Mirage AnuPre SS Part 1

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This is my old SS posted on AnupRe for my friend

Anurag sat in the dining room to have food.He started having food.His face was full of curry.
Prerna came seeing it:What is this Anurag?Can’t you eat food properly?Still you eat like a kid.

Anurag’s face blossomed seeing Prerna.
Anurag:When you scold me I feel nice.
She gave him a kick naughtily.
PRERNA:Now sit properly.I will wipe your face.
Prerna took a kerchief and wiped his face.

Nivedita;his sister watched this and became upset.
Devayani;their grand mother:Why is Onu talking alone?

Nivedita:Dadi…Anurag is talking to Prerna.
Devayani felt sad.
Nivedita hugged Devayani and cried:Dadi…what is happening here?
Devayani shed tears:What can we do Nivedita bitiya?

Prerna:Anurag…I will feed you.Otherwise again you will make your face dirty.
He smiled.She fed him.
While feeding their eyes stuck up to each others.A beautiful eye lock….

Anurag looked at Prerna:Prerna,did you have food?
PRERNA:No.I will have after you eat.
Anurag:I will feed you.I promise…I won’t make your face dirty.
She giggled:Really?Then feed me.

He started feeding her.
Suddenly Nivedita shouted:Anurag…Stop it.
Anurag stared at Nivedita.
Anurag:Di…Prerna is hungry.I need to feed her.
Nivedita:Stop it Anurag.You are not feeding Prerna now.
Anurag:What the!
Nivedita:There is no Prerna near you.
He looked at Prerna.
Nivedita:It’s your illusion.
Prerna looked sad.
Anurag:Why are you saying like this?Prerna is so sad.
Nivedita:No.You think Prerna is here.But actually Prerna is not here.It’s your mirage Anurag.You are seeing someone who actually doesn’t exist here.
Anurag shouted:Stop it di.
He looked at Devayani.
Anurag:Dadi…please tell di to stop this nonsense.She always had problem with me.Because of that she hates Prerna too.So she is bringing up strange ideas to separate us.
Devayani felt sad:Onu…Nivedita bitiya is right.It’s mirage.
He was shocked:Dadi….you too are on di’s side?That means I am completely alone.
He threw things down and destroyed everything.They were shocked.
He fainted down.
They screamed.

Dr.Supriya gave him injection.She is a psychiatrist.
Anurag is in deep sleep.
D:Dr…will Onu become alright?
S:I am trying my best for that only.But if you had given me the permission to get him hospitalized…
D:No Dr…no…I can’t see my Onu in the mental asylum as a mental patient.Please…
Devayani shed tears.
Supriya was helpless.

The next day…
Nivedita made a visit to Supriya and her fellow colleague Jeev who is also a psychiatrist.
S:Niveditaji…this is Dr.Jeev.Dr.Jeev has promised me to help in Anurag’s case.
Nivedita looked at Jeev.
Nivedita:Dr…What is Anurag’s condition now?

S:Sorry to say that I can’t find any improvement

S:Sorry to say that I can’t find any improvement.You all know that very well.
Jeev:Prerna;Anurag’s wife cheated on him.So she was kicked out of the house.Still Anurag loves her so much that he wants her with him always.Strange.Can’t believe that such love exists in this world.I would like to know more about Anurag’s past.More information may help me for the treatment.
S:You are right Jeev.Some how I feel something important about Anurag’s past is unknown to me.That’s why everything seems to be vague.

Nivedita became dull:You are right Dr.There is more truth to be disclosed to you.You don’t know the actual cause of his condition.Everyone thinks that It’s Prerna who is responsible for Anurag’s condition.But actually I am the reason.Because of me only he is in this condition now.
Supriya was shocked.
Nivedita burst into tears.
S:What are you saying?
Nivedita:The real truth.Dr…I will tell you everything.If this information helps you to save Anurag,I can get rid of my guilt.
S:Are you sure that Prerna is not…?
Nivedita:Prerna has not cheated Anurag.
J:See…I told you Supriya…I knew that Anurag’s past was not open to us clearly.That’s why the treatment went wrong.Niveditaji…tell everything without hiding anything.

tell everything without hiding anything

Nivedita:Yes,I will tell everything.

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