Mirage AnuPre SS Part 4

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Prerna ran towards Anurag:Anurag…
Anurag was angry:Where were you Prerna?Do you know how tensed I was?

PRERNA:Sorry Anurag…Sindy wanted my help in studies.So I went to help her.
Anurag cupped her face in his hands:No problem Prerna.I over reacted.But I really get restless when I don’t see you.
Prerna became upset.

PRERNA:Anurag….very soon our course will get over.After that you will go back to India to take care of the Basu Industries.Then how will you survive?
He became upset:Your course will also get over.Why don’t you also join Basu Industries?
Prerna smiled emotionally.

Life was impossible for them without each other.

They watched movies with each other.

They went for picnic with each other.

They pampered their dog Pretty together.

Christmas celebration in College.
Anurag-Prerna dressed like Santa for fun and teased each other.

The US citizen Britto came to Prerna:Hi Prerna…you look cool.
He tried to kiss her.Suddenly Anurag pulled Britto backward.
Anurag burnt with anger:Never try to touch Prerna.Understand?
Britto left.
PRERNA:Anurag…What did you do?
Anurag:He tried to kiss you.blo*dy rascal.
PRERNA:Anurag….you know how foreigners are.They kiss on the basis of friendship.Britto was just being friendly.
Anurag:But I don’t want him to get friendly with you.Let me be your only friend.
Anurag:I can’t share you with others.You are only mine Prerna.
They looked at each other emotionally.

Sashi Sharma and Sarla confronted Prerna.
S:Prerna,lots of marriage proposals are coming for you.Can we look for a guy?
Prerna was shocked:So fast?
Sarla:Not so fast Prerna.You have reached the marriageable age.
Prerna became upset.
S:Prerna….why are you so upset?
S:Prerna…do you love Anurag?If so,we have no problem.
Prerna was confused.
PRERNA:Babuji…Anurag and I are best friends.But becoming a couple…we have not thought like that at all.
S:Then think about that.Ask Anurag also.Our support will be there.
Prerna was confused.

Prerna went to Anurag.
PRERNA:Anurag….my parents are thinking of getting me married after studies.
Anurag:Really?But Prerna…Marry and settle in India.Only then I will be able to see you daily.
Prerna thought:Anurag sees me only as a friend.

Prerna went to her parents.
PRERNA:I thought a lot.I and Anurag are just friends.We can’t get married.But Babuji…I want to settle in India after marriage.I want to join Anurag’s office.
Prerna went out.
Sarla:Sashiji…Prerna is not practical.She wants to marry someone else and be with Anurag all the time?
S:Sarla…don’t worry.Prerna and Anurag will realize their love for each other.

Months passed.After the course got over Anurag and Prerna flew to India with Sharmas.
Devayani welcomed them happily.
Anurag and Prerna hugged Devayani.
D:I am so happy to see you all after a long time.
Nivedita was angry seeing Anurag-Prerna back.
Anurag looked at Nivedita:Di…
She turned off her face which hurt Anurag.

Prerna met Nivedita secretly.
PRERNA:Di…you are seeing Anurag after a long time.Still you are so cold with him.How can you be like this to your brother?
Nivedita:He is not my brother Prerna.He is no one to me.He is someone who snatched my happiness.
And get lost.

Prerna went out sadly.

Anurag took over Basu Industries.Prerna assisted him.
Nivedita became insecure.
She thought:Since Anurag joined Basu industries,I have no importance in the office as well.Everywhere Anurag is taking over my position.And that Prerna….how dare she?

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