Mr and Mrs Perfect – KUMKUM BHAGYA EPISODE 19

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Hi guys how are  you  all? I want to know about my SLIENT readers. Did you like me being a part of story. Okay. Let me start story.

Abhi found that his love was non other than his jeeju’s sister.
After discussing a plan went to india for his lady love. Before he came to India.
In pragya’s hostel.
Pragya : what a boring day. Hate this life everyday going to college coming back. No enjoyment.
Harshi: what according to you is enjoyment.
Pragya : staying with people whom we feel as our own world, roaming around with them, teasing them, making them forget their sorrows and forgetting our sorrows and drowning in love, happines.
Valli : wahh what a meaning of enjoyment.
Praneeha: prags someone is on line for you.
Pragya : yeh coming.
On phone.
Pragya: hello  ( purab: hey princess why so sad)
Pragya : Now you rembered me it is a week since you called me. Now asking why I sound low.
Purab: Oh my goodness ethni guSSA.
Pragya: I don’t want to waste money let me call you.  It will be cheaper from this side and hostel will pay bills.
Purab : Pragya leave those thoughts and continued scolding I will not be available for a week again.
Pragya : why??
Purab : meri ma my movie is released. I need to do promotional events. Success lauchs.
Pragya: what when did it get released you never told me.
Purab : last week.  It’s a great hit here.  Tomorrow we are releasing in all other countries.
Pragya : why one week late.
Purab : because it is my first movie if it is hit here then only it will released world wide.
Pragya: I want to see it.
Purab : once you come here I will take you.
Pragya : I want to see it in India.
Purab : but I can’t come. All our schedule are tight.
Pragya : remember mister arora I want see. No but boss if. Got it. Bye don’t call if you can not arrange me to watch the movie.
She went inside her room.
Mrudula: what happened seems to be angry.
Pragya : what seems to be i am angry. I thought of going for movie but my bhai he spoiled everything.
Harshi: you have a bhai you never told us.
Pragya : he came recently into my life.
Pragya : it’s long story I cannot tell now. Let us prepare for tomorrow’s  exam.
They started preparing for exam.
Next day they gave their exam. In the evenins
AT 5 break
Valli: hey Pragya let us jump the hostel wall. You want to go for a movie right.
Pragya : you carry on I want to study.
Mrudula : come on dude let’s enjoy.  It will be fun only these we will remember in future.
Praneeha: prags say yes.
Pragya : I don’t want to come but if you want I will tell you plan to escape.
Harshi: but without you.
Pragya: come on you can go.
Mrudula : okay fine tell us plan.
Pragya : go back to hostel at 7.30. Take warden phone and say you are ordering medicines and book movie tickets. If they don’t give take phone from auntie in second floor. Tell them don’t disturb you as all have sleep. One of you give order for idli. Others coconut water and tablets.
Praneeha : we are perfectly alright why this all.
Pragya : shut up if they come to  give you all things you ordered. All will be acting as if you are sleeping so they will not check. And you can run away at 9 pm. And as usual time the way we come bacK we will come.
Mrudula : what a plan. It is awesome.
Pragya: ask permission from different incharges
All nodded and left to execute the plan.
As per the plan all left at 7 0 clock but Pragya was alone. She was studying.
She was waiting in the reception to call her parents from landlines available there.
When shyam came.
Pragya : agayi shaitaan ki Bacha
Shyam : hi Pragya.
Pragya : can you please move. I have work.
Shyam : Pragya how about movie tonight.
Pragya : well I think you don’t know that sir will not give outing for boy and girl.
Shyam : Oh well. I planned it my friend’s uncle is here. He will take you out saying he is your long distance relative. Then as normally I will ask for outing and we will go for a movie.  After movie I will drop you at your hostel. I will go back.
Pragya : ohhh great plan. But sorry I will never come with you to movie.
Shyam : I will take you out for a movie with me.
Pragya : are you challenging me?
Shyam: something like that.
Pragya : all the best for loosing.
She left to her class. Shyam went to plan how to get her for a movie.
She was studying in her class.
One of her classmate: Pragya go with him for a movie.
Pragya : well is it your problem if I don’t.
Another : he is good guy.
Pragya : whole college knows about him.
Girl1: he arranged everything for you.
Pragya : shut up and get out. I have something to do worthy my time.
Girl 2: but………
Incharge : Pragya principle sir is calling you to go his office.
Pragya cursed shyam under her breath.
In principle cabin. Principal, pragya and a boy. He smiled seeing Pragya.
Principle: Pragya you want to take a week off.
Abhi: well we have talked about it already.  She is ready for it and her parents too agreed. What is your problem.
Principle: well , it is she who needs to come with you.
abhi : great. She is ready for it. If you leave now I need to talk to her.
Principal : but it’s my cabin.
Abhi: well I don’t like to repeat my words. (He left) hi Pragya.  Please sit. BTW I am abhisheikh  Bulbul’s brother.  Jeeju sent me here. You wanted to see his movie so I will take you.
Pragya : ohhh great.  So sweet of you. You came for me.
Abhi: it’s okay.  Next one week I will be here. We will live in hotel.
Pragya : why to waste money unnecessarily I will stay in my room.
Abhi: I did not get a room so I booked a double bedroom suite. So we can be together.
Pragya : ohhh my do you people waste so much money, one day if you must slept in car or some hotel and you can book room tomorrow onwards right.
Abhi: it is okay. Shall we go now. First finish your outing procedure,  then we will go to your hostel pack all the things for a weeks stay and then we will go for a movie.
Pragya: fine. But ma and pa agreed so easily.
Abhi: no mom and dad don’t know about it. It was jeeju who talked as dad.
Pragya: what a plan. Not bad abhisheik . As I am going to be with you for a week why can’t I call you.
