Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 30th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Arjun is shattered as Nandu is taken away

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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 30th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandu telling Arjun that she doesn’t want to leave him. The lady claiming to be from NCPCR and tells that they came to take Nandu to her real parents. Ram looks at them from his house. Kalyani tells Nandu that she is her daughter and this man kept her forcibly with him. Kalyani’s husband tells that he is her father and asks her to come with him. Nandu goes to Arjun and hugs him. Ram comes there and asks what is happening here? The lady tells that they are from NCPCR and have all the documents, tells that Arjun doesn’t have adoption papers. Pinky asks her to let Arjun be with Nandu. The lady shows the proofs in which Arjun is seen drunk in car and then Nandu slipping off the stairs. Pinky asks them why they didn’t come before and came like this. Kalyani says she was afraid that Arjun will run away with her daughter and she was keeping eye on him. The lady asks if he tried to elope with Nandu. Arjun says I was taking Nandu from here as someone was threatening to snatch Nandu from me. Pinky walks towards Kalyani’s husband and makes his supporting sticks/crutch falls down. She tells the lady that Kalyani’s husband is not handicapped. They both were blackmailing Arjun and want to take Nandu to Dubai and want to make her work as a household maid. Arjun gets angry and tells that he loves Nandu more than his own daughter. The lady says that as per Indian laws, single father can’t adopt a girl child.

Pinky says he is not single and getting married soon. Kalyani says she is lying. Pinky asks if Arjun will tell you everything. The lady asks when is the marriage? Pinky says tomorrow. Ram makes a call to someone. The NCPCR lady gets a call and tells Arjun that Nandu can’t stay with them or with you. She says Nandu has to stay with the NCPCR centre till then. Arjun pleads infront of her not to take Nandu, but the lady forcibly takes Nandu from there. He breaks down and cries, sitting on the road shattered. Pinky tries to go to him, but Ram stops her. Pinky asks Ram to do something. Ram says this is all legal matters, what we can do. He asks her to come inside. Nalini asks Pinky to come inside.

Pinky calls Sunny and asks him to come to Arjun’s house soon. Asha tells that Madrasi has hidden such a big truth from us. Sarthak asks her to stop it. Asha tells that she got her Corona test done, and it is negative. She says Nandu is not Ananya’s daughter. Pinky says Arjun and Ananya are her parents. Ram tells that Pinky is right and tells that the parents who brought up the child is more important than the biological parents. Nalini asks if he will do something to bring Nandu back. Ram says it is Arjun’s matter and asks them to pack their bags. Asha tells Ram that Pinky was aware of this, but didn’t tell us and is supporting him at every step. Ram gets tensed. Ram makes a call to someone and tells that they are coming to Kanpur tomorrow. Asha thinks what did Pinky say that Arjun is remarrying, but with whom?

Arjun talks to the lawyer, who refuses to help him. He thinks how to bring my daughter back? Sunny comes there and says you have hidden such a big thing from us and bear everything alone. He says I understand your pain. He says lets twist the way and tells that they shall bribe the security guy in which Nandu is kept and asks him to go out of Delhi with Nandu from here. Arjun says he will not do this. Sunny asks him to remarried as the second way. Arjun says I will not remarry. He gets his mother’s call and rejects the call. He thinks of Nandu’s words. Pinky thinks how to get Arjun remarried and from where to get the girl. Asha says you are right. Pinky says I know him, he will not agree. She asks Nalini to ask Ram to postpone their trip to Kanpur, but Nalini says she can’t.

Arjun cries sitting near Nandu’s toy house. He looks at Ananya’s pic and cries. He thinks he couldn’t keep his promise made to Ananya. He thinks of Sunny’s words and calls him. He asks him to make a call to the security guard.

Precap: Pinky asks Arjun to get married to bring Nandu back. Arjun agrees. His mother calls someone and asks her not to go to marry Arjun.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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