Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 7th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Pinky’s secret in danger

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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 7th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asha praying to God and asking him to save her from Bhai Saheb, says she had told him that Pinky sat on the mandap with Arjun. Nurse comes and tells that Ram is calling you. Asha gets scared and goes to his ward. She tells him that her BP is increased and doctor has stuck drip to her hand. Ram says doctor forgot to inject the needle. Asha says I can never think of hurting you, you are like a God to me, I worship you. Ram asks her to stop and asks her to think 1000 times before saying anything against his daughter. He says I was about to do the sin. He asks her to go. Imarti stumbles and falls down. Arjun gives his hand and thinks of giving her scale to Imarti so that she can get up. He gives her stick. She gets up and says you are a fast learner. Asha tells that something is wrong and tells that she heard Pinky saying that she will sit on the mandap. She asks Lakshman why did he go to Arjun’s house. He says Pinky had called him there to get someone’s marriage done. Asha asks whose marriage? Lakshman says he don’t remember. Asha calls him useless.

Arjun tells Imarti that he won’t let any injustice happen to her as their marriage is fake. Pinky thinks Vikas and Asha Chachi might come home. She tries to bite the apple. Arjun says it is artificial and brought by Nandu. He asks her to give her address and phone number. Imarti/Pinky tells that she don’t know address and she had promised Gulabo not to give phone number to anyone. He asks who is Gulabo? Imarti says my phone. He asks how to call you then and thinks why I am talking like her. she says you are talking like me. Asha reaches home. Arjun asks her to sit. Imarti tells that she wants tea. He goes to kitchen to make tea. Imarti asks him to add two spoons sugar and milk. He asks how much tea dust to be added. Imarti runs to her house. Asha and lakshman comes home. Lakshman tells that he is going to hospital to bring bhabhi home. Asha opens the lock and gets inside. Pinky is already inside the house and changes her clothes and takes out the wig, make up and jewellery. Asha tries to peep inside her room. Pinky hides the clothes and other things and closes the window. Nalini injures her finger. Pinky goes to kitchen. Arjun calls her and complains to her about Imarti. He asks her to come home with Imarti tomorrow at 10 am. Asha comes there and asks about Arjun’s marriage. Pinky hides the mobile and talks to Arjun. Arjun asks her to say yes or no. She says yes. Asha asks her to say why she called Lakshman there. Pinky asks her to suffocate her neck and tells that she had called Lakshman chacha to get Arjun and Imarti married. Asha goes as Shraddha tells that vikas came. Pinky thinks how to go to Arjun;s house with imarti. She makes the flour box falls on her hand and her head get stuck in the box. Vikas comes to kitchen and helps her get the box out of her head. He introduces himself. Lakshman and Nalini smile.

Sunny tells Arjun that he has mailed the lawyer. Arjun says I don’t know how to handle imarti. She gets hungry and suddenly she vanishes. She has to understand the seriousness of this case. Sunny says she is jhalli, carefree type and her face is strange. Arjun says God has made everyone and however he has made her, it is good and tells that she shall understand the case and hopes he gets Nandu. Door bell rings. He opens the door and sees his mother. He asks who has called her. His mother congratulates him for the wedding and offers gift. He asks Sunny to ask her to go. She asks him to stop treating his friend as Servant. Sunny greets her. Arjun’s mother insults him for putting on lots of weight. Arjun asks her to go before he insults her. She says I didn’t give you such values to insult elders. Arjun says actually you didn’t give me anything. Sunny says I will give you water. Arjun says no need, she will get it from the shop. His mother says I was excited to come here, now Nandu..She asks Sunny to make his friend understand. Arjun says you can’t control me now and shows her the way. Sunny asks shall I drop you. Arjun’s mother asks him to stay with Arjun as he needs him.

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