Mirage AnuPre SS Part 6

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• Prerna noticed a mark on Anurag’s face.

• PRERNA:Anurag…what is this?How did your face get wounded?

• Anurag kept silent.

• PRERNA:Tell Anurag.Don’t hide.

• Anurag:Since I missed you I was frustrated.In that irritation I I hit my face on the wall.

• She was shocked:You fool…How could you do this?

• She put ointment on his wound.He closed his eyes.

• PRERNA:Anurag…if for some moments also you can’t sit without me how can you live in a separate house?

• Anurag:I realized that I can’t live in a separate house.Prerna…I want to stay with you like we used to in US.

• PRERNA:How is it possible?After marriage I will have to stay with my husband.

• Anurag:Then don’t stay with your husband.

• PRERNA:Anurag…

• Anurag:Don’t marry Anuj.

• Prerna was stunned:Anurag!

• Tum hi kaho kya baat hai, mujhko lage tum apne kyon
Jabse dekha hai tumhe, dekh rahi hoon sapne kyon
Tum hi kaho kya baat hai, mujhko lage tum apne kyon
Jabse dekha hai tumhe, dekh rahi hoon sapne kyon

• Anurag noticed Prerna’s wet lips.He forgot himself and moved closer to her.

• They were so close to each other that they could feel each others breath.

• He was about to touch her lips with his.

• Mujhko yeh zindagi, lagti hai ajnabi
Chhaaon bhi, dhoop bhi, har naye pal hai nayee
Chhaaon bhi, dhoop bhi, har naye pal hai nayee
• Suddenly they heard the door knock and they moved away from each other.

• Prerna opened the door.They were embarrassed to see Sashi and Sarla.

• Sarla:You both thought we won’t know about Anurag’s arrival?

• They were embarrassed.

• S:Anurag..what are you doing here?

• Anurag:I came to see Prerna.

• S:At late night you can’t enter Prerna’s room like before.Only Anuj is allowed to do so.Because Anuj is her life partner.

• Without thinking twice Anurag said:Then let me marry Prerna Sashi uncle.So that 24 hours I can be with Prerna.

• Prerna was stunned by his sudden confession.Anurag came back to his senses realizing what he said.

• He was not able to face them.

• Slowly Sashi and Sarla smiled.

• S:Then marry Prerna.

• They were surprised.

• S:I knew that you both love each other.But you both realized it very late.

• They could’nt believe it.

• PRERNA:Then Anuj?

• S:Anuj is my employee in US.He came as per my order to do an engagement drama to make both of you realize your love for each other.

• They were again surprised.

• Sarla:Anurag,now you go sleep peacefully.Tomorrow we will discuss and do the wedding soon.

• Anurag smiled at Prerna and went out.

• The next day Sashi and Sarla discussed with Devayani about Anurag-Prerna and the wedding got fixed.Devayani was very happy.
• D:I am so happy.I always wanted Onu and Prerna to wed.It’s a real surprise for me.
• Nivedita became mad and went to her room throwing out things in anger.

• The next night Anurag took Prerna to a dark place decorated with lights.Prerna was surprised.

• Anurag:Prerna,I brought you here for a purpose.
• PRERNA:What?
• Anurag:I hadn’t asked you whether you love me or not.But now ….I love you Prerna.Do you love me?
• She blushed:I love you Anurag.
• He was very happy.
• Anurag:Will you marry me?
• She blushed:Yes..I will…
• He was very happy and looked at the stars.

• Anurag:Dad and Maa must be smiling seeing us together.
• Prerna became emotional.

• Anurag-Prerna got engaged.

• By mistake Nivedita saw Anurag-Prerna getting cozy at the private place.

• She bit her teeth in anger.

• Flash back….

• Nivedita was deeply in love with Anupam.But Anupam broke up with her knowing that she is Manglik.

• She cried a lot.

• Present…

• Nivedita:Even Anurag got his love while I lost my love.Why I am always suffering?

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