Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 5th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Pinky decides to play double role for Ram and Arjun-Nandu

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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 5th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asha asking Pinky where did she go? She asks her not to lie and tells that I heard with my ears, and says there is something for sure. Pinky goes to see Nalini ignoring Asha’s questions. She sits by her side and cries holding her hand. Nalini turns to other side and is still unconscious. Arjun comes there and asks Pinky to come out, as he needs to talk to her. He holds her hand and takes her out. He tells Pinky and Sunny that he is trapped because of them. He says he has to go with his wife and sign and asks where is Imarti? Pinky gets worried and tells that Imarti is here. Sunny says we have searched entire hospital, but couldn’t find her. Pinky says I am Imarti, you got married to me. Arjun asks have you gone mad? What are you saying? Pinky says I am saying the truth, you got married to me. She says I had no way, this was the only way to bring Nandu back, and that’s why I sat on the mandap. Arjun laughs and says you are joking. Pinky says she is not joking and tells that she knows that he will not accept being afraid of Papa. Arjun says I am not scared of him and tells that he has seen Ananya’s suffering because of their marriage and he don’t want her to suffer the same way. He says we have to end this marriage right now. Pinky says we will end this marriage, but first we will bring Nandu. He says he can’t take anyone advantage for his benefit. Pinky says if Seema comes to know that our marriage is fake then we will lose Nandu forever and asks him to understand once. She asks him to leave her hand and realizes that she was seeing the dream. Arjun asks what happened, if she is watching more films. Sunny says that girl is not here in the hospital and says it would have been good if she had sat with Arjun as the bride. Arjun tells Sunny that he don’t like bad jokes and asks Pinky to search Imarti. He says I have to tell Imarti that their marriage was real and I want her support and want her to help me to bring Nandu back. He says please, search her for me. If she agrees to help me then send her to NCPCR at 4 pm. He asks Pinky not to worry and says your Papa will be fine soon. She feels drowsy and thinks she is feeling as if Maths came instead of Hindi paper. She sits on the stretcher and faints. Nurse and Ward boy comes there and takes the stretcher to the OT.

Arjun comes to the NCPCR. Seema asks about his wife. Sunny says you know how ladies take time? Nandu comes and hugs Arjun. Arjun says he will take her from here today. Seema asks Sunny when Arjun’s wife will come. Pinky gains consciousness in the OT, hears doctor talking about operation. Pinky asks if they are punishing her for marrying Papa’s enemy. She tells that she tried to unite a daughter with her father and asks if he will operate her for this. Nurse says she got panic attack before too. Pinky says she can get heart attack for marrying Papa’s enemy and takes the injection from Nurse. He asks Doctor to move back. Doctor says I will not do your operation, will take out other solution for you. Pinky gets an idea and tells that she will become Pinky for Papa and Imarti for Arjun and Nandu. She says double role and leaves from there.

Arjun shows burnt garlic toast to Nandu. He asks if she missed it? Nandu says I missed you and this toast. She tastes it and tells that her room bed is very hard here. She tells that she became friends with some girls who don’t have any parents, but one girl is having step mom who is very bad. Seema comes and asks about her mother. Arjun says she is talking about your Mamma. Seema takes Arjun and sunny inside and ask the former if he didn’t tell Nandu about his wife. Sunny tells that Nandu and Imarti are BFF and tells that they are good friends. Seema says she has to leave now as it is 4 pm. She tells that they will meet after 2 weeks. Just then Imarti comes there. Arjun asks from where did this wonder come? Sunny says she is your brand new wife Imarti. Seema greets her as Mrs. Venkatraman. Imarti smiles and says she thought she has two husbands, as his name is long. Seema asks them to sign on the papers. Arjun signs on the papers. Imarti signs in Hindi. Sunny praises Imarti. Seema says your Jodi is very unique and strange and asks where did you meet? They give different answers. Sunny says circus, Imarti says he had saved her. Seema looks at them.

Precap will be added after episode airs on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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