Mirage AnuPre SS Part 2

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Arvind Basu and his wife Mridula led a happy life with their daughter Nivedita.
But destiny played a cruel game with them.Mridula died due to cancer and inorder to look after Nivedita, Arvind married Anushka.Though Anushka loved Nivedita,Nivedita hated Anushka as she couldn’t digest Anushka being in Mridula’s place.
Once Nivedita threw the lunch box Anushka arranged for her to go to school.
Nivedita:I don’t need the food you cooked.Dadi will cook food for me.

Anushka was very upset about Nivedita’s behaviour.
She cupped her face in her hands sadly:Nivedita beta…why do you hate me so much?Ireally love you.

Nivedita pushed her rudely.
Nivedita:Don’t try to be my mother.You are not my mother.You are a witch who took my mother’s position.
Anushka was shattered.

Anushka gave birth to a baby boy;Anurag.Both Arvind and Anushka became busy with Anurag.When Anurag became Devayani’s pet also,Nivedita became jealous of Anurag.The jealousy turned into hatred.Anurag always went after Nivedita calling her:Di…
But Nivedita always ignored him.
Anurag:Di…can I come with you to watch cartoon?
Anurag:Please di.

Nivedita:I told you no.
Anurag became upset.
Nivedita was watching cartoon alone.Hearing the sounds Anurag got tempted and without her permission he got inside the room.Nivedita got so angry and

pushed the little Anurag down.He got hurt.
Arvind.Anushka and Devayani became upset seeing Anurag crying out of pain when stitches were put on his forehead.Nivedita got scared whether she will be exposed by Anurag.But Anurag who loved his sister never did that.
Nivedita went to Anurag.
Nivedita:You thought just because you saved me from a punishment I will love you?Never.I will never love you.
Anurag cried.His tears didn’t move her at all.

Shashi,Sarla and their daughter Prerna were their neighbours and family friends.Prerna had noticed Anurag;the shy lonely silent boy.Later they became classmates in high school.
Anurag was always isolated by the teachers and the classmates as he was weak at studies.
That really made him upset.
Once the teacher asked him to solve a problem in Maths on the board.He did blunders and he got scolded by the teacher.All the classmates laughed at him.But Prerna looked at him with pity.

Anurag went upto Nivedita for help.
Anurag:Di….can you please teach me Maths?I can’t understand anything.
Nivedita taunted him instead of helping him:You fool…you have no brain.That’s whyyou can’t excel in maths.So no use of teaching you.

Anurag:But di….please teach me the basics.I just want pass mark.
Nivedita:You duffer…can’t you understand what I am saying?Just get out.
She pushed him out and slammed the door.

Anushka saw Anurag crying alone.
She sat near him:Anurag….
He hugged her and cried:Maa…why does di hate me so much.I love her very much.But why can’t she see that?
She felt upset for him.
Anu:Di loves you Anurag.But she can’t express it.Don’t worry.One day she will shower all her love on you.

Anurag was teased by all the students.
Prerna felt sad.

She went to Anurag’s room in the Basu Mansion.Anurag couldn’t believe it as they were not friends.
Anurag:Why are you here?
PRERNA:Why?I can’t come here?
Anurag:Not that.I mean we are not friends.
PRERNA:How can we be friends if you close your mouth forever?It’s because of your shy silent nature that you are not able to have friends.You need to mingle with others.
Anurag:But no one likes me talking to them.Everyone hates me because I am a poor student.
PRERNA:You are having inferiority complex.That’s why you feel so.Anyways exams are coming up.Did you start studying?
Anurag:I can’t handle studies.Nothing is entering my head.Because I am brainless.
PRERNA:What rubbish!Who said you are brainless?

Anurag didn’t say Nivedita’s name.
PRERNA:No one is brainless.God has given brain to everyone.You are intelligent.But you need to work more.You need proper guidance.I will teach you.
Anurag was surprised:Really?
PRERNA:Yes.But you have to be my friend.
He couldn’t believe it:Are you sure that you want me to be your friend?
PRERNA:Ya…why not?
Anurag:First time someone approached me for friendship.
She smiled extending her hand:Friends?
With a smile he held her hand.

Prerna started teaching Anurag.They had combined study.Anushka was happy seeing it.
Anushka told Arvind who was watching it along with her:I am so happy to see Anurag smiling.Prerna is his first friend.
Arvind smiled:This smile will remain forever.Prerna is that nice.
They smiled.
Nivedita got irritated seeing that.

Exams got over.The result day came.
Anurag was nervous.
Anurag:Will I pass?I am scared.If I don’t pass Prerna’s hard work will be a waste and she will be upset.I can’t see her upset because of me.

Anushka:Don’t worry Anurag.This time you will pass as you have put your heart and soul into it.
Devayani:All the best Onu.
Nivedita said in his mind:However you try Anurag…a fool like you will never pass.

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