Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 3rd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Pinky and Arjun gets married, Ram furious

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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 3rd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sunny calling Pinky and asks if she talked to the fake bride Sangeeta. He says I can’t leave from here as Seema and Registrar will come here. Arjun asks what happened? Why you are in tension. Sunny tells that raw bananas is brought, how marriage will happen. Pandit ji comes and greets Lakshman. Lakshman asks why did you come? Pandit ji says you called me to get someone marriage and tells whoever gets married today, will be destined to stay all life. Lakshman recalls and asks him to hide his face. Pinky tells Asha that she will wash her face and come. She tells Nalini that she has to go as the bride haven’t come to marry Arjun. She then gets an idea and puts nail under the tyre. She sits inside the car and asks Nalini to help her in her act. Arjun asks Sunny to get married himself and asks this drama. He says I will search some other way to get Nandu. Sunny tries to stop him and sees Registrar coming there. The car stops on the way. The driver tells that he will check the tyre.

The registrar tells Sunny that he has less time. Sunny messages Pinky that even Arjun is running away. Driver tells Asha that he will change the tyre as it is punctured. Nalini asks Pinky to get the jewellery from home which they have forgotten. Asha says no need to go now. Pinky says ok, but Chachi ji’s meena necklace is also with her jewellery. Asha gets happy and asks her to go and get jewellery and also Meena necklace. Pinky sits in the cab and calls Arjun. She tells him that he is her hero and will be Nandu’s hero now. Arjun says you reach me at the right time somehow and decides to go back to the mandap. Pinky asks Sunny to message the girl’s address and says she will go and check. Arjun’s mother calls the girl and asks her not to come out of house today. Sangeeta says she got her house locked from outside.

Ram calls Nalini, but she doesn’t pick his call. He calls Asha who tells him that car is punctured and they will leave as soon as possible. Pinky reaches Sangeeta’s house and finds the door locked. She sits in the car and calls Nalini, informing her that the girl is not in her house and asks if she shall sit in the mandap with Arjun. Asha tries to snatch phone and hears Pinky saying it. Pinky reaches Arjun’s house, and sees Seema there. Asha calls Ram and tells that Pinky went to marry Arjun. She cooks up a fake story and tells that Pinky bite her and went to marry Arjun. Ram tells Sarthak that his prestige is on stake and asks driver to take U turn. Nalini scolds Asha and asks her to give phone. Asha tells that she will not give her phone. Registrar tells that he will go. Seema asks why there is delay in the marriage. Pinky comes there and tells that bride is ready, she will bring her. Sunny asks Pinky to bring her. Pinky asks if Chacha ji came? Sunny says yes. Pandit ji asks Sunny to call the bride. Sunny says Pinky’s Chacha ji is doing authentic acting. Pinky comes to room and sees the bridal dress and jewellery on bed. She thinks she has to do this for Nandu. Pandit ji asks them to call the bride fast as the mahurat is ending. Pinky comes there in veil.

Sunny tells Arjun that Pinky has sent the bride. He brings her to mandap. Pinky sits beside Arjun. Ram reaches there in his car and gets down the car. Nalini is also in the car and tells Asha that she has a big misunderstanding. Pandit ji asks Arjun and the bride to take their hands forward and do the ritual. Ram comes inside his house and takes the rifle. He says he will not leave Pinky today. Nalini and Asha reach there. Nalini tells that Asha has a big misunderstanding, Ram says if Pinky gets married to Arjun then I will kill her. He pushes Nalini and goes to Arjun’s house. Arjun and Pinky takes the rounds. Pandit ji asks him to make the bride wear mangalsutra. Arjun makes her wear mangalsutra. Nalini stops Ram again from entering inside Arjun’s house and holds the gun. Pandit ji tells that the marriage will be completed once sindoor is filled in her maang and tells that today’s mahurat is very auspicious. Nalini threatens to shoot herself if Ram moves even a bit. Arjun asks bride to lift her ghunghat. She lifts her ghunghat and he gets shocked seeing her. Pinky has taken disguise of Imarti. Sunny is shocked. Ram comes there breaking the door.

Precap will be added once the episode airs on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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