Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Antra comes to help Pinky, Revati makes a plan

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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 20th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Antra telling Asha that Pinky is not PT Usha to run and tells that she had come to pick me from station. She calls Pinky. Pinky brings her stuff. Arjun asks Revati to leave his house. Revati says I can’t be quiet hearing that guy insulting you. She says my worry was right about Ananya, she left you. Arjun says since I saw your behavior for Ananya and Nandu, I don’t have anything against you. Revati asks him to go to bahu for wedding night and asks if that jalebi is fine. Arjun goes to his room. Nalini says Antra…Antra says just as lockdown ended, I came. She asks Nalini to give her Corona hug. They hug from far. She tells Asha that she will not hug her as she came to know that she worn PPE kit and went in isolation. Asha says she was taking precautionary measures. Antra says now she will take precautions. She says I will hug you too as you will think that I am partial towards you. Sarthak comes there and says you would have called me. Antra says I was thinking then thought you would be busy with Tau ji’s seva and that’s why didn’t disturb you. She asks Ram to tell where is the goli in her hand. Ram says in this hand. She says she doesn’t have goli as she had it. She asks if he got the rakhi as she had given instructions to courier guy. Ram says I got it and tied too. Lakshman asks Asha who is this woman? Asha says she is your sister. Lakshman says Antra my behen and asks for his goli. She says I ate it, but will bring later. She tells that it was Pinky and her surprise to surprise them. Nalini asks about Amma. Antra tells about Amma taking care of Mausi. She tells that Amma sent me here. Ram says Antra came at the right time, Pinky is getting engaged soon. Antra asks why is he hurrying up for the engagement. She then asks Asha to her 320 tea and not 420 tea. Asha goes upset. Lakshman asks Antra to search his goli/sweet tablet.

Antra tells Nalini that Amma and Pinky are in her gang and asks how did she hide this big secret? Pinky comes there. Nalini tells that Jaanu sent your bua to help you. Antra sends Nalini to get tea. She calls Pinky as Imarti and tells her that kamar band is still tied to her waist. Pinky says even Arjun ji tried. Antra opens the kamar band loop and tells that it is opened. Pinky gets tensed. Antra asks if she has any movements in her stomach and tells that this happens with her when her husband brings gajra for her etc. She tells that she has glow on her face which she had not before. She asks if she is thinking the fake marriage to be real. Pinky says actually the fake marriage….Nalini comes there and says just as Nandu comes back, this fake marriage drama will end. Arjun tells everything to Sunny and regrets his behavior. Sunny asks did you have new type of Corona, as angry young man Arjun is worried for desi simple girl Imarti. Arjun says she stays alone and looks needy. I don’t know who are with her. He tells that they shall get the contract and talk about business. Sunny asks if Imarti will return in the house. Kalyani calls Revati and asks why this puja was needed. Revati tells that Arjun was angry after wedding night. She says she thought to burn their relation and made the perfect plan. She looks at the saree and recalls Arjun bringing saree for Ananya and asking where is she? and goes. Revati says she will be happy if she gets this saree. Fb ends. She tells that she wants her fake bahu’s help now so that Arjun confesses the truth that his marriage is fake.

She calls Kala jamun, barfi and asks if you are sleeping still. Arjun went to work. Pinky comes as Imarti and tells that she had gone out to bring something for old lady. Revati says she is more pretty and fit than her. Imarti says nobody is like me and asks her not to compare herself with her. Revati shows her saree and says with beautify your beauty more. Imarti gets ready in the saree given by Revati. Revati says Arjun will be so happy and asks her to tie flower ribbon in her hair. She ties it and says beautiful. She tells that they have kept puja for successful marriage and asks her to call her father. Imarti gets tensed.

Precap: Arjun calls her greedy for wearing the saree. Imarti asks him to stop it and tells that she is not doing this for greed. She says she is worried for someone. Arjun asks you are doing this for whom.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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