Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 17th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Pinky’s fake drastic step shocks Arjun

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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 17th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pinky sitting down shocked. She is about to pick the name plate, when Arjun holds her hand and throws her out of the house. He asks her to get out, says he don’t love her and will never love him. He says I have no relation with you, please go and let me live peacefully. He goes inside the house. Pinky is shocked and shattered. She thinks of his words that what does she think that he will love 4 ft and 8 inches girl. Arjun gets angry at his house and hits his hand on the wall. Sunny comes there and asks what are you doing, handle yourself. Pinky comes to Antra’s room window and asks where is Maa and Papa? Antra tells that everyone went out, Bhaiyya is sleeping. She helps her come inside the room and asks what happened? Pinky tells that Arjun hates her and rejected her. Antra asks her to be calm down and hugs her. Sunny tells Arjun how he can say such bitter words to Pinky and tells that he has broken her heart today. Arjun tells that he had to say this so that she don’t feel more pain. He tells that Pinky is not ready to understand that they have no future. Pinky tells Antra that she is a big foolish girl and was living in dreams world. She tells that she has never heard such bitter words before in her life, which Arjun told her. She says whoever I had met, points out my inability. She says Arjun has counts all my inabilities and hates me so much. She says he told me that whatever he did was for, is because he feels sympathetic towards her. She says he said that Naati Pinky can’t think of getting him. Antra says I can’t think that Arjun’s thinking was so small. Pinky says no, I am wrong. Antra asks her to be there and goes.

Arjun tells Sunny that he has seen Ananya suffocated as she used to yearn for her father for 8 years. He says I used to feel that I had never met Pinky and loved her. Sunny says you wanted to say Ananya bhabhi. Arjun says I took Ananya’s name only. Sunny says you had said that you wouldn’t have met Pinky and don’t love her. Arjun says I told Ananya only. Antra comes there and asks him, if he loves Pinky. She says if you don’t love her, then why did you come to save Pinky, wherever she is in trouble. Arjun says it was my duty. Antra says she has all her family members to take care of her. She asks if you don’t feel pain seeing her pain. Arjun says there is nothing like that. Antra says you can’t hide the truth and tells that the injury on your hand are showing everything, that you loves Pinky a lot and is using Ananya’s excuse to stay far from her. She asks him to tell Pinky if he loves her or not. She says that she wants answer from him. Arjun says yes, I love her more than myself, but please don’t tell her. Antra says I will not tell her, and want you to tell her by yourself. She says she will not stop her from coming near him.

Antra comes home and asks Pinky to open the door, but the door is locked and Pinky doesn’t respond. Antra calls Arjun. Arjun comes there running and asks Pinky to open the door. He sees Pinky standing, and is about to hang herself. They go inside and find her hanged to the ceiling. Antra looks on shocked. Arjun breaks down and cries. Pinky comes from behind and tells that it was dummy, and I am here. Arjun hugs her and says thank God you are fine, I was scared. He then asks how did she get such an idea? Pinky says while she was cleaning, she got the idea and thought to asks him how much he dislikes her. She says I knew that even in your heart….Arjun says there is nothing in his heart. Pinky asks then why did you hurt yourself, after hurting me. She asks why? She holds his hand again and says you had said that we have no relation, then what is this? She says you can’t run away anymore, as you are tied by the relation and love too. Arjun leaves from there. Antra appreciates Pinky and asks her to go to her home. Pinky says how to go home, he threw me out. Antra tells her that it is her house and she shall go there. Antra says you have to keep self respect and ego aside and have to make your marriage work. She says expression of love mission starts now. Pinky hugs her.

Arjun comes to the dining table. Nandu asks where is Choti Mamma? Arjun asks her to finish her food. Nandu says it was good if I had not come here, and would have stayed in NCPCR hostel. Arjun says you shall not say this and have sandwich. Revati comes there and tells that she will make her eat. Nandu refuses. Pinky comes there with band and baaja. She tells that husband and wife have fight everywhere and tells that he must be thinking if she has any self respect or not, tells that she doesn’t have. She says when you can be a liar, then I can be misbehaving. She tells that she has decided to focus on the subject, which result means to her. She tells that she will become his wife. Arjun looks on.

Precap will be added later after the episode airs on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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