Mr and Mrs Perfect – KUMKUM BHAGYA EPISODE 18

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Hello guys I am making myself a part of the story so that you can understand it better. I will be with abhi as his invisible friend. If you don’t like tell it in comments I will not repeat it.

Okay no more talking. Let’s get into the story.

Flashback starts:

Abhi and Arjun went to arjun’s grandmother place in India. None of his family knew that they just thought abhi was with Arjun. When they visited Mumbai his grandmother took them around all the Devi maa temples and one such was Vijayawada, Indrakiladri, Durga Devi.

Abhi had no interest in visiting the temple and decided to remain in the hotel. Next day they were supposed to visit the temple when he decided to go for a walk. He had bath and came out.

Abhi: oh god what place so hot? How people will live here?

Me: well people live with earning and family.

Abhi: who is it? Come out otherwise.

Me: oh abhi come on I want to be your friend and will help you when you need say something life inner voice.

Abhi: I don’t have inner voice.

Me: that’s why I came otherwise you will take things in a wrong way.

Abhi: what things??

Me: everything. Okay shall we go out I will show you around.

Abhi: are you a ghost…

Me: no, why?

Abhi: I can’t see you

Me: don’t worry. Feel me like your friend with invisibility power. Come let us go.

Abhi: fine come.

 When he saw her for the first time in white color chudidar no less than an angle, He went to her and saw her giving her chocolates to children on road. Abhi was lost in her.

Me: beautiful right.

Abhi: no gorgeous, heavenly, divine.

Me: so sweet. Abhi…. Abhi….no way lost in Tran’s abhi (shouted)

Abhi: why are you shouting?

Me: what can I do you were busy admiring your queen?

Abhi: my queen. No way (he turned back to see her and found her missing) see because you I lost her.

Me: why is it hurting you if she is lost?

Abhi: I don’t know but I want to stare at her lifelong like this

Me: omega… abhi you are in love.

Abhi: love??? Me when???

Me: just know. I know don’t try to hide it.

Abhi: what nonsense.

Me: nonsense not. It is l.o.v.e

Abhi: it’s just attraction

Me: when did you heroes realize fast. Once you get separated from her you will understand.

Abhi: shut up don’t talk again till tomorrow morning punishment for making her out of sight.

Me: what me?

Abhi: yes come now. (I silently followed him)

He saw her. He smiled and ran to her. Before he reached her, she ran and hugged guy. He felt heartbroken don’t know why he felt so but it ached for him to see her hugging someone else. He decided to hear their conversation before he misunderstanding their relation.

Pragya: hey idiot why this late don’t you know I will waiting for you.

Boy: sorry my dear, I went to buy this for you. (Handing over a cover)

Pragya: I have them right why you bought another set.

Boy: I want my best buddy to give performance in everything I give. (Abhi felt happy hearing best buddy)

Pragya: even I decided. Come here. (She took out rakhi from her bag and tied him). I want a bhai like you chuck.

Boy (chakri): hey don’t worry I will always be here for you.

Pragya: don’t go to Hyderabad then. I will miss you.

Chakri: I will come in 2 months for holidays. Now go and sleep you have to perform tomorrow.

Pragya: I am not performing, you are not come right.

Chakri: how can I miss my sister’s performance?

Pragya: hey you are coming. (She was jumping around in happiness.)

Chakri: go now all will be scared if they see you missing.

Pragya: don’t worry. Papa is waiting for me at end of the street.

Chakri: so uncle knows you are here.

Pragya: princess will do everything after her papa’s words.

Chakri: go now.

Pragya: don’t forget sharp 5 o clock Durga Devi temple.

They went away from there but abhi was there thinking about her.

Abhi’s p.o.v

Hey abhi what happened to you. It’s just infatuation. Don’t over think. But why does it feel so good to stare at her admire her. She is so kind and loving. She is just like kid. Her eyes omg what an eyes!!

I can die looking into her eyes. What a beauty. But what is her name.


He went to his place thinking about her. Next day he decided to visit temple along with arjun’s family.

They went to darshan where abhi was searching around for her; finally he saw her giving a dance performance in classical dress. He smiled and started admiring her. Her performance got over and could not find her again. But he liked her more in this costume. Abhi did not know what to do other than worrying. He wanted to talk with her, enjoy with her, but he was going to Mumbai the next day.

Next day at the airport he saw her again. She was talking to some boy. Abhi’s blood boiled seeing her so close with someone.

He wanted to know her name at least. As if god listened to his prayers someone called her name aloud “pragya”. He smiled at her he repeated it under his breath “pragya”. She turned back and went away. He jumped in joy unable to hold his happiness.