Abhi: please don’t call me bhai.
Pragya : why will I call you bhai.
Abhi: jeeju said if you see some stranger you will call bhai.
Pragya : well you are not stranger you are bb’s brother. And my friend. And why don’t you want me to call you bhai.
Abhi: I don’t like hot girls like you calling me bhai.
Pragya : I don’t call handsome boys as bhai.
Abhi : shall we leave we are getting late.
Pragya : yep. Wait in reception i will come.
She came back after 15 minutes with her bag and books.  He led her to parking area. They both sat in back seat and started to hostel. She thanked God as her friends are already out. In college shyam searched for her every where and unable to find her. He joined his friends to the movie.
They went to hotel freshened up and came to a movie.
Bad luck was her friends and shyam were in the same theatre but different movie.
After the movie.
With abhigya,
Pragya : awesome movie I loved it. Bhai killed it.
Abhi: you know something jeeju signed next 4 movies after its release.
Pragya : really.  I am so happy.
Abhi: how about ice cream.
Pragya : meri bhai Ka success party. Hope bhai and BB were with us it would be a lot more fun.
Abhi: yes do you want to talk to them.
Pragya: no, I am just missing them. Ma , papa,  mom , dad, everyone i don’t want any exam abhi. Please take me back with you. (Crying )
Abhi: hey Pragya.  Look at me just one more month. That is it. You have worked hard for it don’t let it go waste.
Pragya : thanks abhi. (He pulled her into a hug and parted.)
Abhi: I don’t want to see my friend crying.
Pragya: I will never cry.
Abhi: that is the spirit  (she hugged him this time. Her was jumping in happiness.  She was feeling strong in his embrace.)
Pragya: shall we go for ice cream now.
Abhi: done fuggi.
Pragya: what. Did you call me.
Abhi: fuggi.  I put pet names to people who I love. If you did not like it.
Pragya: nothing like that. I loved it.  Wait will call you…….
Abhi: hey don’t think so much otherwise your little brain also which is left will get damaged.
Pragya : what does that mean.
Abhi: I mean God did not repair your damaged brain completly.
Pragya : how dare you Abhi.
Abhi : 1…. 2……3 run.
He started running and she started chasing him. They ran around the place. Abhi ran into food court. While he was running he bumped into a girl. It is non other than Harshi.  Before she fell down here caught her. He made her stand properly and turned to see if Pragya was coming.  Seeing her missing he started to leave.
When Harshi held his hand.
Abhi: excuse me. I need to go.
Harshi: I love you.
Abhi: sorry.
Harshi : I love you.
Abhi: fine. Thanks.
Harshi : you did not say yes or no.
Abhi: see miss polar bear. It is quite common at this age. So go and sleep.
Harshi : you called me a polar bear.
He left without minding her.
He found Pragya waiting for him near car.
Abhi: so you got tired. I won.(getting no reply . He turned her towards him. She was crying ). Fuggi what happened. Why are you crying.  Did anyone say you anything?
Pragya : ma, papa, I missing them alot. Feeling lonely.
Abhi: hey look at me. I am with you and will never make you experience it again. This will be your last time. Remember.
Pragya : ohhh meri pyarI rockstar. Fine I will never cry. I will have my rockstar with me.
Abhi: rockstar.
Pragya : tumara Naam. Did you like it.
Abhi: you know my dream is to become a rockstar.
Pragya : wow. But rockstar I am feeling sleepy.
Abhi: come let’s go back.
They went to hotel. They talked about their likes,  dislikes, hobbies, and some other things. Pragya liked abhi alot. It was half an hour past 1 so they went to sleep.
Next day morning.
Pragya had an exam in college. She got ready and went to tell abhi. She saw him sleeping.
Pragya : abhi……, rockstar. ………. it is easier to wake even kumbakarana than this people. Abhi….. get up
Abhi: let me sleep ma.
She sat next to him and triEd waking him up. He shifted his head from pillow to her lap. She couldn’t stop herself from admiring him. Such a cute baby he was she thought.
Pragya : abhi get up we are getting late.
Abhi : 5 minutes let me sleep 😴
Pragya : no way left now.
She started tickling him. Abhi started shouting.
Abhi: Pragya please stop. I can not………. please.
Pragya : Now be a good boy and freshen up and come.
Abhi freshened up and they left to college.
In car they were chatting some random topics and reached college.
Pragya : abhi you wait here I will return in 3 hours. If you feel bored go back to hotel.
Abhi: it is okay I will wait.
Pragya : fine then.
Abhi: Pragya all the best do your exam well.
Pragya : yep shall I leave any one sees us it would be problem.
Abhi: Haa fine. Go.
Pragya felt sad when he said her to leave. When she was going he called her. He hugged her and said love you all the best.  She smiled and left.
Abhi was siting in the reception when all the hostel girls came.
Abhi was talking with purab: hi jeeju.  ……………..yep every thing is fine. She is missing you all so much. …………..plan a visit to her. …………………..good after 3 weeks. Her ecams will get over too. ……………….Haa I will tell her. Bye love you all. Miss you all. BTW take care of mom and darling. They might miss me. Bye.
She saw all girls staring at him. Just then Harshi came.
Harshi: you here . You said common and infatuation why did you come in search of me.
Abhi: sorry. I do not know you.
Valli: who is he?
Harshi : I said that I proposed a guy yesterday he is the one.
Abhi: miss white rat. I have better work than following you. And ………….. ( he got a call ). What…… can it happen. I will verify it again. When should we give demo…………..I will inform dad to do that. ……………I am out of station. It will take more than a month…………….I know we cannot manage. But we will and we have to. ……… okay.
Harshi : continue but before that tell why you are here.
Abhi: I think it is time to leave you have exam.  Please leave white rat.
Harshi: you. ……..
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