Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 4th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Ram gets shot by Nalini

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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 4th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun getting shocked seeing Imarti. Pinky tells the audience that she has only this way left to help Arjun get Nandu. She tells that nothing is real in this marriage, else the feeling which is to help. Sunny sees Lakshman coming from outside wearing the vest and gets shocked. Pandit ji asks Arjun to fill the sindoor on the bride’s forehead. Arjun fills the sindoor on her forehead. Pinky covers her face with veil. Lakshman asks shall I get the marriage done. Sunny says it is done. Asha says marriage has started. Ram breaks the door and gets inside. Nalini also enters with him and tries to snatch the gun. She pulls the trigger by mistake. Ram gets shot and falls down. Arjun tries to stop him, but in vain. Imarti removes her veil and gets shocked seeing Ram shot. Ram looks at her face and faints. Pandit ji prays for Ram’s recovery. Arjun takes Ram to the hospital. Doctor asks Arjun to pay the deposit amount. Sunny stops Arjun and says let Ram’s family pay the money. Arjun says he is Ananya’s dad and my family too. He goes to pay the deposit. Asha asks Nalini not to worry and tells that Ram will be fine. Pinky asks Nalini not to worry and says nothing will happen to Papa. Nalini asks where is Pinky and calls her. Pinky realizes she is in Imarti’s get up now. Nalini asks where is my bindi and gets worried thinking if something happens to Ram. Arjun takes her to the hospital temple. Imarti applies tilak to her and says nothing will happen to Bau ji. Nalini faints. Arjun takes her from there.

Asha blames Pinky for the happenings and tells that Bhai saheb went to take Pinky’s life and he himself became victim by his wife. She says she had heard pinky saying that she will sit on the mandap with Pinky. Pinky cries and prays to God for her father’s life. Pandit ji comes to the hospital and asks Lakshman about Ram. Lakshman says he is going to get medicine. Arjun comes there with Sunny. Pandit ji says you have forgotten to give my dakshina/fees. Sunny says I will ask Lakshman how much to pay you for your acting? Pandit asks acting. Sunny says for the fake marriage. Pandit ji tells that he has performed 100 percent real marriage and the marriage happened at the most auspicious moment that their relation will remain for 7 births. Pinky also hears him and recalls the marriage. Arjun asks him why is he joking? Pandit ji says I am not joking, your real marriage happened. Pinky says Arjun ji is my husband now. Arjun asks what is this joke?

Lakshman comes and says Sunny told that they have to get Arjun married, so he called their family Pandit so that marriage happens with all the rituals. Doctor comes out and tells that Ram ji is fine as the bullet was shot on his shoulder. Asha says I will talk to Pandit ji and will tell him that whatever I had heard was right, but..Doctor says he wants to meet his daughter first. Pinky says I am here and comes to the ICU. Arjun looks at Pinky. Pinky goes inside. Arjun gets angry on Sunny for getting him married to the girl. Sunny says your work is done atleast. Arjun says if that girl refuse then what? Seema calls Arjun and tells that she has forgotten to take his and his wife’s signatures and asks him to come at 4 pm. Arjun says ok. He asks if he will get Nandu. Seema asks him to come first. Arjun tells Sunny that they shall search the girl. Pinky goes to the ward.

Ram regrets to doubt on Pinky and says I knew that my daughter will never shake her hand with my enemy. Pinky cries. He says that mistake which made me far from Ananya, I should not have thought that you will do the same mistake. He says I became stone hearted and never told her how much I loved her. He apologizes to Pinky and tells that he don’t want any troubles and want to see them happy. He asks her to promise that she will not do anything to lower his head. Pinky promises him. Ram says I have informed vikas family and they will come by 4 pm. He asks her to welcome them. Pinky says ok. Sunny and Arjun search Imarti, but couldn’t find her and don’t see her dress kept under the table. Arjun laughs and says I thought only one thing in the morning that I will bring my daughter home, but then I came to know that I took real rounds with fake bride, but then I came to know that the girl is missing. Sunny says her name is Imarti and tells that she helped them in the kitty party. Arjun blames Pinky for his marriage.

Precap: Arjun asks Pinky where is Imarti? Pinky says she is here and tells that I am Imarti, and got married to you. Arjun is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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