Abhi was eager to know about her. He tried his level best to get information but no use. In this way 2 years got over.

Abhi completed his 12th exams when he went to stay with Arjun when his family made a visit to India. And they all met pragya. Abhi was searching her like a love sick puppy. He never knew what his feelings for her were, but it affected him a lot he was unable to concentrate on his first mission. His mission was in Hyderabad and he had to stay there for 3 weeks. He was pacing unable to understand what to do. Apart from that they were repeated attacks on him. He was confused and worried for his family.

Abhi’s p.o.v:

Oh god! What is happening around me? Adding to that this JD is irritating me. Last year I had one shocking revelation of my life. This year I started to test them everything is positive. But how I got them?? Does everyone in family have similar powers? If not from where did I get it? What else I can do? And who is attacking me? I am not even in my first mission already attacks. Abhi beta, need to be careful. But whatever I tell in the living area only in those places attacks are happening and not in the places which I visit without my parent’s knowledge. Is it one of parents trying to kill me? Oh god what situation that I started doubting my parents. Let me observe them tomorrow and let me tell them different places I will visit tomorrow, individually at different places of house without each others knowledge. In which places attacks happens I can doubt them and observe them keenly. Abhi superb idea you are genius. (He patted his back and executed his plan.)

Next day abhi was attacked in all the places though they seemed accidental if one keenly observes they can say they are planned. Abhi did not know what to do next and on top of that pragya’s thoughts were disturbing him. He wanted to know what these feelings were. He decided to talk to purab. But he cannot trust purab before; he found a solution to his problem.

Abhi’s P.O.V:

Seriously this is getting complicated day by day. And her thoughts are killing me. Is this called love? Abhi don’t be out of your sense at this age it is all infatuation. No love, only infatuation. Leave her thoughts and concentrate on the work. I said everyone in different places, but how I was attacked in all places. May be it’s not my family members. Is it workers? But there is no worker when I was telling them. I am missing something. (He was thinking)

Abhi: where are you JD? My head will burst give some idea out of this problem.

Me: what me???

Abhi: yes.

Me: what can I do? And me advising the great abhisheik prem mehra.

Abhi: I am your friend dude. So please help me. Give some idea from your cid or some other thriller movies you see.

Me: abhi, you have to request when you need help not order.

Abhi: remember you will need help also.

Me: okay compromise.

Abhi: done, tell me some idea.

Me: check if something is common.

Abhi: only I am common

Me: buddhu abhi. Except you, see in those places or in what people are wearing. Maybe you may find some common stuff. Then we can do something.

Abhi: (thought for a while) got it. I was attacked in all places except in the place which I told purab and bulbul in my room. Means it is not the worker or person. Its technology who is leaking the information.

Me: what? How can technology leak?

Abhi: yes there is camera and voice recorder or may be some other devices which transport all the information about us to the enemy.

Me: in your room also there can be right.

Abhi: no my room is highly secure. Any signal I permit only will come in

Me: what????

Abhi: all the signals which come into my room should pass through a jammer which checks them and asks for permission. If I approve they are permitted otherwise no. same from inside the room.

Me: but I did not see you permitting any signals.

Abhi: I try to complete my work outside only my agency work I do here. I already permitted all the agency signal bandwidth.

Me: abhi you are amazing. Check if you can find any such devices in your room and we can hack them to find out who is doing it.

Abhi: it is not so easy the person who used technology so well, will take care of its security too.

Me: it should be some servant who placed it.

Abhi: we cannot say so they can come through different ways. As gifts, as collection, as courier or something else. First I need to tell this to jeeju.

That time purab and bulbul called him to purab’s room. {Do you all remember the conversation which abhi had with bulbul and purab telling about his love in earlier episodes? While leaving he left a jammer in purab’s room.}

Me: did you leave the jammer in his room.

Abhi: yes. Now I have to hack our CCTV camera between these 2 rooms and all the cameras in which these 2 rooms are shown.

Me: abhi sleep for a while before you start the work.

Abhi: no I will tell everything to jeeju and go to sleep.

Me: when did you listen to me?

Abhi: shut up. I need to concentrate.

Me: fine I am going call me when you need.

Abhi: bys and thanks for help.

Me: no sorry and no thanks between friends. Bye you will not need me anymore. I need to leave.

Abhi: what why?

Me: yes I came to help you now it is done I have to leave.

Abhi: but JD listen are you here……………. (No reply) bye JD.


Abhi hacked the CCTV networks for 15 minutes. Before that he needs to bring purab and bulbul to his room. He ran to purab’s room.

Abhi: jeeju open the door fast hurry up…..

Purab: what happened abhi why are you in such a hurry.

Abhi: I don’t have much time come to room now. It is an emergency.

