Mirage AnuPre SS Part 7

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Anurag-Prerna got married.

All were happy except Nivedita.

Nivedita was irritated.

She said in her mind:Enjoy the wedding.But I will not let you celebrate first night.

Prerna sat on the bed as a shy bride.
PRERNA:Anurag who was my best friend is my husband now.Now our nuptial night too.

Anurag entered the room smiling at her.She blushed.Anurag sat close to her.Nivedita removed the fuse with an evil smile.
Nivedita:Now how will you both enjoy?
Suddenly Anurag-Prerna’s room became dark.

Anurag:What the!Only now they cut electricity?I will kill them.

Prerna smiled:Calm down Anurag.What if the light is not there?Our love is there?

He smiled.She blushed.

He lit a candle and came closer to her.

They surrendered to each other with passionate love.

The next morning…
Nivedita went towards Anurag-Prerna’s room happily.
Nivedita:Poor guys must have slept after the first night failure.
She peeped into the room through the hole at the door.
She was shocked.
Prerna’s and Anurag’s wedding attires were lying down and they both were sleeping close to each other under the blanket.
Nivedita:How did this happen?Why always my attempts are failing?Now onwards I won’t fail.

Sashi-Sarla returned to US.

Nivedita started pretending to be sweet to Anurag and Prerna.It surprised them.
Nivedita:Sorry Anurag.I realized how cruel I was to you.Please forgive your di.
Anurag:No di.Please don’t say so.You are always my sweetest di.
Prerna was happy.

Days passed…
Prerna told Nivedita:Di…Anurag is sleeping.Please tell Anurag that Iam going to meet my cousin who came from UK in the morning.
Prerna went out.
Anurag searched for Prerna when he woke up.He called Prerna.But it was switched off.
Anurag:Di…did you see Prerna?
Nivedita:No Anurag.
He was restless:Where is my Prerna?
He went out panting in search of Prerna.Nivedita smirked.
The whole day he searched for Prerna.At night he cried drenched in rain.
Losing all hope Anurag became numb for a few seconds.

At 11 0′ clock he rang to the house.
Devayani:Onu,where are you?Prerna has been waiting for you so long.
He was relieved and excited.He rushed home.
He was happy seeing Prerna.
Anurag:Prerna,where were you?I searched for you everywhere and your phone was switched off.

PRERNA:Sorry Anurag.My mobile didn’t have charge.And I went to meet my cousin Lolo who came from UK.You didn’t know that?
Anurag:No Prerna.I became so upset.
PRERNA:Don’t worry Anurag.Now onwards I will not go out without informing you.

She dried his wet hair with towel.
Anurag became very emotional wile looking at her deeply.
Anurag:Prerna…when you are not there with me,life becomes impossible for me.

Prerna became upset:Sorry Anurag.I will never go away from you.Promise.

They embraced each other emotionally.

Prerna went to Nivedita.
PRERNA:Di,why didn’t you tell Anurag that I went to meet my cousin?
Nivedita stammered:I didn’t see him in the morning.I had gone to temple when he woke up.
Prerna thought:Why do I feel Nivedita di is lying?Her sudden change in behavior itself is making me doubtful.Maybe I am thinking too much.

Nivedita said in her mind:I will keep troubling you both Prerna.This was just a small dose.The next is going to be terrible.You both are going to be separated forever.

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