Mr and Mrs Perfect – KUMKUM BHAGYA EPISODE 21

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Abhi and pragya waved them bye and were about to move out. When shyam came to them and held Abhi’s collar.
Abhi : excuse me I will have to leave.
Shyam : you are taking my girlfriend with you.
Abhi: if she doesn’t have any problem what is there with you.
Shyam : I love her and will need her in my life.
Abhi: don’t you dare to say that.
They started fighting for Pragya. She did not know what to do. Abhi was pushed into the car. He broke the car glass and fainted. Pragya shouted “abhi”
Then she heard someone calling her “Pragya ”
She got up. It was her dream. She was scared to death about this dream.
Pragya pov :
OMG what a dream hope abhi is fine. Nothing should happen to him. But bhai and babhi came to India no it is impossible. That is why it is called and freshen up and forget this dream and think about how to face that characterless bastard.
She was shaken by the dream.
Harshi : prags get up. We need to go for exam right. After exam you can sleep for hours.
Pragya : what is date today.
Harshi : seriously did you get any bad dream.
Pragya : yes. I had one just now.
Valli : today is 18th March.
Praneeha : BTW you were mumbling in sleep saying ‘ shyam stop please leave ‘
Mrudula : did he try to get close to you again.
Pragya : nothing guys. We need to go to give exam.
Harshi : baba look at me. If that shyam does anything stupid tell us. Or don’t get scared or emotional to punish him. Remember one thing that even if good is not appreciated, bad should be punished.
That’s it Pragya broke into loud sobs. All her friends were shocked to see Pragya crying.
Praneeha : prags what happened why are you crying.
Pragya : I can’t go to give exam. That shyam is torching me. I want to go away far from everyone.
Mrudula : just 1.30 hour you should bear it. We can manage after wards. We will complaint tomorrow.
Pragya nodded
(But poor Pragya too emotional she doesn’t know really abhi and Rabul came to take her back)
They got ready went to have breakfast. Pragya didn’t want to have anything so skipped it.
Harshi: valli you get downame near her examinations centre. Your college is nearby right. At 8.30 you go back. You can reach your place by 10 minutes. And half hour prags can manage.
They informed about this to their hostel incharges.
Pragya and valli got down near college. They moved behind the college where their college mates generally assemble and discuss last minute points.
Valli : prags don’t worry nothing will happen.
Shyam came near Pragya.
Shyam: hey prags looking pretty in this dress.
Valli : what is your problem. Why are you troubling her. Can’t you stay away from her.
Shyam : you got your mouth piece.
Pragya : see shyam I have something better to do than wasting my time talking to idiots like you.
Shyam : you fell for this idiot right.
Pragya : never will I fall for idiot like you. Who sees girls as s*xtoy. I want a guy who respects my decision and follows it.
Shyam : I am not a blo*dy doberman.
Pragya : it is not doberman. It is called respect, care and most importantly love. And don’t you dare to talk something like that.
Shyam: like that guy whom you spend your weekend right. What a perfect character.
Pragya : don’t you dare to say a word about him. You will see a different Pragya.
Shyam : I will tell every one that you are cheating me with a guy. I will tell everyone that ……….
Before he completes he was on ground. A man tall and handsome started beating him. He was in his early 20’s. All people were shocked to see this. Shyam’s friend tried to stop him. Pragya couldn’t see his face.
Pragya tried to stop him.
Pragya : stop it. See sir what he was talking was wrong. I agree but you should not be treating him like this. And the problem is between us so you can not do this,.
He turned Pragya was shocked to see him.
Pragya : chaks. …(he nodded and opened his arms she ran and hugged him. She cried like a baby )
Chakri : you remember me.
Pragya : I will never forget you. Missed you soo much.
Chakri: Oh really didn’t even contact me.
Pragya : idiot you are the one who left me and ran away for your studies. Later uncle and aunty also came there. We lost contact. When I heard your family met with accident and died i thought you also died. You dont know how i cried for you. I cry also if you did not come now. Where were you all these days. How could you dare to be away from me. Didn’t you rembered me once also. Didn’t you think about us . You should at least inform you are alive right.
Chakri: Baby stop how much you talk. Don’t you get tired of talking so much. Coming to what you were asking. I was escaped from the accident with major head injury. I was in hospital for 6 months. After that I started going on in my life. Last before week when I went to check up in the hospital i saw your prince. I just remembered you. Before I could talk. I saw him severally injured. With 3 bullets. (Pragya was shocked to hear that ) he was in hospital for 3 days. I went to meet him on the day of discharge. Before I introduced myself. He came to me and started talking like he knew me for ages. Then told his side love story. He said he saw me with you. He loves you alot.
Pragya : did you say my side story to him.
