Pavitra Bhagya 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Reyansh promises to find Jugnu

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Pavitra Bhagya 19th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The mystery lady is headed towards Pranati and is holding a koyta in her hand. Pranati calls out to Jugnu loudly. Where are you? Pranati turns around and is taken aback to see Reyansh. The mystery lady stops in her tracks and hides. Pranati asks Reyansh why he came here. She shouts at the kidnappers not to harm her daughter. She questions Reyansh why he came here. I told you I will bring my daughter on my own. Don’t know what they will do to my daughter. Why did you come here? She cries. Reyansh sits next to her. How could I let you come alone? I am concerned. She looks at him in surprise. You are concerned? If that was the case then you would have listened to me but I don’t know where my daughter is now. He asks her why she always thinks he isn’t concerned about Jugnu. She asks him where Jugnu is then. Khurana family can find out any info in 2 seconds then where is my daughter. Reyansh says she is my daughter as well. I came here for her. I can go anywhere for her. I don’t care whether you believe me or not! Pranati receives a text from the mystery lady – I told you to come alone. Maybe you don’t want your daughter. Pranati blames Reyansh. Why don’t you listen to me ever? I am fed up of your stubbornness. He says the same to her. You decided to come here alone. I might have done something for Jugnu if you had told me about that phone call. She tells him that Jugnu is in problem because of him. They continue arguing. He ends up saying that Jugnu exists today because of her being so stubborn in the first place. She is stunned. Reyansh realises he went too far. I dint mean like that. She tells him to say whatever is in his heart. Jugnu is in this world only because I wanted her. He says sorry but she tells him to keep it with himself. You should have thought once before saying this! He says I wasn’t wrong. It was your decision to give birth to her without marriage. Pranati calls it her love. They look at each other.

Pranati looks away and touches her stomach emotionally. Reyansh says you could have forgotten it too. She replies that she cannot forget love so easily. I fell in love with Jugnu the moment she was inside me. It was impossible to end that love! She looks at him. Reyansh looks down.

Armaan comes to Reyansh’s room and finds Maan sitting there. what happened to you? Where is the booze? Let me drink before the ritual starts. Maan says there is no alcohol in the room. Armaan is surprised to hear that there is no alcohol in Reyansh’s room. Why are you so sad? Maan says what happened with Navya wasn’t right. You know it too. Armaan tells him to get over it. She dint ask me before getting pregnant. Maan gets angry hearing him talk badly about Navya. Armaan tells him to stay calm. Her chapter will end as the marriage will complete. Maan asks him what he is saying. I had told Reyansh that we will cursed because of it and it has come true. Armaan asks him what he is saying. Maan shares that Jugnu has been kidnapped. Armaan is taken aback.

Pranati keeps trying the number of the mystery lady but she gets no answer. Reyansh tells her to be careful. We don’t know who this woman is. She gets her call just then. I am really sorry. I dint know that Reyansh will come after me. Tell me where I should come next. I will come alone. The lady tells her to find her answers in Jugnu’s laptop and ends the call. Pranati tells Reyansh they must head home. Maybe this lady is trying to help us find Jugnu. Reyansh doubts that lady’s intentions.

Pranati and Reyansh find Jugnu’s laptop. They open the Paisa Jugaad website. Pranati says it must be a game where kids use fake money. What’s the big deal! Reyansh says this is a game but it isn’t played with fake money. This is a way to earn money and people use real money in this game. She is shocked to realise what it means. Why would Jugnu play such games? Why does she need so much money and through a game? She gets sad again. How could I not realise that my daughter is in trouble? What kind of a mother am I? He tells her not to blame her but she says I am not worth being a mother.

Pranati starts hitting her head on the wall. He tries to stop her. She struggles with him to break free but he hugs her tight and comforts her as she cries. He keeps his hand at her shoulder. Jugnu needs you. You cannot give up like this. You must be strong for her sake. Pranati says I have lost already. I couldn’t be a good mother. I have failed miserably! Reyansh says we lost. It is us. Pranati says my daughter was trying to arrange money and I couldn’t find out anything. We don’t deserve to be parents. We don’t deserve Jugnu. Reyansh denies. I will find out who is actually behind this. We will take care of Jugnu. I promise you I wont let anything happen to Jugnu. They share an eye lock. He checks the credit card details on the website. Flashback shows Reyansh giving his brother a credit card with an almost identical number except the last 2 digits. He throws his card angrily. Vardhan Bhaiya gave his card details to Jugnu and he is the one who got the ransom call earlier. Pranati says it means that he might be responsible behind Jugnu’s kidnapping.

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Update Credit to: Pooja

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