Bulbul from inside: what is it abhi?

Abhi: thank god you are here. I thought to come to your room next. I will explain everything but before that come to my room. Hurry up!!!!

Purab: okay come on let us go.


In his room,

Abhi: jeeju listen to me first then I will tell what we have to do. (He said what he found out about them. how they can use them)

Bulbul: it is impossible. Nothing is as you told abhi. For us everything is normal.

Abhi: are you sure di because it is related to our future generations.

Bulbul: yes abhi, I did not find anything you told.

Purab: no wait, abhi test out blood samples too. I think I have them. Take bulbul’s too I feel she has it too.

Abhi: okay jeeju. I will collect them and get them checked when I go out.

Purab: abhi what about side effects.

Abhi: for that we need to know how we got this power from. I got some information about this research. In earlier days there was scientist who did research on this. But he went missing. I visited his house and searched everything. I got few information. But  that is not enough for side effects and cure. I sent a search team to get any information regarding it and talked to many genetical scientists. They said me some answers. I need a month to sort out everything before I draw into conclusions.

 Bulbul: this is what you wanted to say.

Abhi: no someone is attacking me.

Purab: but why no one knows you are APM right.

Abhi: yes.

Bulbul: wait you got doubt before you became working ceo of company.

Abhi: yes di, infact to check that I took up responsibility.

Purab: why did you hide it from us.

Abhi: I did not get right time to tell.

Purab: what did you tell us, everything you are hiding.

Abhi: jeeju please I don’t know anything about her. Except her name.

Bulbul: without knowing that we thought of pair for you.

Abhi: what I am kid di.

Purab; yes just born baby whose in love.

Abhi: okay what do you want now?

Bulbul: we need to meet her and approve her to love you.

Purab: whether she is a gold digger or she truly loves you.

Abhi: I can not do that.

Purbul: why???

Abhi: my dear sweet jeeju and di. I said I am in love she doesnot love me back. She does not even know I exist in this world.

Purab: means one side love.

Abhi: yes. I saw her 3 times. Once in midnight under full moon like godess, next near temple in dance dress. You know for her I visited temple too. Next in airport.  That is it. I did not meet her again.

Bulbul: what did you both talk that she made you fall.

Abhi: she never talked with me. I saw her from far and loved her.

Purbul: what.

Purab: atleast how she will look you can tell us right.

Abhi: I wrote my first song for her.

Bulbul: you never told this to us.

Abhi: shall I sing it out for you.

Bulbul: its our pleasure to hear abhi the rockstar first song.

Abhi: I am not yet rockstar. And this is a melody not rock song.

Purab: sing……………

Abhi: (he started singing. Link for the song is:…………………………………………………………………)

Purab: what. And you call this a love story.

Abhi: meri prem khaani.

Purab: shut up fit for nothing. Did not even propose her?

Bulbul: hello mister arora neither did you? I proposed you first.

P urab: oh well it is because of choti.

Bulbul: exactly if pragya is not there our love story will be like that only.

Abhi: what did you say?

Bulbul: what did I say.

Abhi: some name.

Purab: pragya, that is my sister’s name.

Abhi: can you show her pic if you have one please.

Bulbul: here she is here (forwarding purab’s mobile. His wallpaper is pragya and abhi’s picture collage)

Abhi: jeeju, pinch me (purab pinched him confusion) ouch…. It is real.

Purab: what happened?

Abhi: jeeju will you get your sister married to me if I ask her hand?

Bulbul: what ??????????

Abhi: she is the girl whom I met when I went to india with Arjun in my 10th.

Purab: you saw her before us. Almost 2 years ago.

Abhi: haa, wait I have her picture. (he got his mobile and showed it)

Bulbul: abhi, when we meet her we decided you both will make a good pair. Finally omg .

Abhi: di I want meet her. Let us go to india.

Bulbul: I cannot come I have exams.

Purab: idea, go to india.

Abhi: then,,,

Purab: abbey salaey why does your brain work so fast in other stuff and so slow in this.

Abhi: means.

Purab: I have a plan (something muted)

Abhi: is this called a plan. Kg kids will have a better plan.

Bulbul: no abhi purab is right she does not know us completely. And she has crush on you.

Purab: when did she tell that.

Bulbul: those are girls talk so be quiet.

Abhi: okay then I will go. I will tell some excuse and will return after a month.

Purab: month. No

Abhi: jeej I will not stay with her. I will be with her for a week after that I have work in nearby city.

Bulbul: after a month we will come to get her home.

Abhi: fine. You go otherwise someone will get doubt.

Purab: we will search for cameras and recorders without getting doubt and throw them off.

Abhi: perfect. Go now. Bye jeej and di


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