Mirage AnuPre SS Part 9

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Mirage Part 9
Jeev:Yes,true.Prerna is no more.
Anurag screamed:How dare you all say Prerna is dead?
Jeev:It’s true.Prerna did not elope with anyone.She was kidnapped.
Devayani was shocked.
D:Kidnapped by Nivedita?
Supriya couldn’t say anything more.
Jeev:Come on Supriya…Tell the whole thing.They deserve to know the truth.
Supriya struggled hard to say the bitter truth.
Surpriya:Prerna was kidnapped by Niveditaji only.Yes,Niveditaji was behind Prerna’s death.

Anurag stared at Supriya for a few seconds.He was numb.

Devayani was shocked.
Nivedita cried:Yes.Prerna was innocent.It was all planned by me to separate her from Anurag.
Anurag lost his control.
Anurag:You blo*dy witch…

He tried to squeeze her neck.

Seeing Anurag’s psychic violent behavior,Jeev freed her from Anurag.
Anurag fainted.
Jeev carried him and placed him on the bed.
Devayani stared at Nivedita:I never thought that your anger and jealousy towards Onu would make you go to this extent.
Nivedita:Please forgive me Dadi.
She cried.
Devayani was very angry:How can I forgive you?You poisoned us against Prerna.Because of you Onu lost his mental balance.

Nivedita:You are right.But the truth is that I have changed and I am willing to do anything to bring back Anurag to life.That’s why I confessed the truth.Dadi…I have decided to punish myself.

Policemen came and arrested Nivedita shocking them.
Nivedita:I called police.I have to suffer.

Seeing Nivedita being carried away Devayani cried.

Anurag opened his eyes after some time.
Anurag did not respond.
D:Dr,what happened to my Onu?
Supriya and Jeev looked at each other.

Supriya-Jeev at home….
Supriya cried:We did it to save Anurag.But his condition became worse than before.He doesn’t even move or talk.
Jeev:No Supriya.I am sure that through treatment Anurag can be cured.
S:But I lost my hope Jeev.

After 2 months….

Jeev went to Supriya.
J:Still dull because of Anurag’s case?Supriya…Anurag is not your only patient.There are others too.
S:I know that.So I am very careful and is trying not to put others in danger.But still Anurag Prerna are haunting me.
J:Because you are guilty about not being able to cure Anurag.Right?Then cheer up.You will win.God has shown us a way to cure Anurag.
J:A miracle has taken place.

J:Yes.I enquired about Sashi Sharma and Sarla Sharma;Prerna’s parents.Last week my trip to US was not only a medical trip,but also an investigative trip.I found out their location and met them.From there I came to know that Prerna is with them.
Supriya was shocked:What?
J:Yes.The goons lied to Prerna.Prerna was hit by a bus.But they escaped without burying her.She got hospitalized.The hospital owner was Sashi Sharma’s friend and he informed them.They took her to US for her safety.
S:Prerna?Can she live without Anurag?
J:No.But after that accident she slipped into coma.
Supriya was shocked:What?Anurag and Prerna are almost in the same condition?
J:I told them what happened between Anurag and Prerna.They kept silent thinking that Prerna tried to commit suicide as she was not happy with Anurag.They felt sad hearing the true story of Anurag and Prerna.Yesterday a miracle happened.Prerna recovered from coma.Now she is enquiring about Anurag.But they can’t bring her back as she has just recovered from coma.After 2 weeks she may travel.They are bringing back Prerna.
S:But how will Prerna bear Anurag’s present condition?
J:I am sure that God made this miracle happen to cause another miracle.Anurag will become normal seeing Prerna for sure.We will be successful in making Anurag normal.So now my darling…please smile.
Supriya smiled.

Jeev-Supriya collected Sharmas from the airport.
J:Hi Prerna..I am Dr.Jeev.We have heard a lot about you.
Su:I am DR.Supriya.We are Anurag’s doctors.
PRERNA:Doctors?What happened to Anurag?Is he alright?

Why no one is telling me anything?Not even my parents are revealing anything.

J:Come with us.

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