Naagin Season 4 1st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Brinda gets shattered seeing Dev shooting Swara

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Naagin Season 4 1st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swara reaching the temple and sees the temple messed up. She thinks where is Pandit ji and calls him. Shalaka comes there and calls her. She asks her to accept her defeat and says I caught you. She tries to catch her, but Swara goes from there. Shalaka uses her magic to call Swara. Swara calls Brinda, but she doesn’t pick her call. Swara gets worried. Brinda tells Dev that his family rich from before. He says he knows that the owners died in a horrific accident and that’s how they got their business. Brinda tells that it was not an accident. Vrushali hears and thinks she is after our family. Brinda tells Dev that some of his family members are responsible for their death. Vrushali shouts and acts to fall down. Dev comes out running. Vrushali tells Dev that her foot is paining badly and she can’t walk. Ketki comes and asks what happened? Vrushali tells that she is having much pain and signs Ketki. Ketki also acts. Dev calls Doctor and says he will take Maa to hospital. Brinda offers to help Vrushali and makes her fall. Vrushali stands properly forgetting her acting. Brinda sees her fine. She tells that this happens when someone acts without planning. She says you have done this so that Dev don’t spend time with me and also so that Dev couldn’t know Shalaka’s truth. Vrushali calls Dev and asks him to call doctor here. Doctor says ok and asks brinda to take Maa to room. Vrushali says he hears my sayings. Brinda says he is doing this as he doesn’t know your real face. Vrushali says even dev doesn’t know your real avatar of icchadhari naagin. She says don’t mess with me and tells that whoever fights with me loses. Brinda says then you doesn’t know naagin and tells that they return even if they die. She tells that she will kill everyone and says they shall know her mother’s name before death, and says my mother name is Manyata. Vrushali is shocked.

Ketki takes Vrushali and Rasik from there. Swara runs inside and closes the door. Shalaka searches her and tells that she has decided to kill her first and then her daughter. She asks if she is thinking that Brinda will be saved, and tells that she will make her lose everytime, and she will not have anything, husband, and revenge. She asks until when you will hide and asks why you want to give your life for Brinda. She catches Swara and tells that she is caught, asks did you think that you and your naagin daughter will save you. She says you will die without being her mother. Swara says I am Brinda’s mother and tells that her daughter will never lose from her. She makes the bamboo sticks fall on herself. Shalaka hurts her. Vrushali calls Shalaka and asks her to come home fast, as Dev is listening to brinda. Shalaka locks Swara and goes out of temple.

Hardik comes to Dev and Brinda and tells that haldi is not sent to his bride till now. Ketki comes and says Vrushali had given this work to Brinda. Brinda says she don’t know about this and tells that haldi is already sent. Dev says he will take the haldi. Brinda thinks they are doing this to keep him away from her. Vrushali acts to pick the haldi bowl and tells that she will take haldi. Dev says he will take haldi. Brinda says she will also come with him being his wife. Shalaka comes and says she is his wife and will go. They argue. Shalaka tells that she is his wife. Brinda says she is his first wife and Dev wants to divorce Shalaka. She asks Shalaka did you sign the divorce papers. Shalaka says no. Brinda asks Lily to bring the papers from room. Shalaka makes her phone fall down and tells in the liquid to Dev, to take her from there. Dev’s eyes turn red.

Swara tries to open the door. Lily brings the papers. Dev tells Lily that papers are not needed now. He asks Shalaka to come with him. Brinda is shocked. Shalaka says Hardik’s inlaws have seen me as his wife. Brinda is shocked. Dev goes with Shalaka. Vrushali says my son does what I wants. Swara manages to open the door and says I can’t let Brinda lose, a mother faces any big trouble for her child. Dev and Shalaka leaves. Swara calls Brinda and tells that she wants to say something important. Swara tells that someone is making Dev do what is he doing and tells that the stone color changed. The call gets disconnected. Brinda couldn’t hear her, becomes snake and follows the car. Shalaka takes part of Dev’s soul in the bottle again. Brinda as snake crawls inside the car. Swara is still in the temple. The papers fall off from the book.

Swara sees Brinda’s pic in the book and it is written that Brinda will open the secret of lal tekri temple along with her husband, but if her husband’s soul is taken out, then he can kill anyone. Shalaka asks Dev to get rid of Brinda and she will tell how? Dev says ok. Brinda is shocked to hear this. Shalaka tells that they are not going to Hardik’s sasural, but going to lal tekri temple. Dev says ok. Brinda is shocked. They get down the car. Brinda calls Swara and asks her to listen to her. She tells that Dev and Shalaka are coming to temple and she doesn’t know what they are planning. Swara says there is a danger to your life, but Brinda couldn’t hear again and wonders what was Maa saying? She thinks if Maa said that Dev’s life is in danger. Shalaka takes Dev inside the temple, while Swara runs out of the temple. Shalaka finds the door open and checks for her locket to locate Swara. She finds it missing and comes to car. She gets the locket on her seat and asks it to bring that aunty. Brinda thinks with whom she is speaking? She makes Shalaka falls down and she herself becomes half naagin. Shalaka gets unconscious. Swara reaches home and switches off all the lights. She thinks to call Brinda and ask her to come through window. Brinda messages Swara to be at home and makes the light switched off. Dev tells Brinda that Shalaka told him that your mother is here, but she is not here. Brinda asks what are you saying? She asks him to come home. Dev asks her to take him home.

He is still under the influence of Shalaka. Brinda opens the door and gets inside Swara’s house. She sees Swara injured and asks about her injury. Swara tells that she had gone to lal tekri temple. Brinda says you had said that there is a danger to Dev’s life. Swara gets shocked seeing him. Dev takes out the gun and shoots Swara on her chest. Brinda cries and hits Dev. Swara takes out her locket and puts in Dev’s pocket. Dev pushes Brinda and leaves from there. Brinda says I will call hospital, but finds Swara dead. She shouts Maa. Shalaka is standing out and hears her screams. She says what did you think that I got unconscious, I heard your talks and asked Dev to kill your mother. She says what Dev can do, why I shall do and become bad. She thinks stupid Brinda, I have to go and get the naagmani. Brinda cries and asks Swara to come back, don’t go. Papers fall down from Swara’s clothes. Shalaka comes to Dev and takes his part of soul while talking to him. She thinks this last installment is going to be completed. Dev gets fine and asks what is she doing? He tells that he made it clear to her that he doesn’t love her. Shalaka finds Om Pendant in his pocket, then checks the bottle and finds it empty. She thinks soul didn’t come out fully, but all his soul went inside him.

Precap: Brinda shouts and says she is naagin. She kills Hardik and Vrushali. All the naagins dance together.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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