Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 12th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Arjun lets Mrs. Venkatraman stay in his house

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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 12th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sunny telling Arjun that Imarti brought his mother here. Arjun tells him that Imarti doesn’t know about my relation with her, but you know. Imarti says stop it and tells that she has brought his mother. Arjun asks Sunny to get the flight tickets booked now itself. She asks Amma to get up. Amma tells that she couldn’t stand. Imarti scolds Arjun for throwing his mother out of his life. She brings belt and asks Amma to use it on her back. Arjun holds her hand using umbrella and takes her to room. Imarti asks what are you doing? Why did you close the door? She says she is not that beautiful and tells that he has broken the contract by bringing to room. Arjun says I am not interested in you and asks her not to show right on him. Imarti says I am your wife. Arjun says this marriage was a mistake. She says she wants her to get Nandu back as soon as possible. He tells her that the lady whom she has brought here, had tortured his wife Ananya very much. Imarti thinks didi didn’t tell me anything. She asks about his wife’s behavior. Arjun says my wife was very bad, but Mrs. Venkataram never accepted Ananya and Nandu and when she came to know about the latter’s truth, she used the relation for her convenience. Amma tries to hear them. Arjun tells that if she needs money then he will give. She says she will tear the contract. Arjun says this marriage is real. Imarti asks what are you saying and goes.

Arjun asks Sunny to get her ticket done after 2 days. Sunny brings the clothes and asks what to wear. Arjun says everyone is mad here. Sunny says I will get ready in woman’s clothes as Imarti went and is not available for the photo shoot for Seema. Arjun goes behind imarti. Pinky is crying. He calls her and asks her to come. Imarti sits. Arjun says this is the lyrics for your competition. He says you had said about the competition. Imarti gets touched and asks do you remember. Arjun asks if Pinky and you are twin sisters. Imarti gets emotional. Amma calls Kalyani and tells that she got the permission to stay here for 2 days. Arjun asks Imarti to sing. Imarti sings tu nazm nazm sa mere…..He says it is nazm. She says nazma.

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