Pavitra Bhagya 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Reyansh and Pranati team up to expose the truth

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Pavitra Bhagya 18th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reyansh asks his brother why Pranati took his name only. What’s the truth? Vardhan replies that he hasn’t done anything. You were there as well. Did you see me there? it was because I was here all the time. He confirms with Dadi. He tells Reyansh to understand the reality. Don’t fall in her words. I know you had something with her years ago but don’t trust her. She will create a divide this way. Reyansh refuses to hear anything against Pranati. Why would she lie? Dadi moves Vardhan aside. It is because she knows who we are and what our value is. She wants Jugnu’s custody by maligning our name. She plans to settle with her lover and daughter. If this does not happen, she will blackmail us and make us sign some deal. She is not so innocent. Why don’t you understand? Archit is a journalist. This is their plan. she can stoop to any level for Jugnu’s custody. You don’t understand! I know girls like her very well. She wants to break our family apart. Come to your senses before something goes wrong. Throw her out before she makes another move.

Pranati and Archit are at police station. She has come to file a report against Vardhan. The lady officer talks rudely to her. Were you raped? Were you conscious or unconscious? Who touched whom first? Archit asks her what she is asking. Do your work and register her complaint. Inspector asks him who he is to teach her her job. Pranati says he is my friend. Inspector asks her if he is something else instead. Pranati tells her it is none of her concern. Just register my complaint. Inspector says many women like you come here daily. You come to file a report against rich boys when things don’t work your way. You wouldn’t have received money. Pranati fumes. Enough. Women like you are responsible for the injustice that women are experiencing. If women begin to support each other then no one can dare take a stand against them. Women are struggling for justice till date because women like you haven’t given them a right to fight for themselves. I had heard that law is blind but today I saw the blindfold that the ones who are protecting it are wearing. A complaint against Vardhan Khurana will be filed but I will first file a complaint against you for misbehaving with me like this. Inspector asks her who she is. Your guy must be with Khurana but don’t try to mess with me or I wont spare you. Pranati refuses to leave without filing a complaint. Lady Inspector tells constables to throw her out but all the constables lower their heads. She starts pushing Pranati out but Archit tells her to file a complaint quietly or we will file a complaint against you. Inspector tells him he cannot do anything to her. she pushes both of them. Don’t come back ever again. Pranati thanks her for the motivation. I wont sit in peace till I send Vardhan Khurana behind bars! Archit tells her that there is no point asking them anything. Let’s go home.

A constable advises them to gather solid evidence if they want to trap Vardhan Khurana. These people have contacts. Even our bosses will protect them. No one will file a complaint till the time you bring evidence. Pranati decides not to let anyone malign her character. I will come back with proof. I am not alone. I will fight with the entire world for Jugnu.

Vardhan is unable to reach doctor. Was that an expired medicine that was given to her? My name should not be dragged in this matter. Doc finally picks his call. He asks about Pranati’s well being. Vardhan suggests him to give her sleeping pills as she needs to rest. Doc is reluctant but Vardhan says I want her to rest and be silent till the time this matter is sorted. It is just the matter of a few days. The more she remains unconscious, the better it is. She should not be conscious. Jugnu overhears his convo. What is Chachu saying? She decides against telling Pranati. I wont let anything happen to Nayi Ma. I will protect her.

Archit brings Pranati to Khurana House. He returns her bag to her. Reyansh looks on. I cannot stop them from staying together. I cannot force Pranati into anything. I wont spare them if they try to destroy my family. Archit tells Pranati to call him if she needs anything. Reyansh makes a fist as he notices Archit patting Pranati’s shoulder and cheek. Pranati nods and heads inside. Her earring falls down. Reyansh hides behind the door as she walks past her. Archit picks up her earring. Reyansh notices the earring in Archit’s hand. Archit smiles a little. He heads towards his car but Reyansh calls out after him. He asks him if Pranati came to meet him last night. Archit denies. She wants to make a school in Jugnu’s name. She went to meet an investor. Reyansh asks him if that investor was Vardhan. Archit shrugs. Pranati never lies. Reyansh says Pranati can go to any extent to get Jugnu’s custody though. Archit asks him how this is related to the incident. Reyansh asks him if he is actually a fool or pretending to be one. They both tell each other they are not keen to understand each other. Reyansh tells Archit what he is holding belongs to this house. You don’t show your right on what belongs to someone else. Archit reluctantly returns Pranati’s earring to Reyansh. Reyansh says everything that belongs to her belongs to this house till the time she is here. I very well know that she trusts you the most. Archit nods. It is because she is a very good friend of mine. Don’t think otherwise. Reyansh says you don’t take stuff of friends just like that. Friend? They both head in separate directions.

Pranati comes to her room. Why did Vardhan do this to me suddenly? Did he try to do something like this earlier as well and I couldn’t understand it? She recalls the previous incidents when Vardhan had tried to act cheesy around her. Her eyes well up. She notices Reyansh at the door. You went against your Dadi for me and gave me a chance to prove myself. Thank you, Reyansh. I really mean it. He says it’s ok. Pranati says I know that even you wont believe my words so I wont request you to do it in the first place. He says it isn’t like that. You can tell me whatever is in your heart. She says please trust me. I am telling the truth. I know that my existence does not matter to you but I also know that Jugnu matters the most to both of us. I know that you love her just as much as I love her. I have seen you care for her. I swear on Jugnu. I am not lying. Today, I ask you as Jugnu’s mother, will you help me bring out the truth in front of everyone? He agrees to support her if she is indeed telling the truth. If you are wrong then I will throw you out of the house and you will never see Jugnu’s face again! She takes the deal. It is time to bring out the truth. I have a plan.

Precap: in Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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