Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Arjun breaks Pinky’s heart badly

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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 16th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Revati coming to Arjun and reminding him if he remembers when he told her about Ananya, how she reacted and tells that they had met each other after one year of your marriage. She says now I don’t want to miss any moments after all my son is going to settled down. Arjun says he is not settling down. Sunny asks what is your issue. Arjun says that girl is Pinky and I can’t think of her even in my dreams. Sunny asks if she is not good, or not trustable or if she doesn’t think about Nandu. Arjun tells that she is good, infact very good. She makes everyone laughs and thinks of everyone, very talented. He says she is good at heart. Revati asks what is his problem? Why he don’t want to have any relation with her. She asks him to tell her directly and asks if he don’t like Pinky or if he don’t want to give himself a chance to live his life well. Arjun goes. Sunny tells that Arjun makes such a sad face. Revati says Arjun doesn’t tell even once that he doesn’t love her. She says he just needs a push to take out his feelings from his heart. She asks him to think. Sunny says this is difficult. Revati tells that Pinky will make this mission successful. Sunny goes from there. Revati thinks sometimes it is necessary to bring two people together to separate them for forever and says see how I make you go far from Arjun and our surname.

Antra asks Pinky about her hand and asks if she is fine? Pinky says I don’t know what is going on in his heart. Revati hears them and says you have to put in efforts to know about his feelings. Sunny tells that Arjun is old school type and will tell whatever we wants. Antra says I don’t trust her. Sunny tells that Revati is on their side and asks Antra to come inside. Revati tells Pinky that Arjun has soft corner for her else he wouldn’t have brought her home. She says I have seen how Arjun get dependent on Imarti. She asks her to propose Arjun and tells that her heart is saying that he will say yes. Antra asks if she is unwell. Sunny says we shall search the solution. Antra tells that Pinky will propose Arjun and asks her to be cool and follow the rules.

Antra, Sunny and Pinky do the arrangements and decorate the hall. Pinky tells that she has brought Arjun’s favorite book for him. Revati comes there and likes the decoration. She tells Pinky that Arjun is on the way and asks her to tell her feelings to him, don’t worry about Nandu as she is taking her with her. Antra asks what happened to her. Sunny tells that may be she got electric shock and the mother inside him got woken up. Nandu comes. Revati says we will go to have icecream along with Sunny. Sunny says I…Revati asks what you will do here? Sunny says best of luck and goes. Revati asks Pinky to give good news when she returns home. Pinky smiles. Revati comes back and exchange Pinky’s gift with her gift so that Arjun fights with Pinky.

Pinky comes there and wears Arjun’s suit. Antra says lets practice and she becomes Pinky. She confesses her love to Pinky. Pinky as Arjun tells her I love you. Antra says you are smart, Arjun will say this. Arjun is on the way. Pinky asks Antra to help her get ready. Antra says I will dress you up like a bride. She helps her get ready. Arjun comes home and sees the decorations. Pinky comes infront of him and tells I love you in Tamil. She says I searched on net and learnt. She says I didn’t get any sign from you, but I fell in love with you. She says it is just a word, but a complete feeling. She tells that he is the one who has taught her to be happy, to walk with her head high, she forgets her pain when she is with him. She says I used to like you, but now nothing seems to be good without you. She says I just wants your support for now and for always. She makes him sit on the chair and presents gift to him. She says I hope you will never let our relation break and says this small gift for you. He opens the gift and sees name plate of Lavanya and Arjun venkataram. Pinky is shocked. Arjun asks have you gone mad? He breaks the name plate and breaks the decoration. He says how dare you, to give me this thing and says I can’t think you are so desperate. He says with what right, you got our name plate made. Revathi comes there with Sunny. Arjun says what do you think that I will love 4 ft 8 inches girl and tells that her mind is small like her height which can’t understand that they are not suitable for each other. Pinky asks why did you bring her to your home? Why did you stand by me and helped me with Gagan’s case. Arjun tells that he had showed sympathy on her and tells that whatever he did was just for sympathy and asks her to think once, if there is any match of you and me, says you can’t be of Ananya as there is a land and sky difference between you and Ananya. He says he wants to get rid of her now and for always.

Precap: Pinky tells Antra that Arjun ji has talked so much bitter and tells that she has never heard such bitter words before. Later she tries to commit suicide and hangs herself. Arjun and Antra are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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