Mr and Mrs Perfect – KUMKUM BHAGYA EPISODE 16

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Episode 16

Author’s note:

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Hello my dear readers. Did you like my story? If not I will end it in 2 0r 3 episodes. If you all want me to continue in same pace it will take 10 to 15 more episodes. Are you okay with it? Please tell it in comments.

Fine let us now get into the story.

All did not understand what was going on, but they were all worried for abhi.

Arjun: abhi, please be strong don’t forget last part is still pending.

Abhi: I am giving up the case. I will tell Mr. Williamson to look into to it. He will handle this case better than me and he is more experienced.

Karan: abhi please you are dealing her case from before now there is no time left abhi.

Abhi: I cannot. Every time I see her roaming around smiling I remember those days. I killed her happiness.

Arjun: you did not do anything wontedly abhi. It’s an accident

Abhi: how did you think it’s an accident? It’s not (arjun’s looks changed)

Karan: what do you mean abhi?

Abhi: it was a murder attempt to kill us I was unable to save them.

Arjun(eyes became red with anger, he grabbed his collar): how could you do that abhi after knowing it’s not her mistake you avoided her one year, how could you even think of that.

Karan: I never thought you would something like this first six months were okay but after that. How could you.

Before abhi could answer purab called Arjun

Arjun: hello bhai…………… we did not start yet…………….no she did not wake up, once she wakes up I will surely do………..oh, we did not notice it……………….I will tell him to check I will call you back.

(Call ended)

Arjun: karan tell him I don’t want him to talk with us. And bhai told us to check on pragya because it is more than half an hour we gave injection. She should be up by now.

Karan: I don’t want to talk to him either. Tell him to test her because him she is in this position. He would be thinking how to hurt her again.

Abhi: guys listen to me once.

Arjun: again you will make a fool out of us. I thought it was out love you told that day but now I understand you just told us to hide your mistake.

Karan: remember one thing truth is like fire how much ever you try it will not hide some day it will come out. May be that we cannot change the damage already done.

Abhi left to check pragya without letting him complete. He found her sitting on bed resting her head on headrest.

Abhi went to her and hugged her. She hugged him back

Pragya: I am sorry abhi, if I…………… my words………….. (Before she completed he kissed her on her lips. She was shocked for the kiss. Their parents came to check and were shocked to see them kiss. Arjun and Karan did not know what to say. They were used to it they stood with an embarrassed look. Abhi broke the kiss and kissed her forehead. She hugged him and he pulled her to him. He broke the hug and lay on her lap and slept. She was running her fingers his hair. There was pin drop silence in the room)

Pragya: I want everyone out of my room. Now….. (   Low but ordering voice)

Prem: abhi what is this? You are married and having kids how can you kiss her.

Depali: pragya he is married and having kids how can you (before she could complete pragya showed her palm)

Pragya: I am not a kid mom; I know what I am doing. And I know he is married and having kids that does not matter. And end of the session now. Arjun and karan take care of work. Inform in the office that we are on holiday for a week.

Karan: but pragya, we have lot of pending cases. We have to start it right now. We waited for you till now. And now holiday

Pragya: I know what I am doing. Cannot you both handle all the cases? Remember Mister next phase you are going to lead.

Karan: what that does mean?

Pragya: we will tell after holiday. Now off.

Everyone was out of the room. In her room she made him sleep comfortably on pillow and slept hugging him.

Outside the room.

Prerana: I cannot understand what is going on. (They saw Arjun and karan leaving silently) wait where you are both going?

Arjun: mom, that…… we have work in the office. We need to manage their work too. If we get late it will be difficult

Depali: you will not move till you give us clarity.

Karan: we only don’t have clarity what will we tell you auntie

Prem: what do you know tell us that we will find out remaining later.

Arjun: dad you ask them. It is long story and we cannot start it in middle. So tomorrow along with you we will also listen to them.

Raghuveer: but you cannot leave us like this in  middle of confusion.

Karan: purab bhai and bulbul di will come ask them they will tell you what happened today.

Arjun: so that is what we can tell for now. We will meet you tomorrow.

They left without listening after one hour purab and bulbul came home. All were waiting for them.

Prerana: from when you were in this play?

Raghuveer: do you know about abhi before he came back?

Prem: did you know where abhi was when he ran away?

Depali: did you know about abhi and pragya are in relation?

Prerana: what cases they were talking about?

Depali: how did abhi find pragya so easily?

Purbul: stop it ask one by one.

Purab: I am hungry, we will discuss it near dining area.

Bulbul: where are abhi and pragya?

Prem: they are sleeping. Do you want us to wake them up?

Bulbul: try that you will see their worst faces.

Purab: ask your questions now one by one.

Prerana: did you know where abhi was when he ran away?

Bulbul: everyone knows it right why again. He was with karan

Purab: bulbul it is high time we tell them truth. Mom, he never ran away.

Prem: what does that mean?

Bulbul: we mean he was in contact with us. Purab, pragya and me.

Depali: seeing what we were facing you hide it from us?

Purab: for us we want a solution to problem which we were having that day. Which we did not get till now.

Raghuveer: did you attend abhi’s marriage?

Bulbul: yes of course, without us marriage wouldn’t have happened.

Purab: though pragya did not want to marry, abhi insisted her to marry.

Prerana: what abhi and Pragya are married? What about that girl Ruhi and Aryan ?

Purab: I wanted to tell that day itself but abhi stopped me. Even I came to know that abhi and pragya patched up on that day only.

Bulbul: they patched up. You did not tell me I was so worried for them.

Purab: he told not to tell anyone. So I had to hide sorry.

Bulbul : leave that and continue otherwise they might get heart attack.

Purab: Ruhi is Sid bhai’s wife. She is like di to abhi.

Bulbul: Aryan calls abhi and pragya dad and mom. Abhi and pragya brought him up considering him as their first kid.

Purab: you may wonder why I was angry on Sid bhai after knowing everything (All nodded). First I had a doubt that he is not Sid because Sid bhai never kisses pragya in public.

Bulbul: later we were angry because he did not tell us that he brought Aryan and Ruhi di here.

Purab: and he was leaving to early without spending time with us. So we were angry. And I felt jealous seeing their bonding.

Bulbul: I am feeling sleepy I am going  to sleep. Good night.

Purab: wait I am also coming.

Prem: one last question. From when abhi and pragya are in relation?

Purab: abhi loves her past 8 years and pragya loves him past 6 years. If this year abhi’s birthday it is their 7th love anniversary.

Bulbul: we will tell their love story tomorrow now shall we all go to sleep.

Purab and bulbul went to their bed rooms. While parents were still in shock. They went to their rooms.

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