigarh for an exhibition Omkara is going to hold. Gauri and Pari look gorgeous in matching white and blue floral jumpsuits with Omkara in a white shirt with a couple of buttons undone. In one photo, we can see that Pari is trying to grab one doll and everyone in the picture is smiling at the young girl.’

Another year later:

‘Artist Omkara Singh Oberoi and Singer Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi are blessed with another baby girl who they have named Chahat Omkara Singh Oberoi. Omkara Singh Oberoi said that they have named their daughter Chahat because it was Pari’s wish to have a baby sister and Chahat means desire and wish. They called her Chahat to remind them of Pari’s cute wish. Our reporter spoke to 3 year old Pari about how she feels to have a baby sister and Pari cutely replied with “I feel blessed and I love her. Isn’t she adorable? We can’t wait for Omkara and Gauri to do a face reveal of Chahat. We all at Bollywood Gossip think that Chahat will look like Gauri because Pari is a mini replica of Omkara. Do you think Chahat will look like Gauri or Omkara?’

Manish looked at the article…if only he didn’t decide to mess with his daughter’s life then maybe he would be allowed to see his granddaughters but he made a mistake and it was only fair if he paid for that mistake.


Rikara’s room:

Pari: she so cute.

She said this because she was looking at her newborn baby sister. Her parents smile and Gauri replied with: she is cute and you are also cute.

Pari: Anya didi also cute.

Gauri: of course she is.

Om: by the way Pari, how do you feel about having a brother?

Pari: Pari want brother.

Om: really?

Pari: yes really. Brother mean rakhi gifts and Dhruv (Rumya’s son) not enough. We need more rakhi gifts.

Om: yes we do baccha.

Pari looked at the time and said: oh my mata! My serial coming. Pari going to Dadi, bye.

Rikara: bye.

She went off the bed and ran out of the room so that she could watch her favourite show Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai. Yes this show was on air as a rerun and yes this 3 year old little girl loved both cartoons and Star Plus dramas. In fact her favourite serial made her want a little sister.

Shivay had to shift to Denmark because of business so Anika and Anya went with him last year. They were coming back to live in India next year but ever since Anya went to Denmark, Pari wanted a little sister so she could be Jeevika and her little sister could be Manvi. Pari had decided that when Anya comes back then she and Anya can both be Jeevika, Chahat would be Manvi and Dhruv would be Dabbu.

Om: sometimes I wonder if she will one day act in a Star Plus drama.

Gauri: forgot that, why did you ask Pari for a brother?

Om: because then I want to romance you again.

Gauri: really? We just had another baby, you are not allowed to romance me until I say so.

Om: okay boss.

Gauri smiled, pecking her husband’s lips.


Chahat, Pari and Rikara were asleep when Chahat and Pari decided to wake up. Pari was waking up her mum since she was next to Gauri and Chahat started crying to wake up both parents.

Rikara: what?

Pari: lori.

Gauri: lori?

Pari: yes.

Om: is that why you and your sister woke us up?

Pari nodded innocently. Gauri smiled as she stroked Pari’s hair which was as silky as Om’s hair. She tried to figure out what shampoo and conditioner Om was using on his hair and Pari’s hair but Om refused to tell his wife sadly.

Om stroked the little tufts of hair on Chahat’s hair as Gauri started to sing the lori: lori lori lori… (4). Chandaniya chup jaana re. Chan bhar ko luk jaana re. Neendiya aankhon mein aaye. Bitiya meri so jaaye. Hmm…neendiya aankhon mein aaye. Bitiya meri so jaaye. Leke godh mein sulaaun. Gaaun raat bhar sunaaun. Main lori lori. Ho main lori lori.

The scene blurred as Gauri continued singing till it turned black but you could hear Pari narrating: I know what mummy and daddy go through in past and I pway (pray) everyday for only happy (happiness) to be in their lives.

This book is finished. I am so sorry for a very very very late update. I kinda forgot a bit about this account. I hope you guys liked the story and if you did, do vote and comment. 

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