Naagin Season 5 22nd August 2020 Written Episode Update

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Naagin Season 5 22nd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with voiceover telling that a Cheel Viranshu got infatuated towards Nageshwari and killed her Naag. Nageshwari stabbed herself. Now they all are reborn and will come infront of each other. Nageshwari is born as Bani. Hriday is born as Jai. Voiceover tells that the two stars are coming towards each other, Shiv ji’s written story has begin. The black spot on the moon have taken birth too, Viranshu is born too. There will be a new story written, but what will be the climax. Arohi and Gautam asks Jai to beat the guy. Jai asks his family to go home and tells that he has to take care of Ali. He comes to Viranshu and hits him. Viranshu says I am so scared, just like you hit me…it was fun. He hits Jai back. Jai says I will die while trying to beat you, but this is the one thing which will give me happiness to beat you. Viranshu hits Jai on his stomach and asks if anyone else wants happiness here. Ali tries to go and fight with Viranshu, but Noor asks him to stay back as they are dangerous. Viranshu beats Jai badly. Bani tries to go and stop him, but Noor stops her and tells that Jai shouldn’t have challenged them. She says Viranshu Singhania and his brothers are very bad, their work is not known, they do wine business, but they have many illegal work, they are politically connected too, so please don’t go. Bani asks how can you do such a big mistake, even after knowing everything. Pandit ji asks the snake charmer what is happening? Bani couldn’t bear and comes out to protect Jai. Viranshu sees her and gets mesmerized seeing her. Bani asks if anyone can beat someone like this and asks if he is human or animal. She says when you got a girl’s marriage broken then you will get 10 slaps on your face. She asks who are you? He says don’t know….Dil Ibaadat plays….song. He asks who are you? He comes near her. Jai gets up and comes between them, asking him not to dare touch her. He hits Viranshu. Viranshu asks them to back off. He looks at Bani while Jai hits him…

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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