Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Pinky signs the divorce papers

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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 30th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Revati telling Pinky that her mother had taken promise from Arjun. She says I heard them talking when Nandu was stuck in the room. A fb is shown. Revati tells Pinky that Nalini had taken promise from Arjun asking him to stay away from you. She says Nalini doesn’t want Arjun to be with you and says I have done wrong with you, but even your mum is doing wrong. She cries and says the problem is that the parents want to control their kids’ lives and they forget that whom they want to throw from his/her life, is actually his/her life. She says I hope your mother realizes mistake soon and goes.

Pinky comes to Antra and says I have understood everything by now. She says I knew that Papa doesn’t like Arjun and my relation, but didn’t know about Maa. She says Maa doesn’t want me to get my love and I couldn’t understand her. She says everything was infront of my eyes, but I couldn’t see. I thought Maa understands me and my happiness, but…..She says a child gets hopes from mother. She says I was her daughter then why did she do this. Antra asks her to come inside.

Nalini sees Pinky coming there. Antra asks Nalini why she didn’t think about Pinky’s happiness even once. Nalini asks what I would have done, shall I see my husband dying. She says you don’t care for your brother and even Pinky don’t care for her father. She says Arjun ji is better than you both and helped me. She says I hope that he will not backstabbed me. Pinky apologizes to her and says I had forgotten that love happens for an aim and we shall think about just self and not for others. She says I have understood that Papa and you are very pained with Arjun and my relation and happiness. She says it is enough, now there will be no pain. She is leaving Arjun ji.

She says I have left him and named my happiness on your name. I will never let your respect get less as I am your daughter. She goes. Antra says what worse can happen than this.

Paro comes to Arjun and asks him to eat it fast. Arjun says he is not feeling like eating. Paro hugs him and says I am with you. Arjun asks what are you doing? Paro says you had told that you want to move on and tells that their marriage is next week. She says she don’t want half Arjun, she can’t bear. Arjun says things are not in my control and tells that this half Arjun will die in some days, as he can’t live after Pinky goes. Paro says I can’t let this happen and hugs him. Pinky comes there and calls Paro.

Pinky asks can I talk to Arjun alone. Paro asks her to tell infront of her. Arjun asks her to go. Pinky tells Arjun that she came to know everything and understood how he has felt when his mother betrayed him. She says I don’t understand that how can a mother hurt her own child and see her in pain. She cries and says even my mother betrayed me. She says she didn’t think about me at once, and betrayed me. Arjun asks her to handle herself and makes her sit. Pinky cries. Arjun tells the riddle to cheer up and asks her to say the answer. Pinky says don’t know. Arjun says it is a watch. Pinky says even you joke well. She says at one side is Maa and other side is you, it is my duty to fulfill your and Maa’s wish. She shows the divorce papers which he got made and tells that today she will sign on it. She recalls their moments, gets emotional and signs on it.

Arjun also recalls their moments…Pinky laughs and handovers file to Arjun. Arjun asks why are you laughing? Pinky says even you knows that when I am very much tensed, I laugh. She says I never thought that I have to leave you, today I am freeing you from me and this relation. She goes to Nandu’s room and tells that she has to go now. Nandu asks why? Pinky says just as your Papa needs you, my Papa needs me. She says she is not far, but will be infront of her house. Paro asks Nandu not to be upset as she will take care. Arjun asks Nandu to let Maasi go. Nandu says she can’t lose her mother again. Arjun says let her go. Antra says even I am feeling bad that I couldn’t do anything for your choti maa and asks her to pray to God. Nandu says she will pray to God and wish that she returns to her. Antra asks her to let Pinky go for now. Nandu hugs Pinky and runs to her room. Pinky looks at Arjun before leaving.

Precap will be posted when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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