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Hey readers thanks for answering my questions in previous episode. As all were okay with story pace i am taking it also in the same pace.
We are here my dear readers, I am so happy. We are in 25 th episode of ff. I never thought you will like it this much. Thanks for wonderful support you have showed. Love you soo much. Please continue to support me.
If you feel bored or I am lagging the story please tell in the comments. I want to tell you all that you are free to express your opinion. I will try to improve my skills.
Okay tell us start the story as this episode you will know something more interesting.


Abhigya went to mansion it was highly secure. All they wanted was a solution to the problem they had.
They went into the mansion. They parked their car and went to a room. They locked it and went to closet and pulled a drawer which had a lot of make up items. Abhi went down and tapped the handle of the drawer in certain pattern with is index finger. After a minute the make up items went inside and a tab occurred below it. Pragya placed her hand in it and it scanned her hand and make up items came back slowly. Exactly after 2 minutes the place where Abhi’s blazers were there started to move aside. It had passage into the wall. They went in and there was door again. Abhi went forward and they camera scanned his eye iris and that door opened and the door they entered closed simultaneously. There were steps into the ground they went in. After getting down the stairs there was door with highly secured locker. They said ” It’s us abhigya ” together and door opened. They went in.
Lights got on automatically. It’s was white every where. (What do think is that place) They stayed for 3 to 4 hours and left after that. They returned to AM MANSION around 4 in the evening .
All were in hall when they came back.
Pragya : what happened why everyone is tensed.
Bulbul : threat call. To give him money or he will kill all of us.
Abhi: same old drama.
Purab : abhi he ,may be serious.
Pragya : he is not bhai. Because he is no more.
All 4 gapsed (arjun, Karan, Purab, Bulbul ) : how.
Abhi: (smiled ) day before yesterday he died.
Pragya : it was bad death. He had high dosage of some drug he generally uses for strength, in a hurry he forgot to dilute it and had it. So his blood pressure raised and he died with brain stroke. According to postmortem reports his blood vessels were bursting when he had brain stroke. And for abhi he had suffered the highest severity of brain stroke which naturally is impossible.
Abhi: so before we started the interrogation he died so we visited his place yesterday where we found Pragya and him. But that was not the place he generally stays as there was no much in formation. But we had to say we got foot imprints from the back door. When we followed them . I think after around 500 feet we found a Hut. We saw a couple in it. When we asked about him they said they cannot tell. But when we used the worst thing and the bitter truth that we are his kids. They took us to a place it was house inside the forest. It was quite dark. But we went in and found all his works there. And when we checked his computer we found all call were fixed already. Something like scheduled calls. And we were able to deactivate all except which was fixed in this week and exactly today. So no more threat calls from now on and we can happily relax.
Purab : what happened today then.
Abhi : same old formalities so according to law case is closed.
Depali : how can it happen so fast
Abhi :power and money can do wonders mom.
Pragya : if any threat calls inform us. we will handle that shit. And now I am tired I want to sleep.
Abhi : yes me too. I am going up please do not disturb.
Prem : as everything is settled why don’t you continue your love story.
Pragya : arjun will tell it dad. We are really tired because of work today so please excuse us for now.
Abhi: if you want to know aboutit from me only. Then after dinner like yesterday.
They both left to their rooms.
Prerana : okay arjun start.
Arjun : mom, before I tell you the rest of the story i want you to know something more important.
Depali : okay tell.
Karan : whom do you think died yesterday.
Raghuveer : the one who was trying to kill abhi or Pragya or all of us.
Bulbul : whom do you think is that.
Prerana : who ever is it is. I will never forgive him in my life. And if its my father. Then I am more than happy to listen him dead.
Purab : mom are you not sad.
Prerana : why will I be. He killed my mom, he Separated me and my bhai, he made my kid away from his parents love, he made Pragya grow in middle class, he tried to kill myself kid again, why will I be angry.
Prem, Raghuveer, Depali shook their head IN agreement.
Bulbul: mom did we ever tell you guys this before.
Prem : what.
All four: you are the most cool parents in the world.
Depali : enough praising, tell us the story.
Karan : mom, it’s not so easy as you think. We need their permission because next part we don’t have any clarity. As half happened here and half happened somewhere else.
Prerana : okay what shall we do, till they come down let’s have a tea party in garden.
Bulbul : good idea mom. We will arrange stuff. You and mom till then cook the dinner and make tea and come.
Prerana : why dinner so early.
Purab : because we can have dinner fast and settle down in garden like yesterday and continue the story.
Arjun : same place everyday is boring right.
Karan : how about front garden beside fountain.
Purab : front or back garden is garden right.
Prem: terrace is a wonderful place I think.
All boys: what no,
Prerana : why did you do anything stupid in terrace again.
Bulbul : mom we will look what happened and clean it and come down. Dad, papa help moms in dinner and tea. Everyone in garden at 5.30pm .
As they planned they set everything up in terrace. While elders were preparing dinner. At 5.30 they assembled in garden to have tea party. They laughed, played and enjoyed. At 7.30 they heated the food and took it to terrace to have. All elders were eager as fast they settle more part of story they can hear so before their usual time they settled for dinner in terrace.
Down in pragya’s room.
Pragya : abhi leave me I have to cook for us. Or at least eat some food.
Abhi: we can have it later. Please sleep I can’t sleep will out you.
Pragya: yes are behaving like a kid abhi. Get your ass out of my bed.
Abhi : you should not use offensively language.
Pragya : ohe. Says the one who curses every one when pissed off.
Abhi: okay baby, I am leaving you, to have you tonight.
Pragya : Besharam.
Saying that she went to freshen up. When she came back she saw him missing. Decided to join him in dinner went down to help her parents. But to her shock no one was there. She searched everywhere no was there.
She went to her room to inform abhi.
Abhi : what can’t be with out me for some time also.
Pragya : abhi, no one is there in the house.
Abhi: wow we can have whole house for ourselves.
Pragya : be serious abhi, where can they go at this night.
Abhi: as servants are not there may be they went for a good restaurant to have food.
Pragya : what if something wrong happened.
Abhi : think positively fuggi. Arjun, Karan, jeeju and di are with them so relax.
Pragya : are you sure nothing will happen.
Abhi : yaa baby now will you show some mercy on your poor husband and cook some food.
Pragya : fine, freshen up and come.
She went down and decided to make something light and fast. She was preparing food when Abhi hugged her from back.
Pragya : God abhi you scared me .
Abhi : no one has right to hug you except me remember.
Pragya : okay but know sit silently without disturbing me.
Abhi: I can be with out disturbing you, if you don’t disturb me.
Pragya : how will I disturb you when I am cooking.
Abhi: like this you look damn s*xy when you are furious. It just turns me on.
Pragya : you shameless. Shut up.
Abhi: okay I agree i am shameless, so can I have some …..
Pragya : don’t talk and get out wait in the dinning hall.
(Before he could respond she pushed him out of kitchen. After 15 minutes she came out with food. Abhi was busy with phone he didn’t even glance at her. Pragya laid the table and served abhi. He didn’t respond and continued seeing his phone )
Pragya : eat first, then see your phone.
Abhi: I am not hungry, I lost my appetite.
Pragya : don’t behave like a kid. Eat first.
Abhi: no I don’t want to eat.
(She glared at him but he didn’t give a shit and continued his work. Pragya got angry pulled his phone and put it on the other side and sat in his lap. Making herself comfortable she took the plate and started to feed him. He first denied but knowing her gave up and had it. He fed her back. Pragya smiled at him, he kissed her cheek and whispered ‘ I love you baby’ . She was so happy to see him back again. They finished their dinner and pragya went to keep their plates and get them ice cream. When she went to refrigerator, abhi pulled her to him and kissed her. She was shocked because all happened so fast. She too kissEd back after sometime. She was pushed against the wall and she pulled him closer. He smiled in the kiss. Abhi teased her lips and they parted for breath. Abhi placed his forehead on hers as they stared at each other. )
Abhi : you are the most beautiful soul in the world, love.
Pragya : and I belong to you, you alone abhi, no one else. I love you.
Abhi smiled and leaned forward to kiss her again. Their make out session stopped when they heard some sounds in living room. They understood their family came back as it was highly secured houses and the no one can enter unless they are close. Abhi didn’t stop kissing her. Pragya tried to push abhi, but he didn’t move. He pulled closer. Pragya pushed him with all strength. He moved away and she adjusted her dress. And set his hair. He smiled at her. Pragya went to refrigerator and pulled out ice cream and put them in bowls for them. Gave a cup to him and he settled on kitchen slab to have it.
Pragya went and sat next to him. They were having ice cream when they heard. ” So here you both are?”

So who can it be ?
What will happen next. ?
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