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How are you? Okay let me stop my bakwas and get into story and there is note at end please read it.


They reached the hotel which was one hour from vijayawada and was on highway. It was more like dabba.
Pragya wondered how they knew about it when she never even visited the place. Purab, Bulbul, VALLI, Mrudula, KV and Tej were waiting already.
Settling down in their places and ordering food.
Pragya : I wonder how you know these places when you never been here before.
Abhi: well we have mom at home who can tell the best places in here.
Pragya : ma told you, she never told me about this place.
Bulbul (whispered to abhi): you better not try lieing again. You are worst in it.
Purab : she said she wanted to visit this but was unlucky so wanted to try before we get her here.
Pragya : wohhooooo it would be awesome. Ma, papa, mom, dad and all of us.
Bulbul and Purab shaked their heads unable to hold the guilt they were going to ruin her most important point of her life. As Pragya was involved in talking with her friends. Purab and bulbul were talking and abhi went out to make a call.
Abhi: Hello. …… it done?…… know I don’t like beating around the bush. Get straight to the point. …………. what the hell is going on their.?……………………… you gone tell me my 3 weeks hard work is gone in this air. When I said to kill that blo*dy guy why didn’t you do it. There is nothing useful for us. …………… be happy that I am away from you. Now I don’t want any damn problem with this man. I will handle everything shoot him when you find him………………………… I do not want hear that again and don’t let my name come out…………………. tell me when it is done.
He turned back to find shyam behind him.
Shyam : what are you really. How can you kill a person? I will tell this to Pragya.
Abhi: listen don’t tell them its something very super confidential matter.
Shyam: I don’t care i will tell it to everyone.
He made his way to the place abhi tried hard to stop him. But nothing worked out.
Abhi: listen you are going to be in trouble if it comes out.
Praneeha : what comes out abhi.
(Abhi looked around dabba was kind of isolated so there were only workers and them. He thanked his stars mentally)
Abhi : nothing he is playing with you some kind of prank.
Shyam : hell no, I heard it with my own ears he was ordering someone to kill a person. He also told that his name should come out.
(Every one gapsed. Not 3 people )
Purab : abhi did you find him?
Bulbul : did you find any other traitor or any part of plan leaked?
Abhi shook his head and remained slient.
Purab : abhi don’t stand silently say something. What is he telling then.?
Abhi : jeeju this is not the time and especially the place to tell you about this.
Bulbul : what do you mean by that abhi. Always try to hide the problem. If you tell may be we will help out.
Purab: i doubt where did my sala go who used to share everything with me.
Abhi: don’t want non family members to hear it.
Pragya : abhi. It is (hesitated to ask. She leaned and kissed his cheek and hugged him. She whispered only they can hear “agency work”. Abhi immediately hugged her indicating yes. She broke the hugged him and cried in happiness ) I am so proud of you thanks for coming into my life.
Abhi nodded his head no. And hugged Pragya. No one understood the show their but remained slient viewers.
Pragya : let’s have food. It will be better.
(They all agreed and sat down to have food. But abhi didn’t touch his plate. Pragya saw it and nudged him to have but he was stubborn kid. She showed him her hand with food. He shaked no. She pleaded with her eyes. With no other go he ate it. She was feeding him and herself. He didn’t talk whole dinner time. Though they were chatting he was silently sat there resting his head on her shoulder. Alarm buzzed in phone with name ” medicines “. He turned it off and slipped it back with out any one knowledge. )
Abhi : I am sorry because of me this moment spoiled. You spend some time with your friends and jeeju. I will leave tomorrow.
Pragya : don’t even dare to have such thought in your idiotic brain. I will never leave you. I will suck your blood till end of my life. So stop trying to get rid of me.
Abhi : but prags. …. (before he could complete he got a call. ) need to take this will be back in a minute (left after kissing her forehead )
Purab : what is wrong with him. He is not himself.
Pragya : I should say that. Because of that you questioned him.
Bulbul : we said it for your sake. You are taking his side.
Pragya : yes I will because I know his pain in hiding one of the most important issue of his life. This is all because of this shyam. I should not have invited him. Spoiled most important day of my life.
Abhi returned: Pragya tell your friends to start. Car is here. They can leave. Driver will drop them where they want.
Pragya waved them good bye and they left. (End of pragya’s friends characters)
After they left. All four were silently standing. Abhi began to move towards car indicating them to start back to hotel.
After reaching hotel
Purab : so tell us what you are hiding.
Pragya : bhai let him rest first. Abhi your medicines where are they?
Bulbul : what medicines? ? ? ? ?
Pragya : freshen up and come back bhai and babhi. We will talk about it.
They left hesitantly.
Pragya: abhi what happened.
Abhi: we were dealing with drug case. It had its major head who holds 65 percent of the case in Hyderabad. He was in underground. We managed to catch him. He had no useful information because all the people he knew where all dead before long time.
Pragya : what then how can he do that business?
Abhi: it’s major problem which is going all over world. Stealing finger prints of dead to use for illegal activities. So the others who were involved were big and intelligent that they used them. So it will take time for us to catch them. Meanwhile I told to shoot him because he is just waste piece. They didn’t care about that and put him in custody till we go back. But he escaped. So I was ordering them to pass shoot at sight orders when shyam heard me.
Pragya : why didn’t you want your name to come out.
Abhi: because I was agency most important person can say weapon. No one will suspect a 17 Years old man to work for agency and most importantly I powerful, intelligent and can manipulate people easily.
Pragya : hmmm. Can you dress your wounds yourself or should I help.
Abhi: it’s okay I will go to hospital tomorrow. I need to dress the wounds.
Pragya : what no way I will dress them up.
Abhi: it is okay. I will get them dressed them up.
Pragya: I will I said so stop arguing and tell me about bandages and medicines.
Abhi told her about them. She was cleaning them and was applying medicines. And dressed up. Abhi was thinking why she insisted on dressing is wounds.
Pragya made him lie down and abhi was admiring her beauty and wondering about her mood swings. Suddenly he got something in his mind. Pragya was going to wash her hands when he pulled her, she fell on his chest.
Pragya : abhi have you gone mad. What did you do. I must have ended up hurting you.
Abhi: I don’t mind bearing the main when you are in my arms. (Moving aside the hair and tucking them behind her ears. She blushed and abhi kissed her cheeks. )
Abhi: fuggi I will ask you something answer straight. No lieing.
Pragya : you can ask me anything you want abhi.
Abhi: did you clean my wounds out of jealousy that nurse would see me half naked.
Pragya’s eyes went wide. Abhi noticed it and started laughing
Pragya : how did you find out.
Abhi: guessed it. But I love this jealousy Pragya too.
Pragya : I love you too abhi. I will freshen up and come.
Pragya went to her room to change. When she came back she saw Abhi sleeping in Bulbul’s lap. She went hugged Purab. He smiled at her and pulled her closer. She was thinking of their bonding. And dozed off without realising.
Purab who was seeing his mobile felt weight on him and realised she slept off. Purab smiled seeing Pragya and abhi who were kids by heart.

Next day morning 🌞
Pragya found herself in bed when she woke up last she remembered was hugging Purab. She saw abhi doing some minimum exercises not hurting himself. Pragya was drooling over his half naked, sweated body.
Purab : Princess down to earth.
Pragya : bhai when did you come.
Bulbul : when you were drooling over my brother.
Pragya: babhi wohhooooo.
Abhi: why she stammering.
Purab : because we caught her drooling over you. (Pragya became red in embarrassment )
Abhi: fuggi baby there is nothing to be embarrassed about. I am all yours. You have the right to drool over me or do what ever you want. I am all yours.
Pragya was embarrased more now. They laughed seeing her.
They left to Mumbai that day. Next 4 days went away blissfully. All enjoyed so much. Next day evening they were supposed to leave to London. When they gathered in Abhi’s room. Purab left to London that day morning. It was Bulbul, Pragya, and Abhi.
Abhi : Pragya we need your help in some thing will you help us.
Pragya : I will help you in any situation abhi. If I am capable of.
Abhi: Pragya you need to act like you don’t know me.
Pragya : but why.
Abhi: you will know once you go home. I will be in NYC. You need to act like you are missing some one very badly and mentally depressed person. You will be starting your acting from tomorrow onwards. I will tell you why once we meet after going back. Bulbul di will tell you what to do according to situation. You need to depressed okay.
Pragya : okay abhi I will try my level best to do so.
Abhi: you should not tell about act to your parents or my parents okay.
Pragya : fine abhi but we will meet after going back right.
Abhi: may be a week or more later. And you will not ask any one in house about me. If you want to ask. Ask di or jeeju in your room. Understand.
Pragya nodded. Though she wondered why abhi was asking her to act. But she knew it was for a cause. She wanted him to tell her himself with out force.
As per plan Pragya acted depressed and against her parents meanwhile she got to know truth about herself. Pragya was angry on 3 of them for not telling it before. And wanted to know what they were hiding. So she conveyed them she has questions once in their room. They told her that they will answer her next weekend.



Abhi: so my dear lovely parents this is how we fell in love.
Prerana : you were so young abhi .
Pragya :love doesn’t need age or time to happen mom.
Depali : it’s such beautiful story.
Karan : auntie you heard part 1 of the story what about other 2 parts.
Prem: still it is there. Continue then.
Abhi: not now dad. We have to sleep. We have an important thing to do tomorrow. Once we complete it we will tell you remaining part of the story.
Raghuveer : we can do work later abhi spend time with family.
Pragya : it’s more important papa. Guys in our room. Bhai and babhi stay with our family.
They left.
Next day abhi and pragya went to one for their guest house far from city. It had tight security. And had advanced technology. All of it was computer control. Not that there is no humans. But after some place they will reach. But reaching their is tough without knowing password and security details. It had high secured jammers so that all information is safe and thermal body trackers canot locate people inside. Whereas reverse was possible.

So what was going on inside the building?
What happened in abhigya ‘slife that they got married?
What will happen next?
Will they find solution to their problem or would they suffer the consequences?
All questions to be answered in next episode.

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