Mirage AnuPre SS Part 8

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Devayani,Nivedita and Anurag went to the temple.Prerna did not come due to head ache.
Secretly Nivedita phoned someone.
Nivedita:Prerna should be portrayed as a bad woman.
Nivedita had an evil smile on her face.

They all reached home.
Anurag entered the room.
Anurag:How are you Prerna?
PRERNA:Feeling better Anurag.
Nivedita came there.She smirked seeing a man under the bed who was arranged by her.
Nivedita:Anurag…who is that man under the bed?
They were shocked.
Anurag pulled him out and started beating.
Devayani screamed:Thief!Call the police.
He:I am not a thief.I came here as Prerna called me here.
Prerna was shocked:What?
He:I am her secret boy friend.We had fun when we were alone.Today she informed me that she is alone at home.So I came here.
All were shocked.
PRERNA:No,this man is lying.
Nivedita:Why should he lie Prerna?If he is a random guy how does he know your name?
Prerna turned towards Devayani:Dadi,believe me.
Devayani cried:Why did you betray Onu even after knowing how much he loves you?
That guy ran away.
Prerna looked at Anurag:Anurag!
Anurag held her:Prerna,no need to give any justification.I know you better than anyone.I trust you.

Prerna became emotional:Anurag!

She rested her head on his shoulder and cried.

He caressed her:Prerna…

Nivedita:Anurag…don’t be so blind about Prerna.

Anurag:Stop it di.We should trust Prerna more than a random guy.
Devayani was confused.

After 2 days…
Prerna just disappeared.They all searched for Prerna.Finally they found a note.
“Anurag…sorry.That guy was right.We love each other.I am going with him”.
Nivedita smirked.Devayani couldn’t bear it.
Anurag:No….My Prerna can’t do this.


Dr.Jeev:Then what happened?Did Anurag think that Prerna betrayed him?
Nivedita:No.Anurag never disbelieved Prerna.But Prerna’s absence made him crazy.He lost his concentration on work.He lost himself.Ever since he has been dreaming Prerna.I thought I won.But then I realized that I did a big sin.Seeing Anurag’s true love for Prerna I couldn’t stop myself from being guilty.
Dr.Jeev:That letter which was written by Prerna….I am confused.
Nivedita:It wasn’t written by Prerna.It was written by me in her hand writing.
Jeev and Supriya were shocked.
S:Then where did Prerna go?
Nivedita:I had entrusted some goons to kidnap Prerna.
They were shocked.
S:Where is Prerna now?
Nivedita:They told me that Prerna escaped from them and ran.But unfortunately she got hit by a bus and died.They buried her somewhere.
Jeev and Supriya were angry.
S:Do you know how cruel you were?You destroyed 2 lives.You don’t deserve pardon.

Nivedita cried:I know.Because of me only Anurag is suffering.
S:You can’t live simply after doing such a big crime.
Nivedita:I know.I deserve punishment.I am even willing to surrender to the police.But please save Anurag.
She wept.

Supriya went home.Jeev was there.
J:Why are you staring at me darling?In the hospital we are just colleagues.But at home we are a live in couple who love each other deeply.
She smiled.
Supriya changed into night suit.
J:You are so upset Supriya.
S:I feel sad for Anurag.Poor Anurag and Prerna.It’s a complicated case.How will we save Anurag?I have no confidence?
Jeev held her closer and caressed her.
J:We can save Anurag.Don’t lose confidence.But for that Anurag should realize that Prerna is no more.
Supriya became upset.
S:I can’t imagine that situation.Poor guy will be broken.

J:You are a psychiatrist who has dealt with lots of painful cases.You should not be emotional.Being a doctor you should be bold enough to take any step to cure your patient.

S:Yes,I will.

The next day direct from the hospital Jeev and Supriya went to Basu Mansion.They saw Anurag talking to his imaginary Prerna.
Supriya:Anurag….there is no Prerna near you.It’s your illusion….mirage.
Anurag:What rubbish!Can’t you see my Prerna?Your eyes have some problem.
S:No.We are right.There is no Prerna near you.She is not even there in this world.She is dead.
Anurag and Devayani were shocked.

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