Chakri: you didn’t tell. I thought you were in deep love that you told about our relation also.
Pragya : ohhh God why did you put me in between 2 dumbos. Fit for nothing.
Chakri : why what happened.
Pragya;: did you listen full story.
Chakri : actually no. I got a call so stopped it in middle. Then he called me saying that you wanted to see me and I should met him . So he came here and told you are here. After this he told me to get you to a place.
Pragya : come let’s go then.
Chakri : eager to meet him.
Pragya : no to kill that idiot. He is dead today. (She hugged him and whispered ” see that no one come that side where is he?” He whispered back “black benz parking area” . They parted she ran in search of abhi. While he was managing there”.)
He was standing there leaning on to the car. Pragya ran towards him. He saw her coming and stood properly. He thought she will hug him. But she slapped him.
Abhi: ouch…. fuggi why did you beat me.
Pragya : slap not I should kill you.
Abhi: why.
Pragya : idiot, tubelight cannot you inform you are safe. Did not even call me once from the minute you left. I was dieing thinking about you
Abhi: why did you think about me.
Pragya : because I love you. I really love abhi. (Cupping his face in her hands and leding slient tears. She kissed his forehead. He pulled her into hug)
Abhi: say it once more.
Pragya : I love you Abhi.
Abhi: once more.
Pragya : love you rockstar.
Abhi : love you too baby. Love you. (Kissed her through out her face)
Pragya :abhi leave me someone will see.
Abhi: I don’t care all I want is you. Pragya (she glared at him) fuggi can I kiss you.
Pragya : no…
Abhi : just once that is it is will not ask again today.
Pragya : abhi chaks told you got hurt where show me.
Abhi: I wearing a shirt how can I show you.
Pragya : where you got hurt tell me.
Abhi: right shoulder., right arm and left side chest area.
Pragya : can I feel it.(he took her hand and made her touch the bandages. Tears welled up in her eyes. He didn’t know how to console her only thing to disturb her was to kiss her. He did not bother anything placed his lips on hers. Pragya was shocked. She stood still. She didn’t kiss him back he felt her irresponsive and took her lips into his and pulled her closer and pinned her to car . And bited her lips for entry. She parted her lips and moaned. He smiled in kiss. He was tasting her. She couldnt take it anymore and started kissing him back. They parted their kiss for air. But Pragya was not satisfied she wanted more and placed her lips on his lips again. Pulled him into another kiss. He tried to break it but seeing her eagerness melted into it. His hands went under top and started carsening her waist her hands were roaming in his hair. He pulled her closer and pressed her waist. She moaned ‘abhi’ . He replied in kiss” yes baby”. They were in their own world when some coughs brought them back. Pragya heard coughs and tried to pull back but abhi was in great mood did not let her. He said ” you had your heart content let me have it too”. Pragya pushed him and turned to see who was there. She was shocked to see purab and bulbul seeing them with wide eyes. Abhi was still roaming his hands on her waist. Seeing her shock face abhi turned to see who was it.)
Abhi: hi di, hi jeeju. When did you come.
Purab : abhi first stay away from her. I thought you were kids seeing you both i am getting scared to leave you alone.
Bulbul : exactly Purab. If we leave them alone we will get a news that little Mehra will come in few more months.
Pragya was embarrased and became red and buried her head in Abhi’s chest with out hurting his wounds .
Abhi: di stop it we know our limits. And about little Mehras let us plan .
Pragya : abhi shut up. Besharam.
Abhi: come on fuggi it’s jeeju and di. They are more shameless than us. You know especially jeeju. How about a little Arora before a little Mehra.
Purab : abhi shut up. Let’s have breakfast come.
Pragya : you carry on I will go back. I have an exam.
Bulbul : exam is at 9 you have 45 minutes still come.
Pragya : bhai will you do me a favour.
Purab : just order me choti I will do.
Abhi: I can do that too.
Pragya : dI and abhi you go and wait in abc restaurant. Bhai and I will go and drop one of my friend in her center. She came here for me it will be bad to leave her alone right. I don’t want abhi to strain himself so.
Purab : proved that you are Pragya Arora. Get her let’s go.
Abhi and bulbul left while Pragya went to valli. Purab tied a kerchief as Pragya said.
Pragya : valli come with me let’s go. Chaks go and take rest in bhai’S room I will come after exam.
Chaks: no Pragya it need to leave i have flight to Hyderabad in 3 hours. So I am leaving. Bye
Pragya : so soon. You have Abhi’s number right call him when you want to see me. He will tell you address you can come. Bye will miss you. (He left saying bye to chakri character)
Pragya : valli come.
Shyam : wait who is he ? How will you get everyday a new guy (she slapped him before he completed)
Pragya : this is for torching me all these days. (Slapped him once more) this is for misunderstanding our relation. He is my brother. (Slapped again ) this is for your idiotic behaviour towards him. Once more if you mess up with me. I will show you a different side. This is nothing before it. Come valli.
Valli : prags super shot. BTW who is that guy?
Pragya : like him….
Valli: no, casually.
Pragya : Haa but your eyes don’t say that.
Valli : prags.
Pragya : he is my neighbour. Like brother his name is chakri and his further details I will give later.
Valli : should say this my old Pragya is back. (Saying this she hugged Pragya. Purab was burning out jealousy. )
Pragya : can you smell something burning.
Purab : you know princess I am possessive towards you why doyou do that when you are near me.
Pragya : my cute bhai is jealous.
Purab : shall we I am hungry.
Pragya: sorry bhai. Please forgive me never will I tease you again.
Purab : only you have right to tease me no one else. Shall we go now?
They dropped valli at her center and went to the restaurant. Abhi and bulbul were waiting for them.
Abhi: fuggi seriously here you wanna eat. It’s so unhygienic.
Pragya : abhi shut up. You will find good food here and it will be awesome and I will order only hygeneic food. So what you want.
Abhi: I don’t know much about here so your wish.
Rabul : same here.
Pragya : I will be back.
Abhi : I will come with you.
She went to counter.
Pragya : hi uncle how are you?
Uncle: betI you. Long time no see.
Pragya : actually uncle I stopped jumping hostel wall.
Uncle : good to hear that what do you want.
Pragya : 4 special masala dosa with my favourite chicken curry and meri special tea.
Uncle: same order. Okay you generally take 5 right why 4 now.
Pragya : I didn’t come with friends uncle. So 4.
Uncle : okay. It’s 350.
Pragya gave money and abhi forwarded card.
Uncle: there is no card service beta.
He took Pragya ‘s money.
They got food and placed it on table.
Abhi: who on earth will not have card services.
Pragya : it’s a small restaurant abhi. So we will not.
Purab and bulbul were managing to eat as they were used to eat at home with hand for past 2 months. But abhi he doesn’t know how to eat with hand was looking at them.
Pragya : abhi eat it will be nice.
Abhi: how can I? I don’t have knife and fork.
Pragya : see me properly. And follow them.
He followed her started eating.
After some time. *Hic*
Pragya looked at Abhi.
Abhi : it’s spicy *Hic* . But *Hic* tasty.
Pragya gave him water.
They had food and were about to move.
Purab: Pragya all the best write exam well.
Bulbul : don’t bother about anything do it well. All the best.
Abhi: I will not tell you all the best because I know you will be the best.
Purab : Pragya abhi will drop you back in center. Bulbul will pack your things in hostel and I will sleep.
Pragya : not fair bhai. They both are working you can’t sleep.
Purab : I worked so hard to sleep here. Please for sometime.
Pragya : fine. Bye bhai and babhi. Come abhi we will go.
They left in opposite direction. Abhi stopped in parking area. She was about to open the door when Abhi pulled her into a kiss. She was shocked for kiss but kissed him back in few seconds. He pulled her closer. They were fighting for dominance. Pragya ‘abhi exam’ in between the kiss. ‘Till 10 minutes are there’ he replied with out breaking the kiss. Pragya was about to pull away but abhi pulled her closer and kissed her harder. They parted for air. He pecked her lips. And leaned his forehead on her forehead.
Abhi : can not tell you all the best like this in front of jeeju and di.
Pragya : (pecked on his lips ) thanks. Bye love you (kissed his forehead ) take rest. I will go back in hostel vehicle.
Abhi: okay take care. Bye. Love you too.
Pragya went to give her exam, on the other side with Abhi, Purab and bulbul.
Abhi : jeeju are you sure you want to tell her after coming back home.
Purab : just tell that you are Abhisheik Prem Mehra. According to her reaction let us see where to tell her.
Bulbul : I think Purab is right. Because can she adjust to all the sudden shocks in one day.
Abhi: but what will I do if she gets angry for hiding my identity. And other things.
Bulbul : abhi need not worry. She will trust you because you did all this for her safety so please stop worrying about that.
Abhi: for you it is easy to say think about me. I am the one who needs to face her wrath.
Purab : enough of your discussion if you will not tell we will tell decide which is better. You or us.
Abhi: better me .
Purab : end of the discussion. Bulbul go and pack her stuff and give me call once you finish. I will send them for shipping. Abhi you take rest and plan how to cool her if she gets angry.
Bulbul : okay I will freshen up and leave. Then we will go.

What is it they are hiding from Pragya?
What will happen if Purab and abhi comes to know about shyam?
How will pragya react when she knows abhi is abhisheik prem mehra ?
All questions in next episode until then byeee.
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