Pavitra Bhagya 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Pranati becomes suspicious of Reyansh’s intentions

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Pavitra Bhagya 1st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reyansh reaches school. He notices Archit in the corridor and asks him what he is doing there. Archit reminds him that this isn’t a club but school. Reyansh says my daughter studies here. Archit says your daughter is not the only one who studies here. Reyansh congratulates him. Does your family know? Pranati calls out to Archit just then. Reyansh is unhappy to see her there. She shouldn’t think that her presence bothers me. I should be the old Reyansh. Pranati asks Reyansh what he is doing here. He asks her the same question. She says I came to check on Jugnu. You knew that she missed school, right? This is why you are here, right? He declines. I was called to complete some formalities. She asks him what he is hiding from her. He says it is you who hide stuff. She asks him if he isn’t concerned about Jugnu. Stop your nonsense. Don’t play with words. I am here for my daughter. Do whatever you want to but I will go and find my daughter. She asks Archit to come with her and holds his hand. Reyansh looks angry. Pranati thinks she knows that Reyansh is lying. I will still find my daughter.

Reyansh thinks of Pranati’s words about loving her and blocks her way. Pranati lets go of Archit’s hand. Reyansh asks Pranati whose daughter Jugnu is. She asks him what kind of a question is that. He reminds her that Jugnu is their daughter. She repeats that Jugnu is their daughter. He asks her what Archit is doing here then. She says that Archit is here to help her. Reyansh tells her to send him away. He wont be of any help. Come with me if you need to find our daughter. She tells him she does not need his help for that. Do whatever you want to but Archit with come with me. My daughter is my responsibility. She walks out with Archit.

Reyansh is miffed. Try finding your daughter. I will see how you will find her. You always address her as your daughter but she isn’t just your daughter. Jugnu is my daughter as well.

Reyansh meets Jugnu’s Principal. He asks the Principal if their school helps someone who is in trouble. Principal says it is Jugnu who is creating troubles here. That is why I called you here. He shares that Jugnu has lice in her hair which is why she is being bullied. She is the one who troubles others otherwise. She uses his words against him. he says no kid should be doing that. It is our responsibility if Jugnu is feeling scared of coming to school. Principal says she has scared others from coming to school instead. She starts coughing. He offers her water. Are you fine or do you have TB or any other illness? She questions his behaviour and he points out that this is what Jugnu must be experiencing. It isn’t possible that no teacher knew what she was going through. A teacher standing nearby looks away. Reyansh says things would have been settled earlier if we knew about it but I took care of the lice situation. She is impressed that he has freed her hair from lice. Jugnu must prepare a presentation on her favourite topic. Where is Jugnu? He shares that he has sent Jugnu to his club to relax. She wasn’t feeling good. Pranati overhears their conversation. He knew about Jugnu’s whereabouts yet he dint say anything.

Jugnu tells the driver to drive fast and tries to drive herself. He tells her to be careful but she threatens to tickle him. He pushes her out of the car and sits on the driving seat. Driver tries to warn her but she refuses to stop.

Reyansh asks Pranati if she has found her daughter. Pranati stops him. You knew that Jugnu has not come to school today? He nods. I offered to help you but you are not interested in listening to me. She starts scolding him but he points out that she came to school with a stranger to look for their daughter. She tells him not to twist the words. You knew that I am worried for Jugnu. He reminds her that he offered to find their daughter together. What is your current status with Archit? She refuses to answer but he points at the way she held Archit’s hand. She says I am Jugnu’s mother. She is our daughter. I have to live with you for her. you shouldn’t interfere in my personal matters. He is about to answer her when Archit comes back. Pranati asks Reyansh how he is suddenly interested in someone else’s life. Be happy with your daughter. Don’t mind what I do in my personal life. He tells her not to think that he even cares about her or her choices. Do whatever you want to. She tells him to keep his mouth shut. Principal comes out just then. I am glad to see you both here. Parents these days can hardly find time for their kids. Principal compliments Reyansh and goes.

Reyansh gets a call from his driver. He asks him if Jugnu is fine. Pranati asks him about Jugnu.

Dadi beats driver for the damage to the car. Jugnu tries to save him from Dadi but in vain. Jugnu gets hurt in the process. Kesar has to finally push them away. Jugnu goes to bring water for driver. Jugnu tells Dadi it was she who was driving the car. I am sorry. Dadi asks her if she is doing a favour by saying sorry. Jugnu says I have never said it before. The clutch, brake and gear of the car weren’t working properly. When was the last time you got it serviced? It was bound to happen. I can tell Bandar papa that the accident happened because you were trying to save money. Dadi makes a face. I will tell Reyansh everything. Jugnu says I will tell him everything too. Reyansh and Pranati enter just then. Reyansh asks her what she wants to tell him.

Dadi says the kid is fine. It is okay if the car is hit. Pranati looks at the driver in confusion. Dadi tells her not to worry about her Jugnu. Nothing can happen to her. Pranati cups Jugnu’s face. I was so worried about you. I checked everywhere but could not find you. Why did you skip school? Jugnu fumbles. Pranati wonders why Reyansh hid the truth from her. Are Reyansh and Dadi up to something?

Precap: Jugnu has to work on a project around the theme family. She rues that she will have to lie about her family for the project. Pranati seconds her but Riya says this is what is going to happen in future. Everyone is watching Jugnu’s speech and this time Jugnu discloses the theme as “illegitimate”.

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