Mr and Mrs Perfect – KUMKUM BHAGYA EPISODE 26

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Hi everyone, I am extremely sorry for not updating the story. I promised to do it on 23rd but unexpected things came up which I didn’t expect and extended it upto 27th and I typed half episode on 28th while doing that I got to know something really bad. One of my favourite cousin got covid positive so I was in disturbance for some days. So now I am free. I will update the story regularly. But I need your support in form likes and comments. So please do that.
So let’s go into the story.

Pragya, abhi along with their families settled down on the terrace.
Prerana : so start part 2 of your love story.
Abhi : mom, its not as simple as first part. It’s our life how we overcame all the problems of our love.
Prem: so this is not going to be as boring as I thought.
Pragya : dad our love story seems to be boring. Then listen to bhai and babhi story you will know true meaning of boring.
Abhi: that’s even better see our 2 handsome people sitting here. Meri sweet friends who could not even propose their love to their girls.
Bulbul : your jeeju is no less. If not Pragya we would never open up. And even that day in proposed him. My bad luck I got such a dumb boyfriend.
Pragya : babhi don’t call him dumb. (Purab raised fake collars for his sister supporting him) how much ever I say no he is my brother. If he is dumb I will also be. I am not dumb. So please stop calling him dumb. Call other names.
Purab : choti you……..
Pragya poked her tounge out 😜 😜 and ran from there.
Abhi was smiling seeing her laugh from heart after long time. But his smile didn’t last long when he saw her catching her head and was about to fall. He immediately ran to her, Purab caught her before she fell down. She fell unconscious in his hands.
Abhi went to her and started tapping her.
Abhi: Pragya baby…look at me… your eyes…..shit. arjun get her medicines.
Arjun went to get her medicines.
Bulbul : abhi is everything all right.
Abhi: I can not tell till she opens her eyes. This is second time in this month she forgot her medicines. She gives everyone lectures why can’t she follow some.
Arjun : abhi here. ( Abhi took them and injected them into her body and made her lie properly on the couch they arranged for sitting. He was holding her hands and crying ).
Depali : what happened to her abhi. Why are you giving her injections everytime she faints.
Abhi: if I tell you the reason you cannot bear it. You can not be the way you are. You will hate me. I am responsible for her state. I made her life like this. I should not have brought her into this. I am blo*dy sinner who killed his own kid. Who pushed her into this state.
Purab : abhi you are not responsible for this. You tried to save her abhi. You are not sinner abhi. You are the pu rest soul anyone of us met. Pragya is so lucky to have you. Please control yourself. Please pull your self together and get a grip over your emotions. If something unexpected happens Pragya needs you.
Bulbul : yes abhi. We know what you are without her. Pragya did not know anything about the incident completely. Yet she is ready for new start. She wants a new beginning with you. Now you for get the past and move on. Everything in past has come to an end.
Abhi: nothing has ended di. Where we have started, we came back to same place. Just 6 years passed and we have some extra people who knows about our truth. But did we get a solution to a single problem we have. No, we didn’t. But we got extra problems. More stuff to do.
Arjun : but we have people to help now unlike before, we are there for you.
Abhi: But it didn’t help us solve the problem or atleast decrease the consequences.
Prem: abhi what are you talking about? we are not understanding anything.
Purab: abhi i think we need to talk.
Abhi and Purab went into abhi’s room.
In the living area, everyone were together.
Depali: bulbul beta is everything alright with pragya. abhi is tensed. what is the matter.
Bulbul: mom she has medical issues. when she went to do her undergraduation in other countries. she met with an accident due to which she got this issue. that’s all i can say for now

So what is going to happen next.
What is abhi and purab want to discuss?
How did pragya get into accident?
How is abhi responsible for that?
Will abhigya’s parents forgive abhi after knowing truth?
Will abhigya be happy?
All the questions answered in next episode.
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See you in next episode.
Until then Byeee
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