Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 31st July 2020 Written Episode Update: Pinky convinces Arjun to marry for Nandu’s custody

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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 31st July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun agreeing to Sunny and says I will give the money to the watchman and will leave with Nandu. Sunny says you are doing right. Pinky hears him and comes out of house. Nalini stops her. Pinky asks her to let her go else people will think that they are stranger to Nandu. She says if I don’t go then will lose Nandu. Sunny asks him to take Nandu from there. Pinky comes infront of his car and says if you get caught then you will not get Nandu. Arjun asks her to try to understand and says I can’t lose Nandu. Pinky asks him to think about Nandu and tells that you have second way too. Arjun asks her to go. Pinky says she will die, but will not move until he agrees for marriage. She says if you lose Nandu once then you will not get her again. Nalini comes and asks him to get married to get Nandu. Sunny asks Arjun to get married in a fake marriage. He says once you get the marriage certificate then nobody can stop you from getting Nandu. She tells that Nandu is their grand daughter even now and asks him to get married before they go to Kanpur. Arjun agrees to get married. Pinky asks why you are making such a sad face. Sunny says I will make all the arrangements and asks from where to get the bride. Pinky says from drama company. Sunny says ok. Pinky says she is going to Kanpur in the morning. Kalyani hears them and informs Arjun’s Amma that he is getting married. Amma tells that Arjun don’t talk to girls nicely and is lying. Pinky choses the bride for Arjun. Sunny says it will be difficult for them to make Arjun sit in the mandap. Pinky then calls Arjun and tells that she is going to Kanpur to get married and asks him to remember why is he getting married. Arjun says ok. Pinky turns and sees Ram standing.

Ram tells Nalini that they shall make all the arrangements for the marriage. Pinky says they will go in the evening. Ram asks if she has any problem and asks her to see Vikas profile who is a divorcee himself. He says this time there will be no problem. Sunny asks Arjun to see the girl’s pic once. Arjun doesn’t see girl’s face, but Kalyani comes there and takes the girl’s pic in her mobile. She informs Arjun’s mother about the girl and says she will text her address. Sunny talks to the girl and tells that he will give her money when she comes to marry Arjun. Arjun makes it clear to her that he is doing contract marriage and they shall not have any expectation from each other. She says ok. After he ends the call, the girl gets call from Arjun’s mother who asks her what is the amount which she is getting from Arjun to marry him.

Shraddha asks Pinky about her idea of the guy. Pinky tells that she wants her dream guy to be somewhat bore, who respects her a lot, and she shall feel like a child seeing him. Shraddha says what you are saying, I didn’t understand and asks her to come.

Arjun gets ready for marriage. He sees decorations and asks Sunny why he did this? Sunny says marriage is fake, but decoration was needed. Arjun thanks him for his support and tells that he is very much worried. He thinks he never thought that this day will come and apologizes to Ananya. He says I am doing this for our daughter.

Ram and his family are leaving. Pinky worries for Arjun and Nandu. Nalini asks her not to worry. Pinky says she is worried for Nandu. Nalini asks Lakshman to stay back home. Pinky hopes that Lakshman is her first and last player. Lakshman tells Ram that he has some work and will stay back, will take care of house. Ram says ok. Asha asks Lakshman to take the stuff in the car. Asha tells Pinky that she will sit in her car. She sits with Pinky and Nalini in their car. Sunny asks Lakshman to hide his face and read fake mantra. Lakshman says ok. Sunny calls Sangeeta, but she doesn’t pick his call. Lakshman thinks he don’t know how to read mantras and that’s why he shall call the Pandit. Sunny calls Pinky. Pinky acts as getting vomiting and gets down the car. Sunny tells Pinky that Sangeeta didn’t come to marry Arjun. Pinky gets worried.

Precap: Pinky decides to sit on mandap with Arjun to save Nandu. Asha hears her on call and informs Ram. Ram takes the gun and goes to shoot Arjun.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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