Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Pinky gives her approval to marry Vikas

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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 27th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pinky telling Arjun that she thought not to tell him about her truth, but now circumstances have changed. Arjun asks what is changed between us Pinky, holds her hand and kisses on it. It turns out to be her imagination. She wakes up shocking and thinks whom to hit, my dreams or myself. She thinks what I can’t feel even in my dreams, I am feeling in real life and seeing in my dream. She says Arjun ji and me..can’t be possible. She thinks about Arjun and her dream and wonders what is happening to her. She comes out of her house, recalls his words and washes her face. She turns and looks at Arjun who is standing infront of her. She looks at him from head to toe, blinks her eyes, pats on her faces and then pinches him. He asks if you got an attack. She is about to bite her nails and says you are here. Arjun asks what is she doing outside her house. She tells that it is very hot so she came to wash her face.

She turns and hurts her hand with the thorn of the plant. Arjun gets concerned and ties his handkerchief on her hand, asks her to do meditation to stop such stupid things. Nalini and Antra come there and see them. Ram calls Nalini and asks did you talk to Pinky? Nalini says she is coming. She thanks Arjun and says we will take care of her. Arjun shows Nandu’s guardianship papers and says I want you to take her guardianship. I hope you will not have any problem, being her Maasi. Antra asks Pinky to sign and says she is like her mother. Pinky signs on the papers. Arjun says this is the last formality, then Nandu will return home. He goes. Revati hears them.

Nalini tells Pinky that she is worried about her truth rather than Imarti’s lie. She takes her to room and asks what is going on in your heart for Arjun. She says I know your eyes, you had promised me that you will not do anything like this. Antra asks Nalini to calm down. Nalini says I have promised that I will get her married to Vikas. Antra asks if Pinky is a toy, that everyone wants to play with her life and says even she has feelings and love. Nalini tells that Arjun is Ananya’s husband. Antra says Pinky and Arjun are bounded together for life and asks her to go out and tell Ram that when she sees Arjun, you like to see him, feels good to hear him and speak to him, you get worried for him etc. Nalini gets shocked. Antra says this is truth and this shall come out. She asks her to tell everyone that she loves Arjun. Pinky goes out. Nalini cries and says everything will be ruined. Ram is sitting outside. Pinky comes and rests her head on his lap. He asks what happened? Pinky says I love you a lot Papa, that’s why I have decided and is ready is marry Vikas.

Ram gets happy and says your decision gave me a biggest happiness of my life. Shraddha congratulates her. Asha says congratulations on your second groom. Sarthak says we shall dance. They all dance. Antra is unhappy with her decision. Ram hugs her happily and tells that he is very happy today. He asks why are you crying. Vikas comes there and takes Ram’s blessings. Ram says I will take out marriage mahurat tomorrow itself. Asha brings the sweets. Ram makes both Vikas and Pinky have sweets. He asks Sarthak to bring a good wedding planner as he wants to fill his daughter’s life with happiness, removing all the bitterness of the past. Pinky goes to her room while others are dancing.

Antra talks to Dadi and tells what Pinky said. Pinky tells that she wants to talk to Janu. Antra says Maa doesn’t want to liars. Pinky tells that Maa and Papa are very happy today. Antra asks if her love is internet love and asks her to tell everything to everyone. Pinky says I have nothing in my heart for Arjun, so don’t say this. Antra says ok, I will not say. Pinky gives her sweets. Antra says Arjun ji you are here? Pinky gets happy and says Arjun ji…but he is not there. Antra says you got happy hearing his name. She asks her to close her eyes and see if Arjun is seen. Pinky opens her eyes and tells that she will not close her eyes. Shraddha comes there and sprays on her eyes mistakenly while sanitizing the house. Antra asks Pinky if she saw someone. Pinky sees Arjun and tells that she is seeing Chaat and Pakode…Antra asks who is making it and passing the plate to you. Pinky sees Arjun again and says I just saw chaat. She smiles.

Precap: Pinky thinks Arjun and I…She sees Arjun asking her to hold his hand and make him hers. They dance